DxD: Transmigrated as a mob in Khaos Brigade

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What is DxD: Transmigrated as a mob in Khaos Brigade

Read ‘DxD: Transmigrated as a mob in Khaos Brigade’ Online for Free, written by the author BruhGodKing, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: "Introduce yourself!"The smile that had been steadily developing on Eric's face began to slowly disappear, and he became...


"Introduce yourself!" The smile that had been steadily developing on Eric's face began to slowly disappear, and he became incredibly solemn, which made his face appear even more menacing when it was in the shade of the lighting. "Hello, my name is Eric Kingsley, and I will soon turn sixteen years old. I work in the medical sector of the hero faction and live an ordinary, quiet life every day." Eric went to the DxD universe, where he was reborn as a human equipped with a unique piece of sacred gear called [Twilight Healing]. Even though he worked as a healer and possessed a unique and valuable piece of sacred gear, no one paid him any attention because of his weak body. When he couldn't figure out how to pass the level, he activated the mind-reading system. Not only was he able to read people's memories, but he also had the ability to earn rewards! From the memories of the people he had healed, Eric learned about the hidden dangers of the DxD world. He decided to become a weak mob in the medical division so that he could become unbeatable in the supernatural world as soon as possible. "I know you are powerful; battle me!  I will show you that I am the most powerful white dragon empress!" A ravishing woman with silver hair and azure wings accused Eric. "I'd appreciate it if you could show me how to cast that barrier spell. I've never seen anything like it; you must be a genius, " Eric was followed by an adorable witch with blonde hair and sparkling eyes. "Let's make kids, Eric nya~" A vulturous woman with massive cleavage kept harassing Eric. "You are powerful. If you defeat Baka-red, I will grant you any wish you have."  "Fuck! Can't you see, I'm a mob! Boss Cao-Cao save me," Note: This fic is based on "Reborn as a Anbu Torturer." So the plot progression would be very similar to it.

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does mc have this guy power from the mc of redo of Healer


does the MC have a Harem pls Not pls make it a singel female lead and reborn AS an anbu toturer IS really cool pls keep writing Ty 😁😁😁😁


I have read a lot of dxd fanfics yet never have read one with mc starting in the khaos brigade, so five starts for coming up with something new.


I'm sick of repeating myself, but there appears to be a misconception about this fic being a Chinese fic. You may verify my claim that this is my original fanfiction by doing an online search. Despite the fact that it is based on a Naruto fanfiction written by Chinese author (this point is mentioned in sypnosis)


9 chapters in and i have the hope that our isekai protagonist and the author will not go into personality and psychologic issues, the story is good as it is, just keep going


honestly I love it so far although I do wish the chapters were longer but ehh that just shows I really like the story.. also I don't think this is technically reincarnation since it reads like a transmigration


Painfully boring, all he worries about is concealing his power and he's sort of a soy boy.


it's quite good it's far better than what I expected. I have read multiple dxd books but this is far better compared to chinese novel from which this book is inspired "reborn as anbu torturer" that book was badly translated but anyways good stuff


This is one of the fan fiction that i love as a Mob character but the truth is you are the Mc in your own story.


Great story so far can't wait to read more of it


What's this, WHAT IS THIS? Tis frickin genius love the mc and the plot being similar to anbu torturer is hilarious. Keep up the good work![img=update]




The author said that the mc will have Keyaru's power in the future so it's instant 5 star if you don't know Keyaru its this guy


Overall I really like how this story is turning out I can't wait to see what comes next of Eric adventures in this world [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Amazing fanfic I rlly hope you won't stop updating this author I rlly rlly rlly like the concept of system and the mcs character and power ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Надеюсь ты будешь писать продолжение.И напишешь фанфик полностью и будешь выпускать главы намного быстрее. Аминь И если ты болеешь скорейшего выздоровления и чтоб камни сил прибавились.


So I like the story's premise, it seems really interesting, but the way the dialogue and grammar is set up honestly makes my eyes hurt trying to read it. You're better off making multiple small paragraphs instead of line by line dialogue from a single person so that it's easier to follow, but that's just personal preference.


10/10 my new fav i mean really this is the type of fic that i want too read, keep going author and take my power stone mf


Reveal spoiler


I thought it was a very creative idea, which deviates from the DxD pattern and I really liked it, but will there be romance? .....................................................................


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