DxD: Transmigrated as a mob in Khaos Brigade

"Introduce yourself!" The smile that had been steadily developing on Eric's face began to slowly disappear, and he became incredibly solemn, which made his face appear even more menacing when it was in the shade of the lighting. "Hello, my name is Eric Kingsley, and I will soon turn sixteen years old. I work in the medical sector of the hero faction and live an ordinary, quiet life every day." Eric went to the DxD universe, where he was reborn as a human equipped with a unique piece of sacred gear called [Twilight Healing]. Even though he worked as a healer and possessed a unique and valuable piece of sacred gear, no one paid him any attention because of his weak body. When he couldn't figure out how to pass the level, he activated the mind-reading system. Not only was he able to read people's memories, but he also had the ability to earn rewards! From the memories of the people he had healed, Eric learned about the hidden dangers of the DxD world. He decided to become a weak mob in the medical division so that he could become unbeatable in the supernatural world as soon as possible. "I know you are powerful; battle me!  I will show you that I am the most powerful white dragon empress!" A ravishing woman with silver hair and azure wings accused Eric. "I'd appreciate it if you could show me how to cast that barrier spell. I've never seen anything like it; you must be a genius, " Eric was followed by an adorable witch with blonde hair and sparkling eyes. "Let's make kids, Eric nya~" A vulturous woman with massive cleavage kept harassing Eric. "You are powerful. If you defeat Baka-red, I will grant you any wish you have."  "Fuck! Can't you see, I'm a mob! Boss Cao-Cao save me," Note: This fic is based on "Reborn as a Anbu Torturer." So the plot progression would be very similar to it.

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chapter 7

Eric gazed intently at the youth with blond hair.

This individual is familiar to him. It was not the kind of acknowledgement that his predecessor had such a strong memory. Even before he entered the DxD realm, he was already familiar with them.

He was Arthur Pendragon, and he was the greatest human swordsman in all of DxD!

The cute blonde-haired girl who followed behind Aurthur was Morgan Le Fay.

Arthur was nineteen years old, which made him 2 years or so older than Eric, while Le Fay was only around a year younger than Eric.

"Arthur." Eric nodded at Arthur.

As soon as Arthur called him, he was aware that Arthur and his immediate predecessor were familiar with one another.

He never thought of it.

He has just exited the medical department to enjoy a delicious meal. He has not yet consumed anything. He witnessed one of the most important supporting players in the DxD storyline.

Eric believes there is some room for debate over his luck.

"I don't know how long it's been, but it must be at least three or four years since we last crossed paths." Arthur made a beeline for Eric and immediately sat down in the chair that was next to him when he arrived.

The way he behaved and the way he spoke made it abundantly clear that he was familiar with Eric.

Le Fay trailed behind her brother with a look of uncertainty in her eyes the entire time.

because she was unfamiliar with Eric.

"We haven't seen each other since that incident."

Arthur stood there with a grin on his face as he peered and looked at Eric who was standing in front of him.

"I was not expecting to see you in this place. When exactly did you sign up to become a member of the Khaos Brigade?"

Arthur treated Eric like an old friend as they conversed.

This was the scene,

Eric was taken aback by the revelation.

It would appear that some blank spots existed in the memory!

At this very point, Eric performed a cursory examination of the recollections of his predecessor regarding his younger years.

He was ten years old at the time.

His predecessor evoked his sacred gear, which was observed by the people of the orphanage. The orphanage itself was not a typical establishment; rather, it was something that was run by the Pendragon family.

Eric's family roots can be traced all the way back to Wales. It was the area where Camelot and King Arthur Pendragon were born, and as a consequence, the Pendragon dynasty held a great deal of influence in the territory that is now known as Wales.

His predecessor was later trained by the orphanage in his capacity to utilise sacred gear, and during that time, he was introduced to the heir to the Pendragon clan, Arthur Pendragon.

Because of this, they were able to get to know one another and eventually became friends.

After some time had passed, his predecessor's orphanage was eventually destroyed as a result of some internal struggle; nevertheless, his predecessor was able to survive and flee the situation.

Because of his sacred gear, his predecessor was recruited into the Hero faction at some point in his life.

Sigh. Eric doesn't even seem capable of believing such a ridiculous tale.


This is the way things are.

"I was recruited into the [Hero faction] due to the sacred gear I had; I work in the medical section at HQ," Eric remarked while maintaining a tight lip seal and a smirk on his face.

It is little wonder that when he heard Arthur's voice, he immediately had a tinge of recognition come over him.

Arthur turns out to be a friend of his predecessor.

Despite the fact that they haven't talked to one another in three or four years. However, the level of memory known as the subconscious continues to recall this individual.

"Brother, he is?" While Le Fay was seated next to Arthur, she subtly tugged on his sleeves, giving the impression that she was acting in a most ladylike manner.

This was when she was confronted by unknown individuals.

She is actually simply a bashful but lively little girl on the inside. According to Eric, when it comes to certain topics, this girl is even more naive than Asia.

The image that Morgan Le Fay portrays herself to the world is one that she nurtures on purpose.

"Oh, I just realised I forgot to introduce you to him. I assumed you already knew each other!"

After getting the impression that Le Fay was having second thoughts, Arthur instantly pressed his glasses up and realised the issue almost immediately.

Suddenly, a friendly smile spread across his handsome face.

"His name is Eric Kingsley. He is a descendant of the famed knight of the Round Table, Lancelot du Lac. He is a good friend of mine," Arthur told his sister, explaining the relationship.



It would appear that my dog luck has run out.

I am a descendent of Lancelot. How come I was unaware of this fact?


The stunning blue eyes of Le Fay once more sparkled with shock and uncertainty, and she used her eyes to ask Arthur questions even if she did not speak directly to him.

"Think of it this way..."

Le Fay appeared to be reassured by Arthur's reassuring smile, which remained on his face during the entire conversation.

"Eric's body has some health issues, which is why his parents abandoned him; they left him in one of the orphanages managed by our family, and when he awakened his precious gear, a medical check-up was done, and we figured that he is the descendant of Sir Lancelot; later, at some point, we encountered each other and became friends."

"Isn't it Eric?" Eric was asked by Arthur.

Eric only nodded his head absentmindedly; he had no information on this subject, not even from his predecessor.

It would appear that his predecessor was not informed about his bloodline for whatever reason, yet another story makes more sense.

His predecessors had interactions with Arthur and developed friendships with him.

The Hags of Pendragon most likely wanted his predecessor to befriend Arthur so that they might force him to join them later.

Though from what he gets, Arthur seems innocent since he only wanted to be friends with him back then, so he too was manipulated.

The old Pendragon snakes are too vicious; no wonder Arthur and his sister ran away.

Arthur grinned as he explained the situation to Le Fay. When he was chatting to his sister, he displayed a lot of patience.

Eric remained utterly silent as he listened to Arthur recount his experiences from the past.

"So that's how it turns out to be!" The revelation came to Le Fay all of a sudden, and she beamed a warm smile at Eric.

"Hello, Lord Eric! It's a pleasure to meet you. Hello, my name is Morgan Le Fay. A descendant of King Arthur and Morgan le Fay. Thank you for becoming my brother's friend," she remarked cheerfully.

Eric replied to Morgan Le Fay in a polite manner, "There's no need to thank me, Miss Morgan Le Fay."

"Your order is ready."

At this very moment, a dinner plate was accompanied by three bowls of different kinds of curry.

The orders consisted of Eric's chicken curry, as well as Arthur and Le Fay's usual picks.

Isami brought out a few dinner plates along with some side dishes once she had finished serving three bowls of hot food. These side dishes were all part of the deluxe set meal that Eric had purchased for himself.

"Please enjoy."

She gave a little smile before pulling her eyes somewhat closer together.

As the three individuals were waiting for the arrival of the hot curry, the aroma of the dish kept penetrating their nasal passages and triggering their taste buds.

"Exactly, Eric. Let's talk afterwards." Arthur's eyes narrowed as he stared menacingly at the dish of curry rice in front of him. It was a far cry from his calm, pleasant demeanour.

Arthur couldn't wait to start eating it.

Morgan did the same thing as Arthur and picked up the spoon and ate the curry rice that was on the table, but her actions were more methodical.

Eric's attention was drawn to the scene, and he found himself unintentionally raising the corners of his mouth in response.

Good fellow.