DXD: Heavenly restriction

Author: Key_Tye
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What is DXD: Heavenly restriction

Read DXD: Heavenly restriction fanfiction written by the author Key_Tye on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, anime, highschool dxd, percy jackson. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Rias’s older brother and middle child of the Gremory clan born without even a trace of magic in his body. A dissatisfying child compared to his eldest brother and youngest sister. A child abandoned by the heavens. Such a disgrace to his clan that his own mother couldn’t bare to look at him. Why was he born? In world of gods and goddesses demons and devils Why was he born with not a trace of power born to the strongest of devils? An outlier like him. Will he get revenge for their failure? or will he realize the world he was born in needs change? needs revolution? ________________________________ no harem and very little romance more darker elements to the dxd show and less playful also MC will have more powers then just heavenly restriction. Btw the MC isn’t reincarnated my own OC born into DXD, Also the MC isn’t going to be extremely intelligent or crazy op, He’ll be strong but like not a super devil in 20 chaps.

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Authoricht · Fantasy
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12 Chs


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I've only read four chapters, but each chapter has been thrilling, making me excited to read the next one. The story progression is really good. I just hope the main character doesn't become vengeful, like saying, 'I will kill every devil for this humiliation.' Overall, I like the story; it's different from other DxD fanfiction where the MC is a god from birth. Please don't drop it, author.


Reveal spoiler


PLEASE don't drop this amazing novel author I'm begging you please don't drop this 😭😭😭


Well, the writing is Good. But personally, just dislike the sypnosis and the overall story. Is it revenge driven? Read and you'll see. All in all, it just not for me.


hey author there are some stories like yours but they are stopped in middle... I hope you will not abandon this story. It's good.


Please don’t drops even though it only have 7 chapters it’s a very good fanfic


Reveal spoiler


Suprisingly decent story hope you don’t drop


Hyped for more chapters, keep up the good work.




I like the original story better so far. this is good but still would've been better with the original storyline.


Considering so far the story leaves many empty spaces in the plot and inconsistencies such as almost falling while carrying her and feeling sorry for her out of nowhere.Nata a supposedly almost middle class street demon and he hurts himself when he falls


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