Grand Magus: Reincarnated with the Engineer Element Book

novel - Fantasy

Grand Magus: Reincarnated with the Engineer Element


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Once a millionaire tech genius who came from the very gutters, Bruno knew something of adversity. But that's not to say he had a happy life. In his first life, he went through two great tragedies, both of them fueling the disease that crippled his mind, and until death, he carried that illness. Now reincarnated into a new fantastical world, our MC hopes for a different kind of life, a life as a Magus. But things don't go out as planned, and once again he is faced with great adversity. Equipped with a never-before-seen element, how will he fare in this new world? ====================================== Join the discord: https://discord.gg/9aexr4gMjN