Douluo Dalu: Bibi Dong is my Martial Soul (Transferred)

(A/N: This book has been transferred to my first account, That_One_Dead_Ali, go read it there.) What happens when someone dies, is it the end? Do they just cease to exist? Do they end up in heaven or hell? Do they get reincarnated? Or does something else happen? Well, for our protagonist, a just-barely-out-of-his-teens young man named Ali Lightborne, or Ali Ashborne, it's the third option! When he died in his world of nothing but ordinariness, a R.O.B casually picks someone up, and it happened to be him! Not a simple Random Omnipotent Being though. But a Random Omniversal Being! A being of absolute transcendence! One of his wishes was to have his soul be separated into as many pieces he wanted, and sent to different universes, with their own wishes! And this Ali, wished to be reincarnated in Douluo Dalu 1 (Anime) and for the R.O.B, who he called Crow because he was a crow version of Alien X, to make his life interesting as hell! There will definitely be smut, and it will start with S in the chapter title

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CH 12: Ah Li :'Sigh... I hate kids.'

"Oh? You're a new student?" The boy with spiky hair said with arrogance :"Then you need to learn some rules among the students. *Smirking and cracking fingers* And we, as your roommates, will be happy to teach you those rules."

'Sigh... I hate kids.' Ah Li groaned inside and sighed on the outside :"Alright, so what should we do? Or should I ask, how are we going to do this?" Actually, he really didn't want to get in a fight. After all, don't forget, all of these guys are children. The oldest is barely in his teens.

Although he himself was barely out of his teens in his previous life, beating up a bunch of kids would still make him feel awkward. Especially the matter of who would be the boss. Unlike a certain retarded duo who were well over the age to do shit like this, Ah Li seriously didn't think being the boss of a bunch of kids was something awesome.

After all, this is a damn elementary school. He really didn't find any charm in beating them up without a good reason. That didn't seem the case for the man in his late 20s and the woman who was literally nearly 100,000 years old. Those two had mental issues, and not of the good kind.

<Yes, Xiao Wu is nearly 100,000 years old. Why? Because if you go and look at the age of any Soul Beast that has appeared in more than one Douluo Dalu, you'll see that they have only advanced by 10,000-years between them. Exactly the amount of years that has basses between each series. The most a Soul Beast can speak is normally a few hundred years. A thousand years if they're some super Soul Beasts. And as far as I know, a fucking rabbit isn't a super Soul Beast. So she is definitely about 100,000 years old, and it is shown in the Soul Land Wiki as well. Over 90,000 years old even if you want to lower it.

Any author who says :"Oh no, that's just their cultivation base!" Is an idiot who wants to justify adding a fucking ancient grandma into the harem. Which I despise because there is absolutely no redeeming quality about that retarded bitch. She's pretty? Who isn't beautiful in a xianxia world? She has long legs? Which tall woman in a xianxia world doesn't have long legs? She has a small waist? Which woman in a xianxia world doesn't have a small waist? It's obvious that she's just average. And because of her stupidity, she's even lower than that>

"Hmph, seems like you're smart." The spiky boy snorted :"Listen here, I'm the boss of this dorm and school, Xiao Chenyu! Others call me Boss Xiao! And you have to do the same if you don't want trouble. Hmph, but since you're in our dorm, you should go through our little custom too. As long as you beat me, the boss of the dorm, you'll be the new boss. So? How about it? Do you dare?"

'Sigh, this cocky little shit. Fine, fuck it. Annoying me is good enough of a reason for me to beat your scrawny ass.' With an eye roll, he threw his bag aside and shrugged :"Alright, fine. Let's start then."

"Hmph, no need to hurry, brat." Xiao Chenyu snorted with his arms folded :"But since you can't wait to get beaten up, then I'll fulfill your wish." As he finished speaking, the other children in the room stepped back to give them space while the boys cheered.

"Woohoo, go, Boss Xiao!"

"Teach the brat a lesson, boss!"

"Make him look good!"


As they cheered, Xiao Chenyu released his Martial Soul, Wolf. Upon releasing his Martial Soul, his body's muscles began to swell, both eyes gradually became a pale green color, both arms slowly lifted, claws forward, talons became sharper. And at the same time, a phantom of a wolf appeared behind him, following each one of his movements. With the release of his Martial Soul, his Soul Ring was also revealed. A 10-year white Soul Ring. As it appeared from his feet, it flew towards his head before coming to his feet again and rotating there.

White. 1 Soul Ring Lv 10 Soul Master.

<In my previous fanfics, I used the same transformation as the anime. Where the Martial Soul would only appear like a Stand. But I changed it in my previous one, and used both the anime version, and the manhua version where the body would grow beast-like. I decided to use it for this fanfic too. As for the reason... Ahem ahem... Fox girl Hu Liena 👀...

But don't worry, Bibi Dong's transformation will only be spider legs coming out of her back. Not that biased transformation where she'd nearly transform into a monster. But I know some of you who have watched Monster Musume will like that transformation, you sick degenerates... I can't blame you either 👀...>

"Xiao Chenyu. Wolf Martial Soul. Lv 11 Soul Master of Power Attack System. Let's see what you've got." After he released his Martial Soul, Xiao Chenyu proudly spoke with a smug smirk :"Brat, you're no match for me who has already broken through Lv 10 and has obtained a Soul Ring."

'Oh no, a 10-year Soul Ring. How scary!' Ah Li sighed sarcastically in his heart before taking on a fighting stance and releasing his Martial Soul. Because of not having any Soul Rings, he couldn't fully materialize his Martial Soul and bring out its real power. But still, he could release it to gain more strength. His hands and arms gained a bit of scales as his nails grew slightly, growing sharper than ever. Behind him, a phantom of a pure black centipede, the same color as his hair, appeared. Just like Xiao Chenyu's Wolf Martial Soul, following each of his movements.

The appearance of the giant centipede sent shivers down the children's spines, especially the girls. A normal insect was already creepy. And don't even speak about centipedes. Yet here, there was a centipede bigger than a 6 year old child! Even if it was a phantom, it was still there. Ah Li didn't care about their reaction though :"Ah Li. Abyssal Centipede Martial Soul. Lv 2 Soul Trainee. As for what system I belong to, it hasn't been decided yet. Let's fight."

"Huh? Only Lv 2? Hahaha, you're finished, brat!" Xiao Chenyu laughed before rushing towards Ah Li. The dorm, which was for multiple students, was of course pretty big. So fighting and sparring could easily be performed in the place. When Xiao Chenyu reached him and attacked, Ah Li smirked, and moved as his Prey Instinct guided him. When Xiao Chenyu swung his claws at him, the jet black haired boy quickly dodged to the side.

"What?!" Xiao Chenyu, who wasn't able to hit Ah Li, was surprised by his speed before he quickly swung his claws again, again, and again. But no matter how many times he did so, Ah Li would simply dodge all of them without a single difficulty.

He didn't even seem to be trying. He didn't even look at Xiao Chenyu's attacks. He simply dodged the moment the timing was right. But dodging was pretty boring, so when he got the results of following his Predator Instinct, which was to manipulate Xiao Chenyu's movement without him noticing, he followed that same instinct to know where to attack. Clenching his fist, he punched the older boy right in the jaw with as much force as he could muster.


And it was enough to cause Xiao Chenyu to stagger backwards with a dazed expression. Shaking his head to get himself together, he looked at the smirking Ah Li with surprise :"C'mon, don't tell me that's all."

With a growl, Xiao Chenyu immediately attacked again, but Ah Li kicked him in the guts before immediately going on the offensive. Using his Way of the Spider martial art, he easily punched Xiao Chenyu's arm away before jumping up and kicking him several times straight in the face.




"How is this possible...?" One of the children who were watching said as Xiao Chenyu stumbled backwards. Stabilizing himself to not fall on his ass, he saw Ah Li smirking at him :"What, is that all you've got? I had better expectations, you damn failure."

"You! Again!" The spiky boy shouted as he rushed at Ah Li again. But Ah Li, who really wasn't interested in fighting a little kid, rolled his eyes and got serious, but his smirk didn't disappear :"You know, I have better things to do, so I'll settle this quickly."

It seemed like Xiao Chenyu had enough of playing around as well. Because the moment he was near enough, his 10-year white Soul Ring shone and his shout was heard :"1st Soul Skill: Wolf's Slash!"

But Ah Li didn't panic. Once the claws were about to hit him, he quickly dodged to the side again before jumping and delivering a roundhouse kick straight to Xiao Chenyu's face. He didn't stop there though. Like a top, he continued to spin in place and deliver kick after kick to the older boy's face. Using the chance of the opponent's daze, Ah Li kicked his legs to the side before spinning in the opposite direction and kicking him in the head again!



The result of the movement was Xiao Chenyu suddenly floating in the air horizontally for a moment before Ah Li jumped and dropkicked him straight in the guts, sending him flying away and rolling on the ground a few times.


"Boss Xiao!"



The children exclaimed before rushing towards the teenager who was hissing and groaning in pain on the ground while holding his stomach and face. As Ah Li nonchalantly got up from the ground, he dusted himself off before looking at the group of children away with a small smirk :"So? What now?"

"This..." The children looked at each other awkwardly, a little taken aback by the sudden turn of events. They had all thought that Xiao Chenyu, who clearly should've been a lot stronger than Ah Li, would have won. But not only did he not win, he didn't manage to even land a single hit. He just got toyed around by Ah Li.

"Well, as agreed, you're the boss now..." While they were digesting what just happened, Xiao Chenyu himself got up and nodded at Ah Li with a complicated expression. After all, he lost, but he didn't have a single chance to even hit Ah Li. But since Ah Li, despite ridiculing him, didn't actually hurt him, he still buried his dissatisfaction inside of his heart. All of Ah Li's hits only made his body ache. None of them actually hurt him. So he still appreciated Ah Li not actually hurting him.

"Welcome, Boss Li!" Accepting his loss, Xiao Chenyu bowed respectfully at Ah Li. And following him, so did the other children in the dorm :"Welcome, Boss Li!" After all, Xiao Chenyu was stronger than all of them. None of them had a Soul Ring, but Xiao Chenyu did. However, even he lost. And they, just like any other child, didn't want to get beaten up for nothing.

"Boss Li???" Hearing their exclamation, Ah Li's face turned into one of displeasure. Waving his hand dismissively, he directly refused the title :"Don't call me that. I have a name, and it's Ah Li. Just call me by my name." No way, do you have any idea how awkward he felt when a bunch of children called him boss? He was disgusted.

"But... Boss Li, that is inappropriate..." Xiao Chenyu looked at Ah Li with reluctance, but Ah Li just raised his small face with a threatening glint in his big eyes :"Call me that one more time, then I'll set up a date for your face and my fist."

With the sensation of the brutal punch still lingering on his cheek, Xiao Chenyu shivered before quickly bowing again :"Yes, understood, Bo- Ah Li! We'll all call you Ah Li from now on!"

"Welcome, Ah Li!" Following that, everybody else did the same, causing Ah Li to nod :"Good. Hey, which bed here is empty?" Then he picked up his bag and walked towards the bed that his roommates told him was unoccupied and with its own bedding.