Douluo Dalu: Bibi Dong is my Martial Soul (Transferred)

(A/N: This book has been transferred to my first account, That_One_Dead_Ali, go read it there.) What happens when someone dies, is it the end? Do they just cease to exist? Do they end up in heaven or hell? Do they get reincarnated? Or does something else happen? Well, for our protagonist, a just-barely-out-of-his-teens young man named Ali Lightborne, or Ali Ashborne, it's the third option! When he died in his world of nothing but ordinariness, a R.O.B casually picks someone up, and it happened to be him! Not a simple Random Omnipotent Being though. But a Random Omniversal Being! A being of absolute transcendence! One of his wishes was to have his soul be separated into as many pieces he wanted, and sent to different universes, with their own wishes! And this Ali, wished to be reincarnated in Douluo Dalu 1 (Anime) and for the R.O.B, who he called Crow because he was a crow version of Alien X, to make his life interesting as hell! There will definitely be smut, and it will start with S in the chapter title

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CH 13: To the Soul Beast Forest

"Hey, Bo-" Xiao Chenyu started when Ah Li sat on his bed, but immediately stopped when Ah Li's big and beautiful eyes widened in a threatening manner :"Ah Li! I meant Ah Li! S-so, Ah Li, it's time for lunch right now. We all were preparing to go just before you came. So how about you come with us as well? It'll be on me!"

"Hm..." Ah Li thought about it for a second, but he shrugged and agreed :"Alright, then I'm thankful. Just let me change into our uniform." He wasn't one to refuse a free thing, so why would he refuse a free meal. Anyway, he was an orphan and quite broke. So eating a good meal wasn't really a daily thing for him.

'Hmm... I really should think of a way to earn some money. Hehehehehe, and I have the perfect way for it.' After smiling mischievously inside, he got up as Xiao Chenyu smiled :"Alright then, let's go, everyone! Today is the boss's first day in school, so we must have him eat a hearty meal!"

"Let's go!" As the children cheered with the oldest boy, Ah Li just rolled his eyes and ignored Xiao Chenyu's name for him. After he dressed up in a private place in the room, they all walked out. "Well, that was an interesting event." Bibi Dong's voice was heard as she came out of him.

"(Was it now? Well, I guess it relieved some boredom at least.)" Ah Li snickered as he talked telepathically :"(But seriously, it's at least good that I'll get to eat something. I'm seriously hungry now. And our biggest problem right now is that I'm broke.)"

"Well, we should make it so that it won't be a problem in the future." Bibi Dong nodded thoughtfully :"You should see if you can find a job for yourself. You can earn some money then."

"(Hehehehe, nah, I have a way better idea! Just wait and see.)" Ah Li smirked as Bibi Dong shrugged with a small smile :"Alright, then I hope you succeed. I'll be inside of Rakshasa Domain for now. If you need anything, just look for me in your Spiritual Sea."

"(Alright, bye for now.)" Ah Li bid her farewell as she disappeared into him and into his Spiritual Sea where her Rakshasa Domain was. Ah Li simply continued walking with the group of children to the school's canteen.

Once they reached the huge building and entered, Ah Li had to admit that he was impressed :"Well damn, this place is enormous." Looking around, he could see quite a few students and teachers enjoying their meals and just chatting with each other.

"Of course. This place can fit three hundred students and teachers at once. So it's no surprise that it would be so big." Xiao Chenyu explained with a smile :"Come on, Ah Li, let's go to the second floor to eat."

"Hm? Why? Is there a difference between the first and second floor?" Ah Li asked and Xiao Chenyu nodded :"Um. The first floor's food is for poor students and they're not really good. But on the second floor, you can order and have your meals personally cooked."

"Oh, okay. Then let's go." After nodding, they all went to the second floor and ordered their food. Everybody else paid for their own meals, but Ah Li's was on Xiao Chenyu. While they were sitting near the railings, a group of children walked in and got the older boys' attention.

With ridiculing smiles, the boys of the group sat up and looked over the railing as Xiao Chenyu's mocking voice was heard :"Well, aren't these Wang Sheng and his poor gang? Heh, if you're poor, you're forever poor! It will be impossible for them to go to the second floor to eat."

"Hmph, who are you?" Suddenly, the cute but angry voice of a little girl was heard from the first floor :"What's so great about the second floor?" From the voice and the timing, Ah Li was disgusted to find out who it was.

"Wow, such a pretty little girl! Too bad you're just an apprentice." The spiky boy ridiculed once again. But before he could continue, Ah Li intervened :"Xiao Chenyu, stop making trouble for no reason. Let's just enjoy our meal in peace."

Hearing the cute and pleasant voice, Xiao Wu, Tang San and Wang Sheng turned to look at him. He was the closest to the railing, so they easily saw him when he looked down. "Wow... So cute..." Xiao Wu spoke in amazement as she looked at him, but Ah Li's response to her was a disgusted face :"Piss off."

No way in hell was he going to sit around and let himself be the target of a 100,000 year old ancient grandma. He was seriously disgusted by both Tang San and Xiao Wu. Both of these two are pedophiles. Sure, both of them are adults, but neither of them know that!

They both thought that the other was just a child, but they still targeted the other. How were they not pedophiles? Yet those dumbass fans of the original would call it cute when these two were children. That's just creepy.

But oh well, it all depends on the looks anyway. If a girl is ugly and she goes for a little boy, it's called being a pedophile. But if she's beautiful, it's called being a shotacon. The world was like that, and Ah Li was not complaining about it.

'Hmph, if I were to complain, wouldn't I be a hypocrite? I'm one of the people who enjoy the privileges of having good looks. And since Bibi Dong is such a gorgeous woman, I regard her as a sexy milf instead of someone disgusting. I'm not complaining about how the world works. Looks obviously matter. I'm not going to see a woman's personality from outside. I have to get close to them and get to know them. But for that, she must be beautiful for me to get close to her.' He thought before scoffing at Xiao Wu and turning around to enjoy his food again.

"You!" Xiao Wu, who was fascinated by the little boy's appearance, was immediately angered when he looked at her with disgust. The ridicule and disdain in his eyes and voice were far more evident than Xiao Chenyu's. She seriously wanted to go up and teach him a lesson, but was stopped by Tang San and the original stuff happened.

"Wang Sheng, you're lucky that Ah Li wants to eat in peace. I'll let you go this time." Xiao Chenyu snorted and returned to his seat as they continued to eat. While eating, he looked at Ah Li with curiosity :"Hey, hey, Ah Li. Why did you look like that when you saw her? Wasn't she cute?"

"Intelligence happens to be very hot." Ah Li replied lightly :"She doesn't have any. I can detect stupidity, and she is stupid to the core. So, no, she isn't cute at all. Anyway, forget about them. Let's just eat." Not seeing any reason to disagree, they all put away the subject and ate while chatting.

'Hm... If I recall correctly, that trash Yu Xiaogang and Tang San should go to a Soul Beast Forest tomorrow to hunt a Soul Ring for Tang San's Blue Silver Grass.' Ah Li hummed in his heart as he nibbled on a chicken bone when he suddenly smirked :'Hmph, then don't mind me if I ruin that plan.'

Ever since he had come here, this was his plan. Tang San wants to grow stronger to protect his loved ones? Then he'll destroy every chance he gets to become stronger. After all, being helpless and powerless is worse than death for most people. For Tang San, who wants to rebuild the Tang Sect in this world, it is an extremely painful fate and life.

To ruin his Soul Rings is to ruin his future. Especially the 1st Soul Ring. The 1st Soul Ring determines the quality and strength of the Martial Soul. Despite being the 1st Soul Ring and giving the weakest Soul Skill most of the time, it is extremely important! If Ah Li manages to kill the Datura Snake and stop Tang San from acquiring its Soul Ring, Ah Li will be able to lower the quality and strength of Tang San's Blue Silver Grass exponentially!

With his plans made, he cultivated all night instead of sleeping. After all, cultivating was a form of relaxation in itself, so better cultivate more and grow quickly to advance in Soul Power Level faster.

The next day, he bought a short sword and after paying a carriage driver, he set off for the Soul Beast Forest that the trash duo were planning to go to. How did he know where they were going? Well, there weren't many Soul Beast Forests nearby, so it wasn't that hard to guess. But instead of just choosing foolishly, Ah Li had done something else. He had asked a few small centipedes to sneak up on the master and disciple to listen to their choice.

Because of his Abyssal Centipede Martial Soul's interesting Innate Ability, he had the ability to not only earn the love of centipedes, but also communicate with them! This little ability was really useful for information gathering and spying. Especially since bugs are extremely hard to find when they hide.

So after finding out Yu Xiaogang's final decision of where they were going to go, he himself set off even before them. Why wait for them to go and risk them bumping into the Datura Snake when he could go early and kill it quickly?

So with peace of mind, he set off towards his targeted Soul Beast Forest. But there was a problem once he reached there. The Martial Soul Hall guards. Since this Soul Beast Forest was guarded by the Martial Soul Hall, people couldn't just freely come and go inside.

The reason for why was also simple, to stop people killing Soul Beasts indiscriminately. Most people would think that the reason for them taking ownership of Soul Beast Forests was for selfish reasons. But actually, it was to protect the Soul Beasts from going extinct.

If Soul Masters killed Soul Beasts left and right, the number of Soul Beasts would diminish more and more. And in the future, they would just disappear. So Martial Soul Hall protecting the Soul Beast Forests was an extremely good thing for both humans and Soul Beasts.

But no, idiots like Tang San and his dumbass master thought that it wasn't a good thing at all. Those two hypocrites never saw the bigger picture. Especially Tang San. Thinking that inflicting his own sense of justice on the world would be good. But in reality, it fucked up the lives of many.

Such as destroying the Slaughter City. His excuse was that it was a vile and dirty place filled with Evil Soul Masters. Yet it never hit him that it was supposed to be like that. Destroying it was just like saying a prison which contains criminals is an evil place and should be destroyed. In the end, Evil Soul Masters just roamed freely in the world, Martial Soul Hall didn't have any place to throw the criminal in, and after Tang San destroyed the Martial Soul Hall, there was no one to stop the Evil Soul Masters from doing whatever they wanted.

After all, neither of the two empires and none of the kingdoms ever bothered with Evil Soul Masters. As long as they didn't inflict direct harm to them, they didn't care what those Evil Soul Masters did. Who knows how many innocent common people died because of Tang San's self proclaimed justice.

But Ah Li didn't care for that. After all, he didn't care about anybody else but himself and his loved ones. Not letting the Evil Soul Masters go rampart in the future after letting the Martial Soul Hall rise would just be cherry on top. After reaching the gates of the Soul Beast Forest, Ah Li began his preparation to go inside with the help of Bibi Dong.