Douluo Dalu: Bibi Dong is my Martial Soul (Transferred)

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What is Douluo Dalu: Bibi Dong is my Martial Soul (Transferred)

Read ‘Douluo Dalu: Bibi Dong is my Martial Soul (Transferred)’ Online for Free, written by the author That_One_Alive_Ali, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: (A/N: This book has been transferred to my first account, That_One_Dead_Ali, go read it there.)What happens when someone...


(A/N: This book has been transferred to my first account, That_One_Dead_Ali, go read it there.) What happens when someone dies, is it the end? Do they just cease to exist? Do they end up in heaven or hell? Do they get reincarnated? Or does something else happen? Well, for our protagonist, a just-barely-out-of-his-teens young man named Ali Lightborne, or Ali Ashborne, it's the third option! When he died in his world of nothing but ordinariness, a R.O.B casually picks someone up, and it happened to be him! Not a simple Random Omnipotent Being though. But a Random Omniversal Being! A being of absolute transcendence! One of his wishes was to have his soul be separated into as many pieces he wanted, and sent to different universes, with their own wishes! And this Ali, wished to be reincarnated in Douluo Dalu 1 (Anime) and for the R.O.B, who he called Crow because he was a crow version of Alien X, to make his life interesting as hell! There will definitely be smut, and it will start with S in the chapter title

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AN awesome fic which is very underrated in my humble opinion. would definitely recommend to those who are looking for not god san and not god xiaogang ( the teacher guy forgot his name, tho pretty sure it is this only) any who an awesome read all ni all and i have read til ch 30 so believe you me i know what i am talking baout. not once did i feel cringe to stop reading the fic. Awesome Job author!!




This one is quite good, worth the read although it’s still updating slowly with less than 40 chs when I’m writing this.


How come this story is not more popular?.......................................................................................................................................




It's a great Douluo Dalu FF with some very interesting martial soul. it's invigorating when reading all the other Douluo Dalu FF's becuase this ones shows an actual "hey how would he know that?" because he has one of the most knowledgeable and strongest people as his martial soul. I can't wait to see where Ah Li will go in this adventure i just hope he won't abandon it.




can u made one piece fanfiction please?.....


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