Douluo Dalu: Bibi Dong is my Martial Soul (Transferred)

(A/N: This book has been transferred to my first account, That_One_Dead_Ali, go read it there.) What happens when someone dies, is it the end? Do they just cease to exist? Do they end up in heaven or hell? Do they get reincarnated? Or does something else happen? Well, for our protagonist, a just-barely-out-of-his-teens young man named Ali Lightborne, or Ali Ashborne, it's the third option! When he died in his world of nothing but ordinariness, a R.O.B casually picks someone up, and it happened to be him! Not a simple Random Omnipotent Being though. But a Random Omniversal Being! A being of absolute transcendence! One of his wishes was to have his soul be separated into as many pieces he wanted, and sent to different universes, with their own wishes! And this Ali, wished to be reincarnated in Douluo Dalu 1 (Anime) and for the R.O.B, who he called Crow because he was a crow version of Alien X, to make his life interesting as hell! There will definitely be smut, and it will start with S in the chapter title

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41 Chs

CH 11: Roasted Yu Xiaogang

"This..." Sure enough, the moment he heard Ah Li's introduction and his Innate Soul Power Level, an awkward expression appeared on Yu Xiaogang's ugly face :"I'm sorry, child... But your Innate Soul Power Level is far too low for me to teach you..."

"THIS SON OF A BITCH!!!" And the moment Bibi Dong heard him, she began to curse such vile words and phrases that left even Ah Li, a person from the modern Earth, speechless. Ah Li's mood wasn't really that much better than hers either. Sure, he expected it. But he really wasn't expecting Yu Xiaogang to actually be shameless enough to dis his Innate Soul Power Level when his was only 1. <I seriously couldn't find the exact number no matter where I looked, but I feel it was 1>

"Excuse me, first of all, who the hell said that I want to be your disciple?" With a sneer, Ah Li looked at the taller man with disdain when a look of disbelief took over the old man's face :"Like, seriously, do you really think that people are waiting in line to be your disciple?

You? Don't act like I don't know about you. The infamous clown who actually is arrogant enough to call himself master. Yeah, master my ass. The only reason why you even have the time to look through the books is because you simply can't cultivate."

"You! Y-you...!" The more Ah Li talked, the more Yu Xiaogang's calm face from before disappeared and was replaced by an embarrassed and angry one. Even Bibi Dong stopped cursing and looked at her little partner with surprise.

"Me me what, asshole? Am I lying? Am I wrong?" Ah Li sneered without a hint of fear :"You really think you're all that special because you hit the library? Bitch, please, anybody would be a master if they wasted their time on books. Why waste your time in the library when you can cultivate to get stronger and gain actual experience instead of useless theories and knowledge from books?

You think cultivating and advancing in Soul Power Level is easy? The only reason why people don't study is because they simply rather not waste their time. Honestly, the only remarkable thing about you is that you're actually stupid enough to not see that, and shameless enough to brag about it.

Second of all, why the hell you acting like you're some big shit? You acting like you own the place. Bitch, you're a freeloader who doesn't bring any benefits to this place! The dean probably thought that you'd be able to teach some classes, but once the students saw what kind of an arrogant asshole you are and with your oh so great reputation in the world, even that benefit was tossed out of the window!

Hell, the only reason why you're still here and the dean of the school hasn't thrown you arrogant bitch ass out is because he's embarrassed to do it since he was the one who foolishly invited you to this place! Like, seriously, I would've not bothered if you actually had some benefits to the place, or at least we're strong. Yet you're neither of that!

And third of all, you actually have the gall to dis my Innate Soul Power? Bitch, this is dead ass the pot calling the kettle black! At least mine is 2! As far as I know, yours is probably just 1 or even just half a Lv! Yet with that Innate Soul Power, and your bullshit talent that only allowed you to reach Lv 20 Soul Grandmaster, you think you have any right to make fun of others?! Break through Lv 30, then talk shit, ass face.

Damn clown. Hmph, the only reason why I even stayed here is because I had nothing else to do and was trying to be polite by not leaving you two behind. Yet you have the balls to think that not only do I want to be your disciple, but also to reject me when I never had that dumbass thought?!

Yeah, right. Piss off, clown. I wouldn't be pissed if you at least didn't look like an old man's wrinkly and abused big toe! Hmph, I'm outta here. You continue fooling that fool over there. Guess having Twin Martial Souls didn't mean that you'd actually be smart. Hope at least your talent is better."

And with that, he turned around directly with a scoff and a sneer as he walked away without hesitation. He had already seen the stupid drama, and had added his own bit to it. So why bother staying?

"Y-you! Y-you!!" However, unlike Ah Li who was satisfied as all hell for letting all of that out, Yu Xiaogang's face was red with anger and embarrassment. Not only did the kid not give him a single second to talk back, anybody could see that whatever he said was the truth. Poor bastard was so angry that he felt like he was gonna spurt a mouthful of blood right there and there. <ಠ⁠◡⁠ಠ>

Ah Li didn't care though. While he walked away directly without looking back, he heard Tang San's faint voice from afar, seeming to try and comfort his new master. But unlike the two who were in bad moods, Ah Li and Bibi Dong were in a hell of a good mood. Especially Bibi Dong.

"Hahahaha!!! Ah Li, did you see his stupid face?! Hahahaha, it was so fucking funny!! Hahahaha!" Looking at the gorgeous goddess who was laughing happily with the happiest smile he had seen, Ah Li couldn't help but smile and speak to her telepathically :"(Hehehehe, yeah, I did. Did you like it?)"

Talking to her telepathically was a nice treat that they had developed. After all, talking to himself or to thin air wasn't really a normal thing. So they had to compromise. It wasn't that Bibi Dong could read his thoughts, but that he would simply talk inside of his Spiritual Sea, where Bibi Dong actually was.

"Like it?! Hahahahah, I loved it!!" She continued to laugh out loudly as Ah Li smiled in satisfaction. Bibi Dong really seemed to hate that bastard, so him delivering emotional damage wasn't just because he wanted to vent his own anger, but that he wanted to vent some of Bibi Dong's anger. Although she wasn't the one who said all of that, the fact that she could still be there and see his ugly face get even uglier was a bliss for her.

"(Well, happy to hear that! Hmph, that bastard deserved it.)" Thinking of Yu Xiaogang's hypocrisy, he couldn't help but sneer with a disgusted face. Hearing him, Bibi Dong agreed immediately :"Yeah, that shit stain deserves all the fucking mockery he receives. Hmph, just a trash who can't even break through Lv 30, yet he acts like he owns the damn world. Asshole."

Hearing her growl which was filled with nothing but hostility, Ah Li smiled in amusement as he raised an eyebrow at her :"(So, Sister Goddess, if I'm not mistaken, those two should be the people you want me to kill?)"

"Um, you're as smart as ever." Bibi Dong nodded with a satisfied face, before anger surged again :"Yes, those two bastards are the people who I want you to kill. That old son of a bitch is Yu Xiaogang, and as you saw it for yourself, the kid is Tang San. In the future, we'll see if I can do it with my own hands. If I can't, I want you to slaughter them for me!"

"(Um, okay.)" Ah Li nodded calmly with some seriousness :"(Since Sister Goddess wants them dead, then I promise to kill them in the future. But, Sister Goddess, isn't that Tang San just a kid? I won't ask about that old testicle looking asshole, but why do you want that kid dead?)"

"For now, don't think about it." Bibi Dong shook her head :"But if I can, maybe I'll explain it to you. But for now, don't bother about the why. Believe me, in the future, you'll see what kind of a stupid and hypocritical bastard he is. You just believe me, and set your goal as killing that asshole, okay?"

"(Alright.)" Hearing her, and already knowing the reason, he didn't bother anymore and just shrugged :"(Since Sister Goddess said it, then I'll listen to you. I'll try and see if I can embarrass and humiliate those two till then though. Can't let them off with just that.)"

"Hahahaha, you're right!" She immediately laughed and nodded. Seeming to be in a good mood because of just now, she seemed to be in the mood to actually tease as she raised a perfect eyebrow :"By the way, Ah Li, since when did you learn how to talk like that? Your language suddenly turned so vulgar out of nowhere."

"(Hmph, Sister Goddess, even if I lived in an orphanage, my days were mostly spent going around the city. After all, it's really boring to just sit there and do nothing. So, believe me, I've learned a lot from the people and hooligans of the city. I just don't talk like that unless I need to.)" He shrugged again.

With an amused chuckle and roll of her eyes, Bibi Dong patted his head in a good mood :"Alright, whatever. It's good to know how to talk back when someone tries to embarrass you. But really, thank you for embarrassing that bastard like that. Seeing that shit stain angered and humiliated like that seriously made my entire day. Probably my whole week."

"(Hehehe, happy to see you happy, Sister Goddess.)" And with a happy smile, Ah Li simply enjoyed her touch while walking. "But ignoring that asshole who doesn't deserve to have the pleasure of infuriating us, this place really isn't half bad for an academy in such a small city." Being in such a good mood, Bibi Dong started chatting with Ah Li while he walked towards the school's office.

After all, she saw the two people who were responsible for her death so humiliated. Why wouldn't she be in such an amazing mood? So while they were chatting in a good mood, Ah Li walked around the school and towards the office. After getting everything done and paying for his tuition with the separate money provided by the orphanage, he made his way towards his dorm with his school uniform in his hands.

"Dorm 1... Dorm 1... Ah, here it is." Mumbling while walking through the hallway, he stopped when he reached his dorm. When he heard sound from the inside, he figured that his roommates were already in the dorm, so he just knocked before opening the door and walking in :"Excuse me, hello."

When he entered, he saw the group of children, who were all younger than 12 years old, all stop chatting and turn to look at him. And the moment they did, they were all amazed. Especially the few girls in the place.

"Wow, so cute..."

"He's so adorable..."

"..." <For your information, if this comes after a few sentences and is the final one, it isn't somebody being silent. It's basically some more words were said that I didn't write>

But unlike the girls who were captivated by his looks, the boys were immediately annoyed after their amazement passed. After all, who likes to see a more handsome person of the same sex?

"Hmph, hey, brat, who are you?" A boy, who seemed to be the oldest in the place, said. He had short, spiky black hair and dark eyes. With a single look, it was actually pretty obvious that he was an arrogant kid and probably a bully. He also seemed to be the boss of the dorm or something from how the other children didn't speak up after he opened his mouth.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Ah Li, and I'll be living here with you all." He replied calmly with the same leisure air and temperament to him :"I hope we all can get along and have fun." 'But I doubt that can happen before some of these arrogant pieces of shits get their ass beat…'