True Motives

Inside the warehouse, Kelvin saw Larisa seating on one of the wooden crates.

“What took you so long? ” She asked.

“I was busy with some stuffs.” Kelvin replied.

“How was the test?”

“Well, I passed. But I didn’t see you there.” Kelvin said.

“I decided not to take the test.” Said Larisa.

“Okay, so what’s up?” He asked.

“ My grandmother, has requested for the services of a detective and a demon hunter, called Roxanne Burchell.” Larisa said. She took a quick pause before she continued,

“ Detective Roxanne is extremely skilled in what she does. From what I’ve heard from my grandmother, Roxanne will be investigating the eye fraternity, and their connection to a number of missing people. She can be a huge hindrance to my plan. So because of that, we will carry out our first hunt by midnight, in order to gain more information and leads before she does.”

“Midnight?!!” Kelvin asked, feeling a bit uneasy.

“Yes.” Larisa nodded and said,