Deep Love For You Book

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Deep Love For You

Xia Hanyan

Ongoing · 503.4K Views

  • 60 Chs

  • 4.5

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The Ye family’s bankruptcy leaves her with nothing overnight. The powerful Second Young Master of the Mo family breaks into her world suddenly and says overbearingly, “I am lacking a woman.” She naturally misunderstands his needs. “Young Master Mo can have as many beauties as he wants with just one command from him, how could he possibly be lacking a woman?” However, in the end, reality forces her to succumb. She follows him home like a sheep entering a tiger’s den, but little does she expect to be hit with the red book when she enters the Civil Affairs Bureau. Surprised, she asks, “Don’t you lack a woman?” He raises his eyebrows calmly and says, “Isn’t Mrs. Mo a woman?” She meets him during the lowest point of her life, changing from Ms. Ye to Mrs. Mo, and receives all sorts of affection ever since. The bastard is regretful, and the bitch is hateful, but she lives a fulfilling life free of worries—all thanks to Young Master Mo for saying something from the bottom of his heart: "I will love you with all my body and soul. Just be happy in your own way."