Lord of the Time: I Can Reincarnate Infinitely Book

novel - Fantasy

Lord of the Time: I Can Reincarnate Infinitely


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Caleb suffered an accident while driving a car that claimed his life. Only to reincarnate in an entirely different world. He thought that it was his second chance to climb the peak of life. However, he died in his second life at the age of five years old tragically. Then he was reincarnated again! He died in his third life at the age of fourteen years old; he died due to various reasons ranging from natural disasters to machinations of people. It was a vicious cycle of dying and reincarnating. His initial confidence and vigor were replaced by horror and fear. He can't seem to get past 18 years old! He noticed a pattern that he was dying before he could even reach adulthood. He didn't know whether his infinite reincarnation was a blessing or a curse. "Who can tell me why can't I get past 18 years old!?" The feeling of dying, again and again, pushed him to the brink of insanity. So Caleb made an oath that he would strive to live past 18 years old and break the vicious cycle! For that, he knew that he needed to give his everything, and do things he didn't want to do, to survive! 'Wait how the hell did I get reincarnated in the body of an orc? Not only humans, but I can also reincarnate as a monster!? What's next? A slime? a goblin?' Caleb stared dazedly at the sky, full of questions. ... Caleb has reincarnated time and time again billions of times. After acquiring enough knowledge, combining different power systems of countless worlds, and strengthening his soul, he found a way to godhood. This is the story of a normal human living a true, eternal life! An actual god! ... Buy My Privilege For: Tier 1- Advanced 7 chapter for 100 gold coins Tier 2- Advanced 10 chapter for 200 gold coins