Cultivating Culture

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What is Cultivating Culture

Read ‘Cultivating Culture’ Online for Free, written by the author Extra26, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, SYSTEM Fan Fiction, COMEDY Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Systems come in all shapes and sizes but the system Kai got after dying wasn't something he was expecting. Facing the da...


Systems come in all shapes and sizes but the system Kai got after dying wasn't something he was expecting. Facing the dangers of the cultivation world, Kai was left with a unique system and a special goal — Spreading culture in a world with no entertainment. The sect master of Heaven Defying Sect after watching [John Wick], "I have became a fan of this guy. I want to take him as my master!" The ice princesses and jade beauty after watching [Romeo and Juliet], "Ohh God! That's such a tragedy." The demonic cultivators after watching [Lord of the Rings], "We need to find the great master Sauron!" A dragon after watching [High School dxd], "Can I also be like the Red Dragon Emperor?" ///Author's note/// Hello, if you like the novel and have a movie or a video game or a novel for me to include, then you can write it in the comments. I read all of them. Chapters will be 1.5-2k words with daily chapters. Please leave a review and vote for it. Discord link: https://discord.gg/GhMMb5XMvs Discord ID: beebee0162

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Hello there, Onto the review, if you liked MHS, and VS, you will surely like this. Simple as that. For those who are not aware, simply put, this is a fic focused on our MC, Wang Kai, and how he cultivates culture in another world. OUR culture. Yes, both culture and "culture". Ahem. Now, go read! Also, it is a certified enjoyable read. MC is a cultivator in a cultivation world that also happens to have mages. Both, of course, are at each others' throats. There will be movies, games, business, and everything.


The average writing and lack of any solid updates makes the story falter in its starting phase.


Reveal spoiler


This is pretty good! It’s a pretty interesting system, especially in a cultivation world!


It's pretty interesting take in Cultivation world. The chapters have been enjoyable so far.


I just read the summary. There was a dragon who wants to become the Red Dragon Emperor a.k.a. Oppai Dragon Emperor?


I only started reading this because 4 writers have recommended it, but this is pretty good for now for a cultivation ff


I like this type of novels.If I could I would give you a golden ticket.Sadly I can't, but I'll give you all my power stones from now on, as long as the story retains the same level of quality.


Good ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Reveal spoiler


Excellent Novel. I thought I would die of cringe. It is a welcome surprise even though there are still elements of Chinese cultivation novels. But more of a background rather than the story itself. Goodluck in your endeavor author.


hmm yes culture


writing quality, stability of updates, story development, character design, world background... 5 stars! i enjoyed reading this a lot, and i recommend all my readers, or literally anyone who's reading this rn to go start reading this!


as of chapter 8 it seems to be a good story albeit similar to black tech internet Cafe


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