121 POLL [OVER] [I will write 1 more arc]

In the next 10 chs, this arc will be over with DC & Marvel merge. I have 10-20 more chs in the draft that will be focused on harem after the merge with a follow-up ending. My plan was to wrap it out within 150 chs within this month.

Now, the reason for this poll is to see how many readers are still reading this ff> Type +1 here and please don't write multiple times.

If I see that there are enough readers who want me to continue, I might continue with DC, and obviously, new girls will be involved. But, this will delay my plan to release the MHA- All Reversal or Multiverse Book-2, by the first of January.

1) Continue 

2) End

If end, which one do you guys want to read first?

1) MHA- All reversal

2) My harem in DC & Marvel Multiverse pt2 

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