Charming Billionaire Mending Her Heart Book

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Charming Billionaire Mending Her Heart


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Synopsis [ ON - HOLD for now, will restart from next February sorry for sudden. ] She : You will be better off without me. We were never meant to be. [ Esther Ross ] He : Without you, I am as good as dead. You are the only one I ever desired and you are meant to be mine forever and ever. [ Felix Carter ] _____________________ Mini scene "Hey, you! Be my husband." Esther grinned at the delivery man in front of her. "Sure, let's get married before the matrimonial courts close down." The guy held Esther's wrist as he dragged her. "Don't worry, if they close down. I will make them reopen." Esther looked as her hands entwined with the guy. However, she missed the fox smile on his face. ________________ She got her trust broken down by the one she considered to be hers only. Her love was called to be cheap and disgusting. She lost her first love to her younger sister. From then onwards, she began to dislike handsome males. She viewed them as bait to catch the big fish. She detested handsome looking faces. _____ He was the most handsome and sought after guy in the whole country. His face has been declared 'the most handsome face of the generation' by World Records. He garnered attention wherever he went but he was too shy to ask others to stop staring at him like he was a delicacy. Yet he had to disguise himself to meet her. He couldn't show his real face to her. ___________ Can he make her fall for him after everything that happened with her? _____________ Hello to all out there, this is me your not so amazing author back with another story. This time I am writing this book for WPC - 195 under the ice-cold CEO. I hope you guys support me!! Stay safe and love you all __________ Updates schedule: Max 3 chaps per week. Min. 2 chaps. One update on Sunday while others on any day within the week. *Disclaimer The cover isn't mine. The picture is from Pinterest and edited by my friend.

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