Chaos Devourer System

In a future timeline... Earth undergoes a heaven-defying transformation when an unknown forces shift the planet away from the Milky Way Galaxy to an entirely new and unimaginable galaxy. A cosmic energy known as Mana invades Earth, transforming its essence and shattering its regular norms. This Mana awakens new genes in humans, once thought mythical. The world’s rules change, placing paramount importance on strength and respect for those with powerful genes. As humanity grows stronger and more curious, they venture beyond Earth to explore the new universe, only to encounter advanced alien races, world-devouring entities, and boundless, unexplored worlds. The Universe is Simply Boundless and word "Impossible" Does Not Exist. The story follows Zeras Celestria, a young man from one of the Nine Families. Deemed trash for his inability to awaken the powerful A-grade Lightning Hammer Gene and instead awakening the F-grade Multi-colored Hair Gene, Zeras is sold to a dark force that experiments on humans. Left for dead among other experimental failures, Zeras’s life seeped away as he clenched his teeth tightly, a mad thirst for revenge flashing in his eyes with also a tint of helplessness. Untill... "Congratulations." "Host has been blessed by Chaos." "Host has successfully awakened the SSS-grade Chaos Devouring Gene." Armed with an SSS-grade Gene and an undying will for revenge. Zeras embarked on a path to becoming the strongest and dominating the limitless universe. A Path Many Has Embarked On But None Having Succeeded. **A Future Scene...** "Look into my eyes. What do you see?" A young man with hair as white as the purest snow, lips redder than blood, and a face of perfect beauty. Yet those eyes—no, they couldn't be called eyes. They were unending black holes of... "I see death, madness, pain, and..." "Yes, I am the last embodiment of Chaos..." -- -- -- Update Schedule: Update daily. Minimum of two chapters per day. -- -- -- [Also Check out My New Book: Infinity Guardian System]

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Chaos Devourer System

A cataclysmic explosion rocked the entire space when Zeras's hand touched the crystal, with the crystal itself shrinking into a small diamond-shaped core before immediately digging straight into his forehead.

The energy radiated from it due to trying to fuse with Zeras caused the entire space to go haywire as he felt himself disappearing within the explosion.

[Completion rate...90%.]

A golden-colored panel appeared in front of his groggy eyes as he tried to focus his vision on the screen.

"Hmm, what's this?" Zeras asked, his hands reached out in front of him but it only touched air and didn't even shake the panel.

[Completion rate to Host has reached 99%.]

[Host will now undergo first Evolution to becoming a Chaos Devourer and receive this power completely.]

"What evo..." He didn't finish his words when his eyes immediately rolled back as a sudden pain assaulted his mind causing him to faint before he could even scream out.

His body lay out on the corpse below him but an unbelievable change enough to make all the greatest scientist reach for their reading glass was happening in his body.

A small crystal-shaped stone containing a revolving dark mist like a black hole in its center appeared on Zera's forehead as the dark mist slowly spread down into his entire body invading within through his pores.

[Host's evolution to a Chaos Devourer has begun.]

[The Human Gene of Host is refusing the Chaos Devourer Gene.]

[Host's human genes are extremely weak due to invasion of unknown serum.]

[The Chaos Devourer Gene has corrupted 30% of the Host Human Gene.]

[Host has been able to fuse with 30% of the Chaos Devourer Gene in his first Evolution due to the extremely weak state of the Human Gene.]

[Host has begun receiving part of the power of the Chaos Devourer Gene.]

[Chaos Devourer System completion rate has reached 99.8%]

[Congratulations, Host has successfully awakened the Chaos Devourer system.]

The messages repeatedly appeared on the golden panel but he couldn't see them due to already passing out from the pain.

His entire body was forcefully invaded by another powerful gene, causing his hair to turn an even darker shade of dark, the injuries on his body started to close up with inhuman regeneration, with his skin getting even whiter.

If one could see beneath those skins, one would notice his cells gaining a dark mist within as his bones were strengthened continuously, making them harder than before while also being extremely flexible.

The evolution went on for about an hour and his body repeatedly twitched due to the changes.


4 hours later...

Zeras slowly opened his eyes as he tried to make sense of what happened before. It seemed to talk about some system...

[Congratulations Host]

The golden panel appeared suddenly once again as Zeras jumped backward from shock, unknowingly crossing twice the distance he would have crossed before if adrenaline was rushing through his peak state body.

"Who are you..." Zeras asked as his back rested on the corpse stopping his retreat.

[Hello Host. I'm the Chaos Devourer system. A unique system designed to help those blessed by Chaos to understand its powers.]

"And why would Chaos choose a dying person like me?" Zeras immediately thundered back, his voice lit in suspicion.

He was just an F-grade trash who was turned into a lab rat and left to die for failing. There is no reason for some Unknown Chaos to take notice of him.

[This question also puzzles the system a bit. Normally only the most talented genius of the limitless Universe are blessed by Chaos.

But not only is the host an untalented trash with a very weak genome. The host also lacks all the capabilities of a genius such as bravery, courage, calmness, and deep thinking.]

The panel messaged causing a weird expression to appear on Zera's face.

"You piece of shit, I'm not lacking brave..."

[Host's legs are still shaking.]

"Well, I'm not lacking courage..."

[The host's body is still firmly pressed against the corpse in a retreating motion.]

"Screw you, I'm a deep think..."

[Host's questions are not well thought out and seem to have arisen from a deep sense of ego which is completely baseless.]

"Well, I give up," Zeras said in defeat as he kept his head down. He was lacking in everything he was told.

[Fortunately for Host. You have successfully fused with the Chaos Devourer system which will turn the host into a powerful fearsome figure in the universe, whether the host likes it or not!]

[To understand what the Chaos Devourer system entails. The host should call out System Interface.] Zeras felt a chill run down his spine when he heard the part about getting stronger whether he liked it or not but he forced the feeling down as he uttered

"System Interface."

The panel immediately changed

[Host Attributes] [Genes] [Skills and Abilities] [Shop] [Quests]

Thinking of the Host Attribute, the messages immediately changed into a long list:

[Host Attributes]

-Name: Zeras Celestria

- Level:1










-Charm: null

{Attributes Points:0}

"Am I really that dumb?" Zeras asked his face dropping.

"And what is that damn null in the charm stat. Does it mean it's at the peak?"

[No, it means Host has no Charm at all.]

Zeras was speechless but ignored it as he called out


-- -- --


-Absolute Morph Gene. [F-grade]


-Chaos Devourer Gene. [SSS-grade]

Status:[Mostly Locked]

-- -- --

His eyes squinted on sighting Absolute Morph Gene as he never knew he had such Gene.

"Hey system, what's the Absolute Morph Gene about," Zeras asked.

[The Absolute Morph Gene is the Gene found in the Host Human Genome. It's still at a low level though. So low, it's not even worth mentioning.]

He was surprised by the grade of the second gene, the system's gene: Chaos Devourer Gene, which was no doubt a very powerful gene as he'd never even heard of an S-grade gene before.

He only ever knew there was a C-grade gene. As for others, he had never heard of such before.

Zeras moved on to the other tabs:

[Skills and Abilities]

{Basic Skills} >>Dash: Increases Host current speed by double. (Level 1)

>>Regeneration: The host body is part chaotic, making regeneration ten times faster due to the host being part gaseous. (Level 1)

>>Toxin Immunity: The host body is immune to low-level poisoning.

{Gene Skills} >>Morph- Level 1 (Ability to change the entire body structure to Host's Imagination.)

The host can only change his hair color for now due to the extremely weak level of the host's Gene.

>> Chaos Devouring- Level 1 (Ability to absorb all chaos energy in the limitless Universe.) The host can only absorb life energy from those killed by the host for now due to the extremely weak level of the gene.







-- -- --

Zeras looked at the Gene Skills dumbfounded.

'To change his entire body structure into his imagination.' That was a goddamn powerful ability but he was called trash because it was only at the lowest level.

What will happen at the peak of the ability? It's simply a heaven-defying Gene.

"Hahaha...and they called me trash for that," Zeras said mockingly before moving to the second one.

"Devouring all chaos energy. Even though I don't know what Chaos energy is, just the ability to devour others' life energy is already what I need now." Zeras said his eyes shining in a new glow.

A kind of hope flickered in his eyes, as he knew one thing was sure, he was no longer the trash with an F-grade gene.

No. That was the former him!

The him now is a talented monster and he will show the world just what a failed F-grade trash can do.

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