Chaos Devourer System

In a future timeline... Earth undergoes a heaven-defying transformation when an unknown forces shift the planet away from the Milky Way Galaxy to an entirely new and unimaginable galaxy. A cosmic energy known as Mana invades Earth, transforming its essence and shattering its regular norms. This Mana awakens new genes in humans, once thought mythical. The world’s rules change, placing paramount importance on strength and respect for those with powerful genes. As humanity grows stronger and more curious, they venture beyond Earth to explore the new universe, only to encounter advanced alien races, world-devouring entities, and boundless, unexplored worlds. The Universe is Simply Boundless and word "Impossible" Does Not Exist. The story follows Zeras Celestria, a young man from one of the Nine Families. Deemed trash for his inability to awaken the powerful A-grade Lightning Hammer Gene and instead awakening the F-grade Multi-colored Hair Gene, Zeras is sold to a dark force that experiments on humans. Left for dead among other experimental failures, Zeras’s life seeped away as he clenched his teeth tightly, a mad thirst for revenge flashing in his eyes with also a tint of helplessness. Untill... "Congratulations." "Host has been blessed by Chaos." "Host has successfully awakened the SSS-grade Chaos Devouring Gene." Armed with an SSS-grade Gene and an undying will for revenge. Zeras embarked on a path to becoming the strongest and dominating the limitless universe. A Path Many Has Embarked On But None Having Succeeded. **A Future Scene...** "Look into my eyes. What do you see?" A young man with hair as white as the purest snow, lips redder than blood, and a face of perfect beauty. Yet those eyes—no, they couldn't be called eyes. They were unending black holes of... "I see death, madness, pain, and..." "Yes, I am the last embodiment of Chaos..." -- -- -- Update Schedule: Update daily. Minimum of two chapters per day. -- -- -- [Also Check out My New Book: Infinity Guardian System]

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Thirst for Revenge

A figure dressed in dark overalls and carrying a large bag in his hands could be seen standing in front of a gate.

His hands slowly reached for the button beside the gate as he clicked on it, causing a red wave of light to emanate from the door and scan his palms.


The door slowly opened as he walked into it, a place dark and icy cold.

The figure slowly bent as his hand reached for the bag, quickly unbuttoning it and bringing out Zera's body.

Carrying his body, he flung it outward with speed as Zeras was thrown deep into the gigantic abyss present below.

Buttoning up the bag, the figure made his way out of the place as the door slowly closed behind him.

The silence was stifling and nerve-wracking. Inside the large abyss where Zeras was thrown was a pile of bodies reaching up to almost 1000+ dead bodies, each badly mutilated in different ways.

It seemed this was where the dead bodies of all Experimental failures were kept.

In this dark, gloomy place... A blue light suddenly shone in this dark place giving the dark abyss a strange glow.

Zeras coughed out repeatedly, his voice hoarse. His handsome white face was deathly pale, due to having lost too much blood.

His breathing was extremely labored and painful but deep in those blue eyes was some sort of calmness that should be impossible for someone in that type of condition.

Zeras assessed the condition of his body as he saw that all his muscles were completely paralyzed and couldn't move a single inch except for his eyebrows.

He knew he was losing too much blood and his death was close by if nothing was done to his body. But where could he find medical attention in this place where corpses are kept? His fate was already sealed.

His eyes flashed with hatred as the memories of how he got here flashed in his blue eyes.

He couldn't believe what was happening as the people he called clan members sold him out to a dark force as a lab rat for 2.5 million Star coins.

'Well, at least I was sold off for a good amount,' he thought to himself, chuckling a bit.

In his measly existence, all he had couldn't even amount to 50 star coins even if all his clothes and whatever he had were sold off. Yeah, that was just how poor he is.

Zeras never knew who his parents were. All he could remember was growing up in the Celestria family orphanage home. He was at least given a home to live in and a meal for the day.

All the other day was spent teaching them martial arts and combat techniques and among the other orphans, he was number one when it came to battle proficiency.

The guardians of the orphanages even told him he had a bright future ahead as he would awaken a powerful gene due to his godly comprehension of combat techniques.

His meals were even increased to twice a day, invoking the jealousy of other orphans but his joy was short-lived.

When the Gene-awakening test came, he didn't awaken the so-called powerful Gene but awoken the trashy F-grade multi-color hair gene.

A gene that allowed him to change the color of his hair from raven black to blue or red.

His status immediately plummeted as he came crashing down from the best in martial art to the butt of the joke of the orphanage.

It was pretty common knowledge, that no matter how powerful your comprehension of battle arts is what's the point with a trashy F-grade gene that only makes you change your hair color in a world where battle strength means all?

His meals were denied to him and he only managed to survive due to Grandma Mia who secretly passed him some food at night when all was asleep. A Kind-hearted Lady who he felt understood his plight in such a dog-eat-dog world.

But good days never last long as that also came crashing down when Grandma Mia urgently awakened him at night telling him to run due to unknown reasons.

He followed behind her as they both moved out of the orphanage but they weren't even long gone when they were caught and he watched Grandma Mia beheaded in front of him for trying to kidnap a kid while he, the kid, was sold off in the guise of a rehabilitation center to cure the effect that might have arisen from the shock of kidnapping.

The last thing he remembered was being sold to a man in dark robes for 2.5 million Star coins to become their experimental subject and he found himself in the lab after that.

His eyes flashed coldly as he clenched his teeth tightly due to pain. The pain of being betrayed.

The pain of the only thing he had taken away from him.

He wanted revenge.

He wanted to slaughter the entire Celestria family for the pain they had caused him but he knew that was impossible.

He would be dying here today.

His eyes soon became blurry as tears slipped out from the sides due to his weakness and also wish undone.

The world was getting darker and he slowly drifted off into the darkness that beckoned to him like a loving mother to her lost newborn.


The darkness was still as Zeras felt himself losing the concept of time.

His eyes slowly opened but immediately widened in shock at the sight before him.

He could see his body was made of some type of milky-white energy but what shocked him senseless was the huge crystals surrounding him that spread into the far distance.

Each of them was taller than he was, with a beautiful glow like that of stars and they blessed him with their radiance.

"Where am I?" Zeras asked looking around at this weird space.

"Am I dead? Is this my soul form? Just what is happening". The place was oddly quiet, not a single sound was made, and his eyes slowly turned towards the nearest Crystal.

It was a crystal, unlike the rest. Unlike the others which radiated a beautiful light, this one was like a dark hole, which continuously revolved in the crystal making one feel as if their soul was to be devoured.

It seemed to have no depth, just like an unending abyss. But even though scary and bone-chilling, Zeras felt deeply attracted to this crystal.

It was like something was calling out to him from the abyssal darkness present within the dark crystal.

It was like a part of him that was locked away and disregarded but finally had the chance to meet with him once again.

"What are you?" Zeras asked as his hand slowly stretched out and touched the surface of the crystal.


A ripple emanated forth, emerging from the place he touched, gently traveling through the void of crystals.

But what happened next shocked Zeras to his core.

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