Chaos Devourer System

In a future timeline... Earth undergoes a heaven-defying transformation when an unknown forces shift the planet away from the Milky Way Galaxy to an entirely new and unimaginable galaxy. A cosmic energy known as Mana invades Earth, transforming its essence and shattering its regular norms. This Mana awakens new genes in humans, once thought mythical. The world’s rules change, placing paramount importance on strength and respect for those with powerful genes. As humanity grows stronger and more curious, they venture beyond Earth to explore the new universe, only to encounter advanced alien races, world-devouring entities, and boundless, unexplored worlds. The Universe is Simply Boundless and word "Impossible" Does Not Exist. The story follows Zeras Celestria, a young man from one of the Nine Families. Deemed trash for his inability to awaken the powerful A-grade Lightning Hammer Gene and instead awakening the F-grade Multi-colored Hair Gene, Zeras is sold to a dark force that experiments on humans. Left for dead among other experimental failures, Zeras’s life seeped away as he clenched his teeth tightly, a mad thirst for revenge flashing in his eyes with also a tint of helplessness. Untill... "Congratulations." "Host has been blessed by Chaos." "Host has successfully awakened the SSS-grade Chaos Devouring Gene." Armed with an SSS-grade Gene and an undying will for revenge. Zeras embarked on a path to becoming the strongest and dominating the limitless universe. A Path Many Has Embarked On But None Having Succeeded. **A Future Scene...** "Look into my eyes. What do you see?" A young man with hair as white as the purest snow, lips redder than blood, and a face of perfect beauty. Yet those eyes—no, they couldn't be called eyes. They were unending black holes of... "I see death, madness, pain, and..." "Yes, I am the last embodiment of Chaos..." -- -- -- Update Schedule: Update daily. Minimum of two chapters per day. -- -- -- [Also Check out My New Book: Infinity Guardian System]

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First Kill!

But first, he needed to get out of this place. All he knew was that he was in some type of base used for experimenting on the effect of serums on humans.

At least that's what he could derive from his own experience.

Zeras slowly stood up on his feet as his bones crackled in his body. He finally felt the effect of the evolution as the world around him suddenly felt so clear while he felt the force of gravity on him lower a little.

The most clear effect was the increase in strength as while he didn't gain bigger muscles from the evolution, he could feel himself at least twice stronger than before.

Directing his attention from that, his gaze narrowed as he mused to himself with narrowed eyes.

"How do I get out of here?"

A golden-colored notification panel suddenly appears in front of Zeras, making him furrow his eyebrows in confusion.

[Main Quest activated.]

[You are present in an enemy base and completely trapped]

[Destroy the Base and Survive]


1. Direct Level up to Level 2

2. Two ability upgrade cards.]

[Punishment: ??]

An unbelievable expression appeared on Zera's face as he stood there completely speechless before asking furiously,

"System, are you insane?"

[The probability of the Chaos Devourer system going insane is nil due to being made by a supreme power completely above Host understanding.

But the probability of Host going insane is close to 100% percent.]

"You..." Zeras said almost coughing out blood in anger. He slowly calmed down as he felt he would truly go insane if he kept going.

"I mean, why do you give me such a quest?"

[While I might be the AI of the System, the quests generated are completely beyond my control.

As for who or what generates the quest, the host level is too low to access the information.

All I can say is that it's better if the quests are achieved as the greater the rewards, the harsher the punishment.]

Zeras slowly calmed down as he thought about it and discovered it made sense.

Moving out of a base like this won't be a walk in the park in the first place. So what if the difficulty was tuned up a little? Besides, he got to take his revenge for them treating him like a lab rat by destroying the base and killing everyone in it.

He wasn't going to show any mercy as surrounding him were more than a thousand dead bodies who were experimental failures just like him and used by the base.

It was unknown how many were in it and would be joining the number soon.

So he changed his mind and decided to go with the quest. As for how to do that, he knew perfectly well what he needed.

The EIAs. Earth Intergalactic Association.

Zeras suddenly felt the sound of footsteps getting closer as he hurriedly looked around him, pulling out a sharp piece of rod that was dipped into a dead body's head.

"Well, it might have destroyed your life but it might save mine. I'm sure you won't mind..." Zeras mused and immediately jumped up from the ground soaring to about 10 meters onto the pavement above.

Arriving before the gate, he could feel the sound of footsteps more clearly as he quickly hid himself.

A figure cloaked from head to toe in dark overalls and holding a bag slowly arrived before the door, his hands touched the red button beside the door causing a red wave of light to emanate from the wall and quickly scan him.

"Beep." The door slowly opened as the figure walked in, the door snapping back to a close after his entry.

He was the one responsible for throwing Zeras into the abyss before.

The figure slowly bent down as usual as he unbuttoned the bag with familiarity.

Halfway through, he suddenly felt a slight rustling of air behind him but before he could even turn to look at what that could be, the sharp end of a rod dug into his neck from behind, roughly tearing out of his throat as blood spilled out from his mouth just a second later.

His eyes dilated in shock and he couldn't even make sense of what was happening.

The rod in his neck was suddenly violently pulled out causing blood to erupt from it as his body slowly fell limply to the ground, his hands tightly holding on his neck which had a large hole in it.

He struggled to turn back trying to see who it was and his eyes immediately widened as he saw who was responsible.

It was a pair of icy cold blue eyes, which completely held no emotion at all as the boy before him slowly placed his finger on his lips motioning for him to remain quiet.

He wanted to scream out but he only felt blood rushing into his mouth suffocating him as his body shook uncontrollably before slamming to the ground, dead.

Zeras slowly dropped the iron rod in his hand as he bent down to his knees before vomiting out. He could feel his stomach madly churning inside him causing him to vomit out all that he ate in disgust. Actually, it was just water and nothing else.

He slowly regained himself as he stared at the dead figure of the man, but there was no guilt. The man was definitely no good soul so he wasn't sorry for killing him, he only vomited due to disgust.

This was the first time he ever took a life. The first time the weight of life was hung in his hands.

This was his first kill!

A golden-colored panel appeared in front of him in the next second bringing him out of his thought as a shocked expression appeared on Zera's face before widening into a big evil grin.

"Now this is getting more interesting."

Thank you for reading. Gracias...

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