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Card Apprentice Daily Log


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Dalton Wyatt, a world-renowned Scientist, and Inventor is transmigrated to the body of a high school student Dalton Wyatt who committed suicide due to unfortunate circumstances and complicated life.  The enchanting world of cards was completely different yet similar to Dr Wyatt's homeworld earth.  Unlike peace full earth where humans fought other humans, This new world was plagued with Dungeons and Monsters people here fought with monsters for the survival of humanity.  Mortal humans were not strong enough to fight these mythical and legendary creatures, thankfully some blessed humans could actively control their souls to manifest soul power and become Card apprentices to fight for the humanities chance at survival.  Card apprentices are people who contract grimoire and use various powerful yet resourceful cards to fight off the monsters and conquer dungeons.  Grimoire provides the card apprentice with abilities like Card creation and Card fusion, most importantly it allows the Card apprentice to display their full potential in a card fight.  Even though this world has the concept of science but it is not focused on electronics and industrialization like back on the earth, here the world has cards for every little thing's eliminating the need for electronics.  This new world is highly focused on grimoire abilities such as Card creation and Card fusion.  Coming to a world where money could buy him strength Dr. Wyatt had to earn money for his survival.  But thanks to his otherworldly information and knowledge, card creation comes easily to Dr. Wyatt compared to other card apprentices.  Dr. Wyatt creates and sells various perfect, powerful, and resourceful cards to earn money and get stronger step by step in this monster-ridden world for his survival.  ... "What did you say? Making good cards is hard? Bah! Card creation is a breeze." "My friend, allow me to enlighten you - there are no 'trash card ingredients,' only incompetent card creationists." [Bloody Veins - G rank, Mortal grade] [Nyon Rope  G rank, Mortal grade] [Common Core - G rank, Mortal grade] Card creation… complete!  [ Card Name - Bloody Rope    Card Type - Item card   Card Rank - E rank, Common grade    Card Rating - 3 stars    Card Durability - (100/100)    Card Effect - The Bloody Rope can bind and incapacitate its target. When in contact with a target's wound, the item effects paralysis and blood drain are triggered.   Additional Effect: Paralysis, Blood Drain] "This can't be real! You've used G-rank mortal grade ingredients, and yet you've managed to craft an E-rank common grade card with full durability and a rating of three stars? This isn't real, I must be dreaming! I couldn't possibly have woken up today - I am still asleep in my bed dreaming."

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