Billionaire Bad Boy Book

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Billionaire Bad Boy


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What could possibly go wrong when you fall for the Billionaire Bad Boy? A lot. To answer your question, a lot. Olivia Sparks was a normal girl, leading a normal life, doing well to stay under the radar. Or so she thought. After an unpleasant run in with the ever charming, loaded, egotistical, narcissistic Drew Dickson, her life becomes everything but normal. She doesn't throw herself at him the way every other females seem to have, which apparently piques his interest. She not only draws his attention but the attention of his rich clique and the whole school. Unfortunately she also draws the attention of a crazed psycho known as 'Hater girl' who is obsessed with Drew. From playing mind games, to toying with her friends and their personal lives, Hater girl is willing to go as far as possible to fulfill her only two objectives. One, to get Drew, and two, to obliterate anything in her path. 'Anything' being a 5"7 brunette with a gorgeous smile. Hater girl has done well to stay hidden over the years. Who is hater girl? Will she finally be exposed for her malicious intentions? Or will she continue to get away with wreaking havoc in their lives? These are questions that you can only answer yourself, by reading "Billionaire Bad Boy." ----------------------------------------------------

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