Beyond Reality: Throne of Nothingness

The story of a guy that got separated from reality and is now ‘existing’ in the Nothingness outside any Universe and Multiverse. He occasionally ends up in different Universes and uses these chances to have fun and grow in power. I don´t own anything except my own characters and worlds Tags: Rape, Torture, BDSM, Absolute Evil MC, Pregnancy This is my first book and English isn´t my native language.

LostWizard · Anime & Comics
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164 Chs

Leo Side Story 5

For a while, darkness was all there was to my thoughts.

On good days, I regained a bit of consciousness, allowing me to feel the softness around me, the warmth of the sun, and whispers that I didn't have the strength to decipher, and then everything went dark again.

I don't know how long this circle went on for but the damage to my soul has gradually been healing and I am waking up more often and for longer periods but still not enough to make any sense of my surroundings.

If only I had the strength to eat a few souls, I would be able to heal my soul in a matter of hours.

One beautiful day, I finally gathered enough strength to open my eyes for a few moments. I was lying on a bed in what looked like a tree house with finger-sized dots flying around the room. Seeing that I opened my eyes for the first time, the whispers became louder, and a figure burst through the door.

The world was still too blurry to see any details but I could tell that the person was a woman and a rather good-looking one at that, but for some reason, she was giving me a weird feeling. Before I could make any more discoveries about my surroundings, everything went dark again as I had used all my strength to open my eyes.

At least I could tell that I wasn't in any immediate danger and that I was cared for by someone. Now I can rest a bit easier.

This time I was enveloped in darkness for even longer due to overstressing my body and mind but it was worth it.

My strength was recovering faster with time as my worries and the power of the Trihexa left behind started to dwindle. I once again regained enough strength to bake slight movements but this time I didn't open my eyes and just used my other senses.

I could only use the basic five senses as the others were too strenuous but that was enough. I still couldn't make sense of those whispers but I could feel how I was regularly fed some sweet liquid that helped my soul recover and how someone was tending and checking up on my physical wounds.

I was also aware of the incredibly nice scent I was smelling every time my wounds were checked, as well as a few touches that weren't meant for checking on my wounds, I was sure my face and hands didn't receive any great wounds that required such touches but that was beside the point.

Whoever that was that was caressing me, I will forgive them. That's the least I can do to thank them for sheltering me and tending my wounds.

Time passed, and I was recovering well. I could now open my eyes for a while without going back to sleep afterward, though my sight was still very blurry, I could make some small movements, and I could make some sounds, though it wasn't useful since I still didn't have the strength to understand the whispers.

It was only when my soul completely healed, thanks to whatever that liquid was, that I was able to permanently stay conscious and use mana to slowly heal the rest of my being. With my soul fully healed, I also gained an additional sense that provided me with much more information than the previous five.

I could finally understand the whispers and have a closer look at the world around me.

Apparently, I was really in some tree house, and those small glowing orbs I saw last time were fairies, clearly another type compared to the ones that lived in my father's garden. Their whispers started to make sense but I quickly realized that there was nothing important to be heard.

They were just watching me to notify their queen if anything happened to me, and while doing so started making up strange fantasies about who I was and where I came from, though some were very close to the truth.

I presume this queen they were talking about was the only human-sized being I saw a while ago and also the person that has been touching me like I was her long-lost lover.

Not sure what that was all about but now that my soul had fully healed, I could converse telepathically and find out what that was all about… and why her very presence gave me such an inexplicably feeling.

It was almost like love but deeper. I couldn't tell before but now that my soul was healed, I could tell that her presence was affecting my soul. It felt like love but unlike the usual chemical reaction in the brain, this was deeper.