Beyond Reality: Throne of Nothingness

The story of a guy that got separated from reality and is now ‘existing’ in the Nothingness outside any Universe and Multiverse. He occasionally ends up in different Universes and uses these chances to have fun and grow in power. I don´t own anything except my own characters and worlds Tags: Rape, Torture, BDSM, Absolute Evil MC, Pregnancy This is my first book and English isn´t my native language.

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Leo Side Story 4

I don't know why, but I'm having a really bad feeling about this. There shouldn't be anything here that could threaten me, so why was there an aura charging at me that was growing stronger by the second?

Seeing the humongous beast in the distance, I took out my phone and started scanning it.

[Trihexa (666)

Result: The Beast of the Apocalypse. It was already one of the strongest beings of this reality before it was sealed but now due to outside influence, it had grown far beyond what it originally was. The entity that reincarnated Entity-Alice-Kiramuya was displeased that you started messing with this world. Because its chosen reincarnator was incapable of disposing of you, it decided to do it personally. For an hour straight, its power will double every second until it will self-destruct with its peak power, the resulting explosion will be enough to destroy every atom in this reality. Because its only purpose is to kill you, it was granted some powers that perfectly restrain you.

Time until Detonation: 47 minutes 22 seconds

Danger: Extremely High

Note from Dad: My protection prevents anyone from snapping you out of existence or paying you a surprise visit but that doesn't mean it stops them from troubling you indirectly.

PS: Normally you don't have to worry about death because you will automatically respawn in your Underworld in perfect condition, even if your entire existence is destroyed, but because your Underworld is currently under construction, this feature isn't available right now. Better run]


How petty is this being? Just because I didn't let its entertainer do as she pleased, it will destroy the whole reality?

Fuck this, I'm out. I'm not going to fight against a thing that was created with the sole purpose of killing me and was given the appropriate abilities and power.


A barrier has been created to prevent anyone from escaping. To leave for another reality, this barrier needs to be deactivated or destroyed, otherwise navigation and transport will be impossible.

Do you wish me to hijack control of the barrier and bypass it?]

What!? Of course.

[Time needed for deactivation: 45 minutes]

What!? So long!? Can't you hurry this up a bit, I don't want to spend such a long time with this thing.

No response, huh? Alright, let's see what I can do. Maybe it's just a false alarm and I can kill it before it grows any stronger. It's already been twelve minutes since its seal was broken and it got its boost, meaning it was now 4096 times stronger than it was at its peak.

If I want a chance to kill it, I need to do it now.

I created the most Demon Fire I had ever created at once and condensed it until I couldn't anymore, formed it into a lance, and threw it.

I didn't hold back at all, as evident by the destruction of the planet when it hit and exploded, but the scan didn't exaggerate when it said that it was altered to be able to kill me. It was extremely resistant to heat and fire, as this was my main attack method, and the chunks of its body that I did manage to burn to a crisp regenerated in a few seconds with even higher resistance to my attacks.

Great, it also has regeneration and adaptation. This is not my day.

Despite it gradually getting the upper hand, I didn't stop my attacks since I needed to buy some more time. I also got a few small wounds but was shocked to see that all its attacks prevented me from healing them in a short among of time.

How much longer?

[31 minutes 46 seconds]

Oh come on, surely it has been longer than 13 minutes, I can barely even take its attacks head-on and have to dodge them now, I can't keep this up for 30 more minutes.

[Recommendation: Escape]

And how do you want me to do that!? Whatever this being did to Trihexa, it changed its mind to its only instinct being to kill me, it even got some sensing abilities that every time I teleport away, it knows exactly where I am.

[No Solution found]

Wow, really helpful, thanks.

[You are welcome. Please stop conversing or the deactivation of the barrier might take longer]


From then on, I either teleported far away only for it to find me a few minutes later and do the same thing all over again, but with each minute the time it took for it to find me got cut in half.

My injuries grew in numbers and severity but at least I also grew a bit stronger, not enough to fight it but enough to buy me more time.

It wasn't until Trihexa somehow got the power to attack my soul that I grew really desperate.

How long? I can hold this for more than a couple of minutes.

[1 minute 7 seconds]

Great, let's hope I will survive this.

What followed was the probably longest and most painful minute of my life.

[Barrier deactivated

Please choose a destination]

I don't care, just get me out of here!!

[Random Travel selected]

I was just barely conscious enough to see the world around me change from a destroyed universe to the most beautiful forest I have ever seen.

And then everything went black.


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