Beyond Reality: Throne of Nothingness

The story of a guy that got separated from reality and is now ‘existing’ in the Nothingness outside any Universe and Multiverse. He occasionally ends up in different Universes and uses these chances to have fun and grow in power. I don´t own anything except my own characters and worlds Tags: Rape, Torture, BDSM, Absolute Evil MC, Pregnancy This is my first book and English isn´t my native language.

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164 Chs

Leo Side Story 2

After arriving in this new world, I went straight to the Underworld. Ever since I became the God of the Afterlife, via the Ultimate Skill, I felt at home in any afterlife, especially in their hellish version.

My arrival was noticed rather quickly but I wasn't hiding it either. The noble family whose territory I intruded on wanted me killed but not only was I too strong, but I also had an innate dominance over demons, devils, and the like due to many of my skills and my demon race that had evolved many times.

Under my presence, they had no choice but to begrudgingly invite me into their home and serve me. Although I had such an effect on their body and instincts, I didn't control their wills, something I would learn the hard way later on.

I took over the small noble house and started dwelling in politics, slowly growing my influence in the Underworld. During one of the social gatherings with other nobles, I came into contact with one of the noble houses that possessed a bloodline power and learned an interesting fact about myself.

I wasn't sure if it was due to some skills, my unique demon race, or something else entirely but I was able to copy other demons' bloodline powers by touching them. That day I copied the Beelzebub Clan ability, King of Flies, it wasn't a very good ability but it held significance.

Until now, I only did this politics game for fun but now I had a reason to climb the ranks and that was to get as many Clan abilities as possible. My newfound ability didn't stay secret for long due to one clan that had a divination ability and after the Underworld learned of my ability to make their clan abilities they had so much pride in mine, all hell broke loose.

They obviously weren't happy with that and immediately started putting bounties on me and sending assassins after me. It was a bit annoying but I was only that, an annoyance.

I was by far the most powerful being in the Underworld but they didn't know that since I never bothered to reveal it. The large clans like Bael, Belial, and so on all declared war on me and the house I took over, while many smaller clans and houses without bloodlines chose to ally themselves with me to overthrow the old houses. This was how I accidentally started my first civil war.

I didn't take the old houses seriously and spent more of my time fooling around with women than caring about them. Although there was a civil war going on, normal operations continued.

One day I got the news that a certain red-haired spoiled bimbo was against her political marriage and demanded a rating game to annul her marriage.

I really didn't understand those spoiled princesses, they had their whole life to mentally prepare for being married off to someone and getting to know them, yet they sell their bodies to the main character so that their arranged partner doesn't do literally the same to them that the mc will do. Rias is even more incomprehensible.

She refused the fire chicken because he was a pervert and already had a harem but decided to choose someone even more perverted and desired an even bigger harem.

I don't care what those spoiled nobles say, I'm going to watch this rating game and possibly even make the bitch miserable by secretly boosting the fire chicken team's power.

To no one's surprise, I was neither invited to the wedding nor the rating game but I came anyway, it almost resulted in a confrontation but we decided on a truce for the duration of the game, with us having to stay as far away as possible from the other one, though that was more for their protection since they feared I might copy their powers.

The desperation on the bimbo team's faces was delicious when they found themselves helpless against the fire chicken's team, though even they themselves wondered when they got so strong.

The look of despair and horror on a certain pervert's face as he helplessly watched as one of his future harem members was taken from him wasn't the only thing that caught my attention. One female member of the brat's team gave me a strange feeling, like something less devil-like and even a scent of Outerverse.

She wasn't from the Outerverse as far as I could tell and had most likely only been in contact with such a being, like my father. Her circumstances interested me greatly, so I used my phone's appraisal function to scan her and the results came out a bit shocking and confusing.

[Scanning Target

Target is attempting to block the scan, please wait a moment

Scan Complete]

That was the first time anyone was able to block my scans, not to mention sense them, which further proved that she was related to an Outer being in some way, not just anyone could hope to try to block a scan from a device my dad made.

The woman in question was now frantically trying to spot whoever scanned her, without success. I just ignored her and read her information.

[Alice Kiramuya

Result: Formerly a European teenager who died from a passing truck and was reincarnated with three wishes in DxD by a bored Outer being. The wishes were 1) Being a Futanari, 2) a System with a status, inventory, quest, shop, gacha, and world travel function, and 3) being extremely attractive.

Alice wants to get rid of Issei and create her own harem. To do this she decided to become part of Ria's peerage. She currently has a quest to find out why this world's story had gone stray and eliminate the cause. (click for more info)

Danger: low

Note from Dad: What kind of Cosmic Clown must you be to get entertainment from watching mortals fuck?]

This was interesting but it didn't have nearly as much impact on me as the second thing that caught my attention.