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Fury stood up haphazardly. Wiping the blood from his nose, he blew the siren that signaled infiltration.

It was a matter of shame as the most fore coming and top secret organization ion the World has its headquarters breached the same day they went online.

"Get that motherfuckin bastard here! Leave no quarter without searching for him, today we are getting the Bat!" Fury yelled in the mic that transmitted his voice to every corner of the Helicarrier.

Nick came back to his seat to observe what the envelope contained, asking for an isolate computer to use the pen drive into while cursing Batman left and right.

"This is code: Red, I repeat Code: Red."


On the other hand, Batman was jumping over walls, creeping through the small gaps to reach hangar 12 of the sky-fortress.

Three oblivious Shield agents followed him, while telling others to follow.

The foremost had a handgun, for easy and fast aiming and response against the impeding threat while his comrades had MK-series rifles, with intent to lay down the Bat for once and potentially for all.


*band* *bang* *bang*

"STOP!" A batrang, resembling the bat logo on the Dark knight had pierced through the three lights, breaking the glass casing and the light source.

The dark hallway lit up with the gunshots, flashing the shooters light for them to aim in oblivion.

The leader among them signaled his followers to follow, only to realize the dark hampered any form of visual signals.

He them tapped his companion shoulder to give instructions, which his follower copied to relay the following orders.

Or he felt like he did, only to mistake the shoulder to be his companion's.

The Bat pulled up the last one of them to hit him where it hurts and without making a sound the last one of them was not hanging to the roof of the dark sector 16.

The Bat followed the other one, nabbing him while he shot fired twice, but the bat misdirected it to not hit the agent in front of them.

Again the man was pulled upwards, punched in the gut and then the chin to be made unconscious, hanging by the ceiling.

The foremost of them replied in bullets, none managing to get any close than the initial.

He panicked, and started running while telling others of the event, in which he failed as the Bat waited on the doorway.

A bullet was fired as the Bat closed the distance, hiding his arms in his cape.

He dodged the bullets left and right while his opponents emptied out his magazine.

Batman lowered his upper torso and leaned forward to result a punch coming with the strength of his back and leg, straight to the face.

He turned back to reach the password protected door, and groaned.

Not annoyed with the security, but with the sight below which confirmed his conjecture.

His index finger glove, the same as the one that should have been shot by the bullet shot by Nick Fury was now a centimeter inside in solid iron door lock.

It was there but it wasn't. It felt like putting finger inside black ink as the transition from air to the solid door looked like a darker shade.

The worse thing was the Bat was not able to control its turning off and on.

'Its not driven by emotional state or will as most powers are controlled by... unconscious mind?'

The Dark knight wanted to try out more things with the new found event related to his body, but his time was cut short as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents flooded inside the chamber.

Turning back the Bat covered his arms with his cape, covered in darkness.

A rare, smug smirk developed on the Bat's mask, one which could not be noticed normally if not for having a keen eye for this kind of thing.





short chapter as there is a poll associated with this. [VOTE IN THE END]

Many of you complained the Steppenwolf insert in this fic, and we are officially going to improve it, by inserting an out of MCU event due to his intervention.

My first idea is to make him crash on a spaceship and introduce the villain- HYPERION. Many of you would know him if you watched the cartoon: Avengers Assemble.

Second is herald of marvel overlords, the three that I could consider are Thanos, Galactus, Malekeith and my favorite of the four for this category, Dormamu.

The last option could be integrating him into the Adam warlock and Nova corps storyline, with the Nova corps resembling the organization as they were in Ultimate Spiderman.

I am writing the poll options in my favor of writing (the upper ones are those I favor and lower ones, eh not so much) the faster you vote, the faster you get the next chapter. I will end the poll with tomorrow or with 20 votes, whichever is earlier.

1) Hyperion

2) Dormamu

3) Adam warlock/ Nova corps

4) Galactus/ Thanos (cliche)

5) Anything you suggest to be better than the ones I suggested.

Also we now have 500k+ views so yay!

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