Baldur Odinson: God of Light

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What is Baldur Odinson: God of Light

Read Baldur Odinson: God of Light fanfiction written by the author Lonely_Translator on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Movies fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, marvel. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In this unique tale of reincarnation, a scientist finds himself thrust into the Marvel universe as Odin's youngest son. Armed only with his intellect, he must learn to navigate and thrive in this new and unfamiliar world. This captivating fan-fiction piece, which I stumbled upon online and found immensely enjoyable, lacked an English translation. Hence, I took it upon myself to share this remarkable work with others who might appreciate it, emphasizing that I do not claim ownership over it. Support me at patreon.com/Lonely_Translator an read up to 15 chapters in advance

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Hello everyone, I'm Lonely Translator an I'll like to mention that the book is not my own creation. While I would have appreciated the opportunity to credit the author, I'm uncertain if they are present on this platform. I acknowledge that my translation may not be flawless, but I sincerely hope that you all find enjoyment in it.


The mc is supposed to be a god but gets beaten by frost giant, the plot is so forced and unnatural


marvel lord balder # I think LordVoid good book on webnovel


1/5/4/3/3 A.I writing is used too much is this fic other then that well the concept is good and the characters are fine


Apocalypse power level is waay to much. The way u put he hes stronger then the phoenix a cosmic power. If your going by comic book power levels this MFer is no where near odins power. As odin force is a semi cosmic force. So where are u getting ur power levels from its not comics and it not MCU?


it's a nerf fest. the amount of times i wanted to punch my screen is too much for comfort soooo i dropped it at the x-men arc


can't say much about it, as it's only 9 chapters rn, but it seems intriguing this is my first time seeing a baldur fanfic


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Look i know you're not the author but just a translator who is doing his best to make this readable, I've read the og and iIknow you've done a decent job about it. But my God do I have something to say You should have been just an enhanced human with long lifespan, that way it would have made more sense for the rubbish I am seeing. So far the mc has no sense of agency he was complaining about Thanos like four chapters ago now after almost 1500 years he has not made any significant progress to show that type of agency, now from what I've read from the og i know it will not get any better and that's sad to me


can you tell us what's the original fanfic name


I'm not an English exam examiner. i don't really care about having perfect grammar and stuff. all i care about is for it to be readable and doesn't break the immersion. I'm a man that focuses more on the story in itself and although this is a translation, i quite enjoy it. so give it a try.


Can I get the link to the raw? ————————-






good work so far keep it up bro itz real good to read so far


Amazing translation but the original author is very dumb and not at all consistent in his portrayal of Baldur’s strength.


Reveal spoiler


I have really been enjoying this one, and I hope that you will continue this story.


Não vi essa fic, por causa da imagem desse cara com barba, ele mancha minha imaginação, deuses e deusas da luz, são lindos, pode parecer besteira mais tá gravado na minha mente toda ser quanto mais perto da luz mais perfeito ele fica, mais o cara é uma divindade e se parece com isso, esse cara não é irmão de thor, acho que ele é adotado kkkk


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