53 Omake: The New King Of Curses!

(*Step, step, step, step*) 

The echoes of footsteps could be heard as you walked through a dimly lit hallway calmly. Your black hair was nothing special, but what was unique about yourself was your piercing blood red eye's that felt as though they were dyed the colour of blood from every person you've fought to this point in time, and the strange tattoos/lines on your forehead, nose, cheeks, upper body, and abdomen.

Wearing a light-colored kimono with a black edge, a black scarf, and black shoes. Your choice of clothing looked like a priest for a local shinto shrine. With your face remaining stoic, you approached the end of the hallway with the sounds of cheers growing louder the closer you got.

And the moment you stepped out of the hallway, the once loud and noisy crowd suddenly fell silent. Confused and dissaspointed that the one fighting the third son of Lord & Lady pheonex was a mere human. Most of the spectators in the crowds were in fact devil's, even if the majority looked human. 

The young man then heard an arrogant voice speak up.

???: "Hoh? Ryomen Jin was it? Rias actually agreed to your ludicrous offer and allowed you to fight me all alone? Truly she must have given up all hope already. Hehehehe, I can already see my future with her peerage members serving my every whims."

You glanced indifferently to the young man who looked to be in his early 20's with short blond hair and dark blue eyes. The outfit he was wearing at the moment consists of a burgundy blazer with gold embroidery on the right with matching pants and black dress shoes. Underneath his open blazer is a white dress shirt that is not fully buttoned (just one button short), giving a slight view to his chest.

This young man, no young Devil to be precise was Riser phoenix. A pureblooded devil from the main family branch of the pheonex household. He stood proud and arrogant as if his victory was all but assured.

Soon enough, a cold and indifferent voice spoke up as you glanced up into the sky witnessing the woman whom Riser himself proclaimed to be the strongest Queen of the Underworld, and the wife of one of the Satan's Sirzechs Lucifer.

Her silver eyes met your own blood red ones as if she was trying to figure out something about yourself. She soon stopped whatever thoughts she may have had as she acted as the host for the rating game. 

Grafia: "Welcome residence of the underworld to the rating game between Ryomen Jin and Riser phoenix. Originally, this rating game was meant to be between Lord Riser Phoenix and his peerage against Lady Rias Gremory and her peerage. But due to both parties consenting to it, as well as getting the permission from all four of the Satan's, Ryomen Jin has been allowed to fight as a representative of Lady Rias. Should Lord Riser Phoenix win this match against Ryomen Jin, then Lady Rias would not only be wedded to Lord Riser Phoenix as originally intended, but all her peerage members will willingly become his slave's with the exception of this generation's Red Dragon Emperor who will serve the Phoenix household instead. And should Ryomen Jin win this match, he will be granted one wish by each Satan with the only condition being that it must be something within their power to grant him. Now then, do any of you have a question you'd like to ask?"

Riser arrogantly spoke.

Riser: "There's nothing I'd like to ask."

Grafia: "And what about you Ryomen Jin?"

For the first time since setting foot in the arena, Ryomen Jin spoke. 

Ryomen Jin: "What are the conditions for victory?" 

Grafia: "Either one of you surrenders, you are struck with a fatal blow thus forcefully retired, or you defeat Lord Riser and his peerage member's."

Ryoumen Jin: "Is death another possible condition for victory?" 

Grafia: "It is. But it's rare for death to happen due to the retirement system."

Ryomen Jin: "Then I have no more questions."

Grafia: "Then without any further interruptions, let the rating game begin!"

The moment the match began, Risers peerage surrounded Jin as Riser spoke. 

Riser: "Since I don't want to end this match too quickly, I'll declare for all to hear! I Riser Phoenix's will kill you after 5 minute's have passed. So I hope you survive long enough against my peerage to have the honours of being killed by a pureblooded Devil!"

Riser's arrogance surprised everyone as Rias and her peerage look on in worry at the lonesome figure of Ryomen Jin. Issei Hyoudou, Rias's pawn, and this generation's wielder of the Longinus Class Sacred Gear Boosted Gear that houses the soul of the Red Dragon Emperor questioned worriedly. 

Issei: "Buchou. I know that Jin-San is strong, but do you truly believe he can beat Riser? Don't forget that you told me that as long as he has Demonic energy, he's essentially immortal."

Rias: "I understand your worry Issei, but we have no choice but to believe in him. Afterall, we went as far as to agree to such a crazy deal, and even got the permission from all four Satan's to allow Jin to fight on our behalf."

(Meanwhile with the Four Satan's) 

Sirzechs Gremory, or Sirzechs Lucifer as he's known throughout the world sat on a luxurious chair and gazed at Jin as he spoke. 

Sirzechs: "I've never met him in person yet, but other than the Tattoos, and the beginning of his name, I don't see much of a connection to the late King Of Curses Ryomen Sukuna."

One of Sirzechs friend and fellow Super Devil Ajuka Bellzebub spoke up. 

Ajuka: "It's not just the tattoos and his family name. He's also capable of using Cursed Energy."

Sirzechs frowned as another of the Satan's Serafall Leviathan spoke. 

Serafall: "Then does this mean that he's the reincarnation of the previous King Of Curses? Or is he just a possible descendant of him?" 

Sirzechs: "Whichever the answer is, hopefully this fight will give us some insight to his Cursed Technique."

Ajuka: "That's not even considering the possibility of a Domain Expansion, and Reverse Cursed Energy. And if he's the same as that monster Sukuna, will he have another form he can take?" 

Serafall: "It's a shame that Jujutsu Sorcerers ceased existing. Not to mention, that any and all research into cursed energy has been made forbidden."

Sirzechs: "Are you confident that he can beat Riser? His immortality is something that isn't easy to deal with without the proper powers to help counter it."

Ajuka: "He'll win without a doubt."

Ajukas word's surprised the other two Satan's with the last of the Satan's Falbium Asmodeus sleeping. 

Sirzechs: "You sound unusually confident in his ability. Do you perhaps know something we don't?" 

Serafall agreed as she chimed in. 

Serafall: "Yeah, usually you find no interest in most fights. But you so willingly agreed to allow this match. Why is that?" 

Ajuka: "It was because of the word's he told me when I questioned him about this fight that I know he'll win."

Serafall: "What did he say?" 


Ajuka gazed at the young boy Ryomen Jin as he spoke. 

Ajuka: "Are you sure you wish to represent the entirety of Rias's peerage members, and bear the consequences of the deal you forced them to accept in exchange for your help? Don't even get me started on the fact that Riser is immortal. There'd be no point in fighting if you can't bypass his immortality, and then you also want to fight his ENTIRE PEERAGE alongside himself? Are you certain you aren't getting too arrogant? 

Ryomen Jin: "I made that offer because it's the only way the match would be fair for that insect."

Ajuka raised an eyebrow in confusion as he spoke.

Ajuka: "Don't you mean bird? He's a descendant of a phoenix afterall." 

Ryomen Jin: "There is no point praising his phoenix bloodline when at the end of the day he will still die to my hands. To even call him a bird is too high a praise for the likes of him. There are birds whose majesty are worthy of praise, beauty that takes your breath away, and there are also those that are intelligent. None of which he is. Insect suites him the most as he is in no way majestic, beautiful nor is he intelligent. In my eye's all he's good for is irritating and annoying everyone around him."

Ajuka: "Words are meaningless if your unable to prove them with your actions you know that."

Ryomen Jin: "Satan Bellzebub. You asked me how I'd beat him correct."

Ajuka: "That's right."

With a smile on his usually stoic face, Ryomen Jin spoke. 

(Flashback/Present moment overlap) 

Past Ryomen Jin/Ajuka: "I'm/He's The Strongest" 

The other two Satan's were surprised at Ajukas words but their shock was short lived as Ryomen Jin replied to Riser's arrogant declaration. 

Ryomen Jin: "2 minutes."

All the Devil's in the arena, and everyone watching the rating Game live in the comfort of their own homes were momentarily confused with what Jin had just said. That was until he opened his mouth once more. 

Ryomen Jin: "I'll kill all of you in two minute's."

Ryomen Jin's words caused outrage amongst the devil's present and even shocked the Gremory & Sitri Heiressess and their respective peerage member's. 

Ryomen Jin: "Be honoured lowly insect's, for today you all will die to true Jujutsu Sorcery."

Ryomen Jin brought his hands together forming a hand sign that corresponds to the hand sign held by Emma Ten-In. This God also has the names Emma-ō or Yama in Hindu mythology. And then he spoke in a low deep voice that sent chills down everyone's spine. 

Ryomen Jin: "Ryouiki Tenkai" 

Suddenly everyone except the Satan's shivered in fear as malevolent intent took form of a smiling six eyed demon and a drop of water could be heard that dripped onto dark-coloured water and an evironment centered around a small, disfeatured Buddhist shrine (vaguely resembling a chinjudō) that has been distorted to instead enshrine demons. Appeared. It is surrounded by dark-colored water and horned, bull-like skulls on the ground. The roof also has horns coming out of it, along with human skulls that hang down from it. The four entrances to the shrine are formed by large, grotesque mouths, complete with humanlike teeth and tongue's as Ryomen Jin finished. 

Jin: "Fukuma Mizushi" 

The Satan's cursed witnessing him deploying a domain expansion. 

Ajuka: "A barrier less Domain expansion?! He's already reached such a level of power at just 17 years of age?!" 


Sirzechs didn't get to finish his sentence as invisible slashes cut, sliced, and diced Riser's entire peerage and himself relentlessly. Screams of pain and agony were heard until nothing but dust remains of what was once Riser Phoenix's entire peerage. And they all died in less than 10 seconds.

When the dust cleared, all that was seen was an empty crater devoid of any signs of life. Everyone stared in horror as a member of the Phoenix family had just died, and to a human no less. And as if to add insult to injury Ryomen Jin spoke. 

Ryomen Jin: "I guess since no ones alive that makes me the winner. Now that was unfortunate. I even made a binding vow to set the damage that Malevolent Shrine would do to it's lowest, and they all still died? Weren't the Phoenix's meant to be immortal? They were too weak. I was planning to enjoy our fight after the ten seconds were up, but you didn't even survive for half of that estimated time? In the end, you really were nothing but a bunch of insect's."

Lady Phoenix looked on in horror. Falling to her knees as she trembled in fear tears streaming down her face. Her son alongside his entire peerage had just been killed right before her very eye's. And the worst part of it all, was that her daughter was also apart of his peerage and they couldn't do anything about their killer. 

The wails of sorrow from Lady Phoenix echoed throughout the silent arena. And the killer of her family dismissed his Domain Expansion and dissappeard into the Dimly Lit hallways. 

-(Scene Break)-

Anos sat on his throne in Delsgade as he watched the fight of the soldier he chose to reborn and gifting him the abilities of the King Of Curses Ryomen Sukuna within the world of Dxd. 

Anos: "Now that was entertaining to watch. I enjoyed watching you grow. However, your still nowhere near the level of power of that 'Fake Sirzechs'. So continue growing stronger to continue entertaining me."


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