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An octopus's tale


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[ATTENTION! The author is going on break till July 2024. Apologies, have to get through a central examination. Will return once it's done.] This is an octopus tale. An octopus represents our ability to overcome challenging situations with creativity and intelligence. Such is our team of octopuses as well. Artemis, Audrey, Belle, Baker, and Misty stumble upon a hidden underground laboratory in the quiet town of Havenwood, revealing the startling secret to eternal life. Driven by curiosity and the allure of eternal life, they drink it, unknowingly unleashing an ancient curse that threatens to erase the town and the people's existence. As darkness descends upon Havenwood, they must embark on a perilous quest, seeking redemption and a way to break the curse. With the town teetering on the edge of destruction, they discover the actual value of mortality and the power of selflessness. Will they find a way to restore balance and save themselves from the curse they unleashed, or will Havenwood be forever lost to the shadows? "The Forbidden Elixir" is a gripping tale of friendship, sacrifice, and the profound lessons learned when tampering with the natural cycle of life. A chapter is released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so 3 chapters every week. SEASON 1 - [ONGOING] SEASON 2 - NOT STARTED SEASON 3 - NOT STARTED SINCLAIR'S BACKSTORY - NOT STARTED FORBIDDEN ELIXIR(ORIGINS) - NOT STARTED TALES FROM THE REALM - NOT STARTED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on: Facebook: Daylightmoon writes Discord: daylightmoon123445 YouTube: Daylightmoon writes [Discord channel exclusively for readers and Patreon will open up as soon as chapter 50 is published] Support me how you can with power stones, gifts, and adding my book to collections. After all, creation is hard! #Forbiddenelixir #An octopus's tale #Daylightmoonwrites #Daylightmoon123445