Alter Dimension: Lucky Dungeon Master

Author: YouthGod
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What is Alter Dimension: Lucky Dungeon Master

Read Alter Dimension: Lucky Dungeon Master novel written by the author YouthGod on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, system, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Alex, a young man with ambition but unfortunate life. He grew up as an orphan and from a very young age, learned to stand on his own feet. Barely making a living by searching through the dumpsite for things that could be sold. One day, when he came back home from the dumpsite, Alex decided to rest on the new sofa that he got from the dumpsite just the other day. But unexpectedly something magical happened to him. A stone inlaid on the sofa suddenly brought him to an alternate dimension! And there, Alex rise started, controlling the luck of the world. Everything runs through his favor. Whenever a problem comes up, it gets solve unknowingly. When he lacks money, gold suddenly fell down from the sky. Opening a treasure chest will always give great rewards. Lottery is nonsense, he will win no matter what. When a strong monster is about to kill him, it will trip on a rock and have its head explode, dying by itself. That's how against the sky he is! From then on, Alex became known as 'Fortune', the one who controls luck!

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Hey, everyone, author here! So, I just want to put on a review here so that if you guys have any questions, you can drop it here and ask me. Also, if you have ideas that can improve the story, don't hesitate to voice it out. Anyway, thank you for continuously reading our book. Let's hope for a good development of the story and for more readers to read. In case you have something you want to contact me, this is my socials. Instagram: Tricky_Youth Anyway, enjoy reading!


mc has no brain. He killed 22 lvl people, they will investigate how he got so strong in 3 days. mc sent himself to the experiment table on purpose. mc is stupid. mc never develops his intelligence. mc can't be low profile. mc has no brain. mc doesn't act logically. The cheat is on the wrong person.


the recent chapter have become so messed up and jumbled the story is pretty unreadable now. it really kill the urge to even continue the series with such a large messy gap in the story 😑


a very good book so far just that it has few chapters and personally am not a fan of romance but am willing to overlook that for this book


Pros: Pretty fresh Original in it's genre Cool ability and ideas Few mistakes in writing Cons: A lot of things that make sense but don't happen. Basically people do things that no one would actually ever do sometimes or don't make sense to further the plot. That's kind of it for cons. Also annoying moments where people are like "are you joking" like b~~~ why would he be joking. This made me hate people.


Great story, but this author stopped putting in an actual effort to write his/her chapters and is reposting old chapters with new titles. He/She then blames it on the cache. This is severely disappointing.


At first the story presented was quite interesting even though it was quite cliche and I decided to continue reading it. But more and more I realized mistakes like how the author presented mc stats. I don't know how the author does the calculation for stats. for example mc just raise lvl from 4 to 6 with 22000 exp (before). While 23000 exp raises 6 lvl when mc himself has a higher lvl than before. Another example is how author calculate free point stat mc gained from skill. So for me if the author wants to present a story with a frequently mentioned stat. The author must be able to calculate accurately the progres of mc stat. [SPOILER BELOW] And how the background of the world is explained is quite simple by presenting that everything about things like monsters and other information is available from the core dungeon


I will no longer be reading this book as the latest chapters are messed up or are repeating and is wasting money which is a shame as I thoroughly enjoyed the story till now


Author can't wait to see where you go with this novel. It reminds me of another novel I read about the MC that had about the same ability. Keep up the good work just wish their was more to read.


Great story and great characters. I loved every second I read! That is until I bought privilege. The privilege chapters are basically copy pasted of previous chapters. Several copies of several chapters. The comment sections are full of people pointing it out with no effort made to fix it. The chapters get changed to the right content when they are in the 2 chapter privilege range to include the chapter titles. It leads me to believe the author has no privilege content available and is simply milking their readers.


Was going perfectly till he decided not to kill the thug and then even worse decided to increase his strength above his agility. These are only my opinions on why I dislike this, so give it a go and see if it’s for you before dissing it.


great story till you get near 200. READER'S BEWARE. Author copied an pasted previous chapters over am over around 200 an just changed the chapter to be scummy. glad I binged read it on its free to read day else I would of flew off the handle had I spent money on it. be sure to like so no one falls prey to it plz.


The story was really promising until the chapters all got repeated. It had a good baseline and good buildup going.. Unfortunately, it won't be one I read anymore after losing many coins due to repeat chapters.


Story started decently good and I would keep reading it but the author started releasing the same chapters over and over and after wasting money unlocking them nothing changes and the author releases another repeat


its a good story with 1 chap/day and i have no complain about anything except chap 157 is a copy of the previous chap where zero just get out of trial tower. pls fix it, thanks also have a nice day! 👍


The author started repeating chapters around the 180s. Don't bother with the novel. It reminded me of a lesson I should not forget. Don't batch-unlock chapters. I wasted so many coins to just get repeat chapters unlocked. My stupidity. The story was going fine and, I was enjoying it so I took the chance. I shouldn't have. Don't waste your time or coins investing in this novel.


I like reading but the last 15 or so chapters are repeats so I was cheated out of coins which brought my enjoyment of the story down


recently, every second chapter uploaded is scuffed. the last part of it is missing and replaced with a copy of the first part. it's making the story patch and incomplete, since there are no holes in its progression.


A good read. But very low update stability. Just that the stats take up a lot of screen space and is a bit annoying. Look into it for a bit.


do not read chapters just repeat after a certain point and author does nothing about it


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