Alter Dimension: Lucky Dungeon Master

Alex, a young man with ambition but unfortunate life. He grew up as an orphan and from a very young age, learned to stand on his own feet. Barely making a living by searching through the dumpsite for things that could be sold. One day, when he came back home from the dumpsite, Alex decided to rest on the new sofa that he got from the dumpsite just the other day. But unexpectedly something magical happened to him. A stone inlaid on the sofa suddenly brought him to an alternate dimension! And there, Alex rise started, controlling the luck of the world. Everything runs through his favor. Whenever a problem comes up, it gets solve unknowingly. When he lacks money, gold suddenly fell down from the sky. Opening a treasure chest will always give great rewards. Lottery is nonsense, he will win no matter what. When a strong monster is about to kill him, it will trip on a rock and have its head explode, dying by itself. That's how against the sky he is! From then on, Alex became known as 'Fortune', the one who controls luck!

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Expressing Their Gratitude

Alex stepped forward, he smiled, and politely greeted Kris' father.

"Good evening, sir."

Kris' father stood up and approached Alex.

Raising his hand, he patted Alex's shoulder and said, "You kid, you really helped out our family this time. I thank you for that."

From his sincere tone, it was obvious just how grateful he is to Alex.

It can't be helped, the problem this time was related to the lives of a lot of people.

Such a big thing really has a lot of complications in many departments.

The pressure on him was heavy.

That's why when he heard from Kris that it's been resolved, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, Kris turned to Alex and said, "Alex, as you can see, this is my father, Rolando Luwal."

After saying that, Kris walked to her father's side and faced Alex.

Suddenly, she bowed and said, "Alex, I want to thank you as well for the help that you did this time."

Alex was surprised by her sudden action.

When he recovered, he shook his head and said, "No, it's alright, Kris."

"Stop bowing down, get up."

Hearing that, Kris lifted her body up and looked at him with a smile.

Seeing that, let out a helpless sigh.

As for Rolando, he just watched their interaction without saying a word.

Instead of thinking of stupid thoughts just because his daughter is interacting with a man, Rolando is more happy that Kris have a friend like Alex.

Then he said, "You two, stop standing there, come and take a seat already."

He also sat back on his seat while gesturing towards them to sit down.

Kris smiled at her father and replied, "Okay, Dad!"

Saying that, Kris went towards another empty table with Alex.

Once they sat down, Alex looked around and said, "Kris, you didn't tell me that this is going to be a formal party."

"I only wore some casual clothes, now I stick out like a sore thumb."

Kris waved her hand and lightly said, "It's alright, don't worry about it. These people are just used to wearing suits and dresses when going to gatherings."

Alex gave her a blank stare after hearing her words.

After that, the two chatted for a bit about some random stuff like tv drama, popular music, games, or just anything that teens their age are interested in.

Without having to wait long, soon the party started.

Rolando stepped out and stood and front of everyone with a microphone.


"Everyone, may I have your attention please."

The guests turned their eyes to him one after another with interest.

Seeing that, Rolando smiled and said, "Tonight we are gathered here for one thing, to thank the one who solved a great problem of mine."

Saying that, he looks at Alex which also attracts the eyes of the other guests towards him.

Maybe it's the effect of having a high charisma stat, Alex didn't feel frightened by all the eyes looking at him.

He smiled calmly and looked back to Rolando without saying a word.

Rolando also smiled before he continued talking.

"There are also people here who would like to personally express their gratitude to the one that saved their lives."

As he said that, 14 teenagers walked into the hall.

They were the 14 students that were saved by Alex from Alter Dimension.

Back then, they were haggard and their clothes were dirty and tattered.

But now, they look neat and clean, wearing suits and dresses like everyone else.

They all look beautiful and handsome as they walk in.

Without stopping, they went in front of Alex's table and stood together.

Then all look at Alex with bright eyes.

In unison, they bowed their heads and said, "Thank you for saving our lives!"

Alex was a little surprised at this turn of events and didn't react Immediately.

When he recovered, he calmed himself and said, "I am glad that you all seem to have regained some vitality now compared to when I first saw you."

He gently smiled at them, making those teenagers more enthusiastic.

Even though their age is close to Alex's, everyone can't help but feel admiration towards him who took them away from the hands of death.

A boy with glasses stood out the most in Alex's eyes.

It was the same boy who followed Alex's words to help the two unconscious students from before.

Right now, he is staring at Alex with resolute eyes.

As for what it's for, Alex wasn't concerned.

Anyway, after they thanked Alex, the students went to Ronaldo, who introduced them to the guests.

"Everyone should know that just recently, a case of missing students happened in our Pearl City."

"Some of us here might know the cause of it while some don't."

When he said that, a few people in the crowd nodded their heads in understanding while some were left confused.

Without paying attention to them, Rolando continued, "These 14 boys and girls that stood in front of everyone are the survivors of that unwanted tragedy."

"Out of the 23 that have gone missing, only 14 of them…"

Alex stopped listening to Ronaldo's speech in front and turned his head to Kris.

Curiously, he asked, "What will happen to them now?"

The existence of the Alter Dimension is not known to common people.

Only those with status and power are allowed to enter the Alter Dimension to experience that magical world.

Now, a group of people who aren't tied to the government nor the rich suddenly learned about this 'secret world'.

Alex is curious as to what will happen to them because maybe such information will become useful to him someday.

Hearing him ask, Kris said, "Hmm, well they can choose to enter the government and join their exploration group or look for a rich family that can support them in becoming players in Alter Dimension."

After pausing a bit, Kris added, "There's actually another choice beside those two."

"That is for them to sign a non-disclosure contract and continue living their life like normal people."

A thoughtful look appeared on Alex's face after hearing that.

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