A Rider Kick in Marvel

A young man who always wanted to be a Kamen Rider trains himself to become a suit actor. He creates a Kamen Rider collection but dies due to an earthquake. He, however, wakes up in the world of an AU of Marvel with all of his collection becoming real. He now wields the power of all of the Kamen Riders. Discover the birth of Kamen Riders in the world of Marvel. *** I don't own any rights to Marvel and Kamen Rider. If you want to see advanced chapters support me on my Patreon. patreon.com/Najicablitz *** None of the artwork is mine.

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Chapter 07

Lucy guided the students around Oscorp. She explains what they are doing and what they are working on. She guided the Midtown students to many labs and they could see many scientists working tirelessly.

"This is our general mix lab. Here we are studying and experimenting with genetically altered electric eels. If this research succeeds a new stable power source could be discovered that could power our entire city with clean energy."

The students were amazed and were looking at the eels closely. Peter was taking pictures and talking along with Ned. MJ was writing down notes in her notebook to be used to write her article.

"You think this is gonna work? Using eels to generate energy," asked Gwen

"Not sure, it probably can work. Although it might lead to something more disastrous." Ace replied as if he was foretelling

"What do you mean by that?" Gwen is confused about what Ace is implying.

"Never mind, I was just thinking what could go wrong." Ace saw a man with round glasses and his head was losing hair. The man was checking the power grid system if there was anything wrong but his co-workers were just chatting, leaving him to do all the work.

'Max Dillon' Ace thought of the man who would soon be Electro.

"Okay! Let's move on to our next section." Lucy gathered the student's attention and they started following her. Ace took one more look at Max before ignoring him.

'Even if he becomes Electro I'll stop him."

Lucy then brought us to another lab. Many scientists were working on test tubes and mixing chemicals while discussing with each other.

"This is our genetics lab. Our leading scientists here are working on the latest finding on gene mutation." The students who were interested in science were in awe and the normal students just looked around in confusion and boredom.

A blonde man in a lab coat walked toward the group to greet them.

"Good morning Lucy."

"Dr. Connors." Lucy greeted the man named Dr. Connors.

Dr. Connors' right hand revealed it was missing. Leaving a stump in his elbow.

"Welcome students. I'm Dr. Curtis Connors. Yes, in case you are wondering, I am a southpaw." the students laughed at his joke.

"I'm not a cripple. I'm a scientist and the world's foremost authority in herpetology. That is reptiles for those of you who don't know. Like the Parkinson's patient who watches on in horror as her body slowly betrays her. Or the man with muscular degeneration whose eyes grow dimmer each day, I long to fix myself. I want to create a world without weakness"

The students were in awe of Dr. Connors's vision. "Anyone care to venture a guess how?" he asked

Ned raised his hand to answer. "Stem Cells?"

"Promising." Dr. Connors replied

"But the solution I'm thinking of is more radical…"

Peter then raised his hand. "Cross-species genetics."

Dr. Connors looked at Peter and was intrigued.

"When a person gets Parkinson's, the brain cells that produce dopamine start to disappear. But the Zebrafish has the ability to regenerate cells on command. If you could give this ability to the woman you're about, that's that. She's curing herself."

"Yeah, and if that is possible the person will get gills on her neck." Flash mocked Peter for his answer. Ace punched Flash in the gut and gave him a glare. This shut up Flash and he took a step away from Ace.

Dr. Connors was amazed by Peter's answer. It was the same solution he was working on. Dr. Connors's greatest wish was to heal his right arm. He frantically studied the reptile's ability to regenerate lost limbs. He thought if he could somehow get that ability and put it into humans. He could regrow his arm anew.

"And you are?" Dr. Connors asked Peter

"Peter, Peter Parker." Dr. Connors held out his hand and shook Peter's hand.

"Well, Mr. Parker, you have a brilliant mind. Your answer is also what I am working on."

"Yes, I'm aware Dr. Connors. I have been reading your research. Using reptile DNA to regrow limbs is incredible."

"You read my papers? It is nice to see a fellow person who understands my work. If you are interested Mr. Parker I would like to know your input some other time."

"Of course! Please call me Peter."

"Well Peter, here is my card. If you're interested, give me a call."

Connors went back to his lab leaving a stunned Peter.

"Congrats Pete you just got an offer," said Ace wrapping his arm around Peter.

"Dude you just got given a chance to work with Dr. Connors! How amazing is that." Ned was getting excited for Peter. But Peter was still processing what happened.

"Okay everyone, let's go to our next location," said Lucy, bringing everyone's attention back.

As we were moving Peter finally snapped out of his confusion. "I just got the opportunity to work with Dr. Connors…" Peter was speechless. He followed Dr. Connors's work and now he gave him an opportunity. Needless to say, Peter was extremely happy.

"Hey, congrats Peter. You're one step closer to fulfilling your dream." Gwen congratulated Peter.

"Thanks, Gwen,"

"Congrats to Pete. Aunt May and Uncle Ben will be happy for you."

"Thanks, MJ. I can't wait to tell them."

Lucy guided the students to a new lab. The lab was full of spiders and webs behind glass containers. Some students were creeped out seeing so many spiders.

"There are more than 45,000 known species of spiders. They are in the order of Araenae and further divided by suborders. Mesothelae and Opisthothelae"

Lucy continues to explain various spiders. Peter was taking photos and was excited and listening attentively to Lucy.

"After years of painstaking research, we had done what once thought impossible. By mapping out their genome. We have extracted their abilities, transferred them, and combined them with other spiders. After more trials, we have successfully created 15 genetically altered super spiders."

The students looked at the glass containers full of spiders. Some were intrigued but most felt disgusted by the spiders. Gwen was looking at them and she was fascinated but noticed there were only 13 spiders.

"Excuse me. There are only 13 spiders."

"I beg your pardon," responded Lucy

"There are only 13. Some spiders are missing."

"Huh… I guess the researchers were working on two of them. Anyway, let's move on."

The class moved on but Gwen decided to stay for a bit longer. Ace also stayed to wait for Gwen but he then saw something drop down to Gwen's shoulders. It was a black and white spider and it crawled to Gwen's neck. Ace smirks and knows what is about to happen. The spider crawls to Gwen's neck and bites her.

"Owch!" Gwen flinched and the spider was flung away. Ace caught it in time and placed it inside a small container so fast nobody noticed.

"What the hell was that?" Gwen was confused. She felt something bite her and the back of her neck.

"You okay Gwen?" Ace asked Gwen feigning ignorance.

"Yeah… I think something just bit me. Probably just imagining it."

"If you are okay we have to catch up with the rest. Come on."

Ace and Gwen catch up with the class and they hear Peter flinch in pain.

"Agh!" Peter looks at his hand and sees small bite marks.

"You okay dude?" Ned asked Peter worried something had happened to him.

"Yeah… I think I just got bitten."

"Are you okay? Do we need to call somebody?"

"No… it is probably nothing."

Ace was surprised. 'Peter got bitten too? Does that mean Spider-Man and Spider-Woman will appear in this universe?' Ace thought. He knew one of them was going to get bitten. He never thought both would be getting spider powers.

'This is getting interesting.' Ace taught in amusement.




The tour ended and all of the Midtown High students are leaving Oscorp. As they were leaving Peter and Gwen were not feeling too good.

"Peter, Gwen? Are you two okay?" Ace asked them. Their gaze was unfocused and they were stumbling on their steps. Their bodies were burning as if they had a fever.

"I'm not feeling so good." said Peter

"Me too… I feel like I have a fever," said Gwen, holding her head in pain.

"We should probably escort you two home. I'll ask the teacher to let you two go home." said Ace

Ace told his teacher about Peter and Gwen's condition. The teacher allowed them to leave.

"MJ can bring Peter home. You're his neighbor so you should go with him."

"Sure, what about Gwen?"

Gwen was leaning on Ace and her fever started to get worse.

"I already told Izu to bring the car here. Once she arrives we will send Gwen to her home."

*honk honk*

Izu arrived with the disguised Tridoron. She was waiting in the parking spot.

"I guess she is here." Ace admired Izu's timing.

"I have arrived, Ace-sama. Please bring Gwen-sama to the car."

"Thank you Izu, We will be leaving first MJ. Take care of Peter."

"Take care of Gwen as well."

Ace brought Gwen to the back of the Tridoron and Izu drove us to Gwen's house. Gwen opened her eyes but still felt weak. She realized she was in a car.

"Where am I…"

"Whoa, easy Gwen. Don't move too much."

"Ace? Where are we going?"

"I'm taking you home. Your fever spiked so you need a good rest."

"Sorry for the trouble."

"Don't worry about me, Gwen. Worry about yourself. Just relax and go to sleep. When you wake up you will be a different person."

"What do you mean by that…" Gwen's consciousness was failing and she was falling asleep.

"Shh… you will know when you wake. Now go to sleep."

Gwen's last image was Ace smiling at her before falling asleep peacefully.

Not long after they arrived at Gwen's house. Ace carefully carried her in a princess carry. Ace and Izu went to the front door of Gwen's house and Izu rang the doorbell. A blonde woman greeted us and she looked like an older Gwen with long hair.

"Hello, who is— Gwen?"

"Hello, Ms. Stacy. I'm Ace Ukiyo and this is my guardian Izu. I'm a classmate of Gwen. She was not feeling good after the trip to Oscorp. I already received permission to bring her home from our teacher."

"Is she okay?" Gwen's mother checked her baby. She looked worried thinking it was something serious

"It seems she had a fever. It just spiked out of nowhere but I think she would only need some rest for her to recover."

"Oh thank goodness." she sighed in relief.

"Can we bring her to her bed?"

"Oh, of course, come in."

Ace brought Gwen to her room. Her room was a bit messy with band posters on her wall and some books scattered. A typical teenage girl's room who likes rock. Ace laid Gwen on her bed for her to relax and to let the spider process do its thing. Ace went down and saw Izu and Helen, Gwen's mother chatting. They seem to hit it off even though Izu's robot-like responses. They exchange contacts and will continue to chat later. Ace and Izu said their goodbyes and drove back to the mansion.




MJ arrived at Peter's home and Uncle Ben and Aunt May were worried seeing their nephew's condition.

"Mary Jane is Peter alright?" asked Aunt May who was worried the most.

"He seems to have a fever, Aunt May. He needs to rest in his room to recover."

"Alright let me carry him. Come one kiddo stay with me." Uncle Ben carried Peter over his shoulders and brought him to his room.

"Uncle Ben…?" Peter realized he was back home and saw his Uncle Ben carrying him.

"What happened kiddo? Did something happen?"

"I don't know… everything was fine until I felt like something bit me… That's when things started getting worse." Peter tried to recall what happened but his memories are a bit woozy.

"Just rest for now Peter. If you're still sick in the morning we're rushing you to the hospital."

Back with Aunt May and Mary Jane. "Do you want to stay for dinner Mary Jane?" asked Aunt May."

"No, it's fine, Aunt May. I have to get back home. Since Peter is here now."

"Well, that's too bad. Say hello to your mother and aunt for me."

"I will, bye Aunt May."

MJ went home which was next door. She was worried about Peter's condition and hoped that he and Gwen would be okay tomorrow.




Peter and Gwen were in their own beds asleep but they were in a lot of pain. Sweats are rolling down their forehead and body. They were tossing and turning in their bed feeling uncomfortable. They were having a nightmare. They keep seeing brief flashes of images about their life and what they went through in Oscorp. They kept hearing hallucinations of the information about the spiders. More images and hallucinatory sounds continued until they were face to face with a giant spider. Both stared at their respective spiders before everything faded to black.

*morning alarm ringing*

Peter woke up and was annoyed by his alarm. He slammed on it to make it silent but the moment he hit it the alarm clock got crushed. Peter didn't notice and went back to sleep.

After a few moments, he got up and went to the bathroom. He looked at the mirror but noticed something different. He couldn't put a finger on it but realized he wasn't wearing his glasses. Peter's eyesight was always bad but suddenly he could see without his glasses.


"Peter!" Aunt May called out to Peter from the living room to check if he was okay.

"Yes, Aunt May!"

"Are you alright!? You looked very sick yesterday!"

"I'm alright now!"

"Okay, come down and have some breakfast!"

Peter took off his clothes to take a shower but when took off his shirt he saw he suddenly gained muscle. He was rocking a six-pack and his body still looked thin but the muscles in them were compact and full of strength. He was shocked by the sudden change and wondered how this happened.

"How did this happen…?"

"Peter! Hurry up and come down here!"

"Coming Aunt May!"

Peter decided to ignore it for now and quickly changed and had breakfast.

On Gwen's side what happened was similar. She woke up and remembered what happened. She felt something having bitten her and then she started to feel sick. She then remembers Ace taking her home.

"I'm going to have to thank Ace later." 

She noticed her clothes were wet due to her sweating all night. "Uh, I feel disgusting."

She got up and took off her sweaty clothes. But she noticed something different about her body. Her belly became thinner and so did her waist. She gained a lot of muscle but it made her body look more refined. Her skin felt smooth to the touch and clear of any impurities. She also noticed her breasts became more well-endowed and became more rounded to the perfect shape. Her ass became more firm and rounded. And her body became more toned and she felt stronger.

"What happened to me…"

She rushed to the bathroom but when she opened the door. The handle of the door broke off. She was surprised by her newfound strength and she gently tried opening the door. She looked into the mirror and saw her face. Her cheekbones became more well-pronounced. She had a slender nose and her skin was smooth with no blemishes and blackheads.

"Woah… I look amazing." Every woman wants to look more beautiful. And Gwen certainly wasn't complaining of her changes.




Peter arrived at school the same as usual as if nothing happened. He meets up with Ned and Ned asks if Peter is okay.

"Dude you okay? You looked pretty sick yesterday."

"Yeah… I'm fine. Just a little fever, that's all. Did you bring me home yesterday?"

"No, it was MJ. You two are neighbors so she brought you home."

"Right, I have to thank her."

Peter and Ned entered the school and MJ saw them. She approached them to check on Peter.

"Peter you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay MJ. Thank you for bringing me home by the way."

"Don't mention. Are you sure you're okay? You and Gwen got sick at the end of the tour."

"Gwen was also sick? That sure is a coincidence."

"Hey guys!" Gwen arrived and greeted her friends.

"Hey, Gwen I heard you also got sick." said Peter

"Yeah, but I'm all good now! Better even."

MJ looked at Gwen and began examining her figure. The boys did not notice the change but MJ sure did.

"Gwen… did you get some treatment?"

"Huh?" Gwen was confused by MJ's question

MJ pulled her to the side to not let the boys hear.

"Girl, tell me your skincare routine. Your face looks so much smoother than yesterday."

"Oh, Uh… it is just some simple routine. You know, putting on some lotion and all."

"Lies! Putting in some lotion to make your skin that smooth is a lie. If so, that lotion of yours must be hella expensive. Come on, tell me!"

"I really did nothing, MJ. Trust me!"

"Spill the beans sister! And did your boobs and butt get bigger?"

MJ kept pestering Gwen about her changes until Ace arrived to interrupt them.

"Hey girls, what are you talking about?"

"Ace! Glad you're here, thank you for bringing me home by the way." Gwen got out of MJ's clutches to talk to Ace.

"You're welcome. Come on, let's go to class or we will be late."

The group went to class and attended normally.

Currently, it is gym class so everyone is at the basketball court of the school's gym. Ace, Peter, and Ned were in one team. Flash and his buddies were in the other.

"You guys are so going down! With that line up there is no way you're going to win." Flash taunted and he and all of his buddies laughed, mocking Ace's team.

Peter got annoyed by Flash looking down on him. Even though it is a daily occurrence it has lessened ever since Ace became his friend which Peter was grateful for. He never had a friend like Ace who always helped and encouraged him even after all of his ramblings. But he still disliked Flash and would always try to mess with him when Ace was not there. Peter felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Ace smiling at him.

"Don't worry Peter. We will be sure to wipe their smug on the floor soon enough."

"What the hell did you say!" Flash heard Ace and got angry. 

'Wipe their faces on the floor he says! Even if Ace was good. With puny Parker, the fat kid, and two nobodies in his team. We are surely going to win!' Flash thought.

Peter looked at the confident smile of his friend and he also felt they could do it.

"Yeah! Let's kick their butts, Ace!" Peter yelled and pumped himself up

"That's the spirit, Peter." Ace already knew Peter got bitten by the spider which gave him spider powers. He wanted to see what Peter was capable of.

On the side, Gwen and MJ got worried for Ace's team.

"Do you think they will win?" Gwen asked

"If Ace says they will win. They will win. Ace always keeps his promises." MJ said confidently

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Ace! Peter! Ned! Fight!"

The game started and Ned had the ball. He moved forward but was blocked by the enemy.

"You ain't going nowhere fatty."

"Ace here!" Ned passed the ball to Ace and Ace ran forward but was blocked by two people. Flash and his goon.

"No matter how good you are you ain't getting past us," Flash said with a smirk on his face.

Ace only smirked back. "I don't have to, Peter!" Ace passed the ball to Peter.

Peter caught the ball but was blocked by a taller dude. "What is the little nerd going to do." he taunted

Peter got angry and he passed through him with ease. He got behind him and took a shot. The ball flew high and landed on the hoop perfectly.

"What!" The jock who blocked Peter was shocked. Peter was so fast he didn't even notice. Even Peter himself was shocked. He felt stronger, his reflexes faster, and his senses even more sensitive. It is as if he could sense everything around him.

"Good job Peter! Let's get another one," said Ace encouraging Peter.

The ball was with the enemy team but they were still undeterred. "That was a fluke. We are going to get them!" said Flash.

Flash's team attacked but when Flash was about to shoot Ace blocked him. Ace stole the ball and ran toward the enemy basket.

"Stop him!" Flash yelled

Ace was blocked by three guys. He passed the ball to Peter and he was blocked by the same guy.

"That was beginner's luck. You ain't passing through me again."

Peter dribbled the ball and made a few faints which made the enemy almost fall for it.

"Come on, are you just going to let a little nerd play you like this?" Peter quipped which angered his opponent. He tried to steal the ball but Peter wouldn't let him. Peter noticed his coordination improved and took advantage of it. Peter dribbled the ball under him and passed him. He ran to the basket and laid up the ball.

"No way…" Flash was in disbelief. Puny Parker actually beating them. His mind was blown and could not process what was happening.

The continued and Ace's team was in a huge lead with him and Peter dominating the match.

"Come on Peter! One more score!" yelled MJ, proud to see Peter doing so well.

"Yeah! Kick their ass!" yelled Gwen with the same sentiment.

There were only a few seconds on the clock and Flash's team was exhausted.

"I don't believe this. You puny Parker winning against me!" Flash was blocking Peter and Peter only had a smile on his face.

"Face it Flash. I'm winning this." Peter felt the satisfaction of finally beating Flash with only a few seconds left. He is going to end this with a bang. He passed Flash and jumped from the 3-point line. Everyone watched Peter in disbelief and dunked the ball with all his strength. Peter ripped the rim off and shattered the glass.

Ace only smiles seeing Peter's new strength while the rest of the people in the court watch in disbelief. Peter looked at what he had done and the broken glass on the floor.

"Uh… oops." Peter shrugged his shoulders in embarrassment.

It was after the match and Peter was scolded by the Coach for breaking the hoop. Ace offered to pay for the damages which made the Coach stop scolding Peter.

"Peter, you were awesome! How did you get so good?" Ned asked Peter. He knows Peter and his athletic ability. But now he suddenly became better at it.

"I don't know… I just felt better today I guess."

Gwen and MJ came toward them and congratulated them.

"Congrats on the win, boys. I have to say, Peter. You certainly improved overnight." said MJ

"Uh… it was nothing really." Peter was shy about how much praise he's been getting.

Gwen looked at Peter and thought 'Could Peter be the same as me? We did get sick and now he is stronger. The same happened to me.'

The class exited the gym but Gwen pulled Peter to the side.

"Peter, could we talk for a moment?"

"Sure what's up Gwen"

"Did you notice anything different after waking up?"

"Now that you mention it. I no longer need my glasses to see and I suddenly woke up with a six-pack this morning."

"The same as me! I suddenly got stronger when I woke up and when I tried to open my bathroom door. I broke the handle."

"Really? What happened to us?"

"I think I might have an idea."

Gwen and Peter looked to who responded and they saw Ace.

"I saw you two chatting with each other and could not help but overhear."

"Do you know what happened to us, Ace?" Gwen asked,

"Do you remember in Oscorp when they were showing us the spiders?"

"Yeah, they made these super spiders which was incredible." Peter responded,

"You remember the guide said they were 15 but two were missing."

"Yes…! You don't mean!" Gwen realized something.

"You two remember getting bitten right? It might have been those two missing spiders that bit the two of you."

"No way…" Peter said in disbelief.

"I have a lab in my mansion. Let's go there after school to check on the two of you."

Peter and Gwen agreed. The three of them continued the rest of the day but Peter and Gwen kept wondering what had happened to them. There was a mixture of fear and excitement and both could not wait to find out what more they could do.


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