A Rider Kick in Marvel

A young man who always wanted to be a Kamen Rider trains himself to become a suit actor. He creates a Kamen Rider collection but dies due to an earthquake. He, however, wakes up in the world of an AU of Marvel with all of his collection becoming real. He now wields the power of all of the Kamen Riders. Discover the birth of Kamen Riders in the world of Marvel. *** I don't own any rights to Marvel and Kamen Rider. I also post this in Scribble Hub and Royal Road. https://www.royalroad.com/profile/477305/fictions If you want to see advanced chapters support me on my P atreon. p@treon.com/Najicablitz *** None of the artwork is mine.

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Chapter 08

Ace brought Gwen and Peter using the Tridoron. They arrived at the mansion and Peter and Gwen's jaws were hanging wide open. They saw the magnificent mansion and could not believe Ace was living there.

"You live here? I know you said you have a mansion. But I did not think it would be this big!" said Gwen, her eyes still glued to the mansion.

"I wonder how much this all costs…" Peter muttered

"I don't really know. My family owns the land and property and I only knew about this mansion when I arrived in America. There is a lot of space here and I'm more used to living in a normal house in Japan. So if any of you want to hang out or stay here. You're more than welcome to stay here."

"Really! Do you have a music room here? We could use this place to practice for our band Ace!" Gwen was ecstatic that she could come over to the mansion whenever she wanted.

"Yes yes, Gwen. There is a music room here with all of the instruments and equipment you need. But I still have to remind you we still need to find more people."

"Oh, right…"

"Ned is gonna go nuts when he sees your mansion," said Peter

"I'm sure he will. I'm not good at judging computers but the ones in the lab and computer room are impressive."

"Oh, I'm so gonna be the judge of that," said Peter.

They arrived at the front door and Izu opened the door for them.

"Welcome back Ace-sama."

"I'm home Izu. Peter and Gwen have come to hang out. Do you think you can show them around?"

"I will gladly show them around."

Izu gave a tour around the mansion. Peter and Gwen the whole time were overwhelmed. An Olympic-size pool, a cinema, an arcade, a computer room that Ned would drool over, a library, a training room, a music room with the latest equipment and instruments, and a garage full of cars and bikes.

"You have a lot of bikes. And they are all custom-made. Are you a collector or something?" said Gwen

"Yeah… something like that. I have spent a lot of years building my collection." Ace didn't really lie. He spent a lot of years building his collection. But they were just toys who happened to transform into the real thing when he arrived in this world.

"We should head to the lab now to check what happened to you two."

"Oh right! Your mansion is so fun we totally forgot about that," said Gwen

Everyone went to the lab and Peter's mind was blown.

"Ace, you have a whole factory of equipment here. Construction, Medical, Fabrication, Printing, you literally have everything! You can make anything here. Is that even a supercomputer!"

"Really? I didn't really notice. I'm not so much of a tech guy. So I mostly left this place untouched."

"Ace, you have to let me use your lab!" Peter was begging Ace for him to use the lab. This was his dream lab. He could create some projects he never thought he could because he did not have enough money.

"Come on Peter. Of course, you can use my lab. It would just be gathering dust. I'm sure with your smarts you can make use of these pieces of equipment. So feel free to use them."

"Thank you!"

"Well anyway let's do what we came here for. Izu please get their blood for me and check them."

"Yes, Ace-sama"

Izu got two syringes and started to get Peter's blood first. When she first inserted the needle. Peter's skin was too thick to penetrate.

"You have tough skin, Peter Parker-san."

"Yeah… I guess so."

Izu applied more force and got Peter's blood. She did the same for Gwen and brought their blood to an advanced microscope. They saw their blood and DNA strands on the screens of the supercomputer. Their DNA was different from normal humans and had mutated.

"It seems the spider bite changed their genetic structure Ace-sama. Some strands are similar to that of a spider."

"Are we going to turn into man-eating spiders?" Gwen asked. She is scared that they will mutate even further.

"Please don't worry Gwen Stacy-san. It seems your mutations are stable and balanced. Your genes won't further mutate unless there are external stimulations.

"That's good." Gwen sighed in relief. She won't be turning into a spider monster.

"If our genes have been mutated into a spider does that mean we can do more things?" asked Peter

"Well if you're a spider why don't you try climbing on walls," said Ace pointing to a vacant wall.

Peter went up to the wall and placed his fingers on the wall. He felt his hands stick and tried to climb the wall. He is now in the ceiling looking at us upside down.

"This is so cool!"

"Let me try!" Gwen tried the same thing as Peter and she too was climbing the walls and even doing flips.

"This is awesome!"

"Glad you two are having fun but it is about time you two get down from the ceiling."

"Uh, how do we unstick ourselves," Gwen asked

"How about trying to relax your fingers."

"Okay relax, relax…"

The two then fell from the ceiling and hit the ground.

"Ow…" said Gwen and Peter

"Hahaha! Maybe next time you land on your feet."

Gwen and Peter got up and frowned at Ace.

"You don't have to laugh so hard," Peter muttered

Ace wiped a tear in his eye from the laughter. "Sorry, I just couldn't help myself."

"I wonder if there is something else we can do," said Peter

"Think we can shoot webs? Does come out of our butt?" said Gwen

"I hope not… that would be lame." Peter dreaded if they could do that

"Why don't you do this gesture." Ace showed the signature Spider-Man hand gesture to Gwen and Peter. They followed Ace and nothing happened

"I guess you two don't produce natural webs."

"How can you tell from just that," asked Gwen, suspicious of Ace where he got that idea.

"Just because." Ace just nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders.

The two did more hand gestures to see if they could shoot webs. Ace went behind them and threw two random objects to the back of their heads. Peter and Gwen suddenly felt a tingle and moved their heads. The objects missed them and crashed to the floor.

"What was that for!? Are you insane!?" yelled Gwen irritated. Ace just attacked them with no warning.

"I heard from the tour that spiders have something close to precognition when they are in danger. I guess it was true."

Gwen calmed down when Ace was just testing them and not something malicious. "And we did not have it?" Gwen acted a bit angry at Ace

"Oh please. With you two having spider powers now. I'm sure you two are tougher now. And I was not serious when I threw."

"Fine, you're forgiven. Hmph."

"I wonder how strong we are," said Peter

"There is the training room. How about we go there and find out."

They went to the training room and Peter and Gwen started testing their strengths. Peter could lift about 15 tons of weight while Gwen can lift about 10 tons. They both ran through the obstacle course. They both got through with ease, Gwen was faster as she was more flexible and faster than Peter.

"So we got super strength, agility, and heightened senses," said Peter

"Oh man, this is so cool! Think about how much we could do with these powers." Gwen was excited with her newfound strength.

"Okay, you two. It is getting late. Let me drive you two home." said Ace

"It's that late already? Can't we just sleep here?"

"No, Gwen. It would be fine if you told your parents first that you would be staying. And I'm sure your father would be worried about staying in a boy's house"


Ace drove them home and came back to the mansion. He went to the lab and saw Izu looking through the genes of Peter and Gwen.

"So, how did it go Izu? Have you figured out what made their genes stable?"

"No, I'm sorry Ace-sama. I have not figured out how the genes of Peter-san and Gwen-san remain stable even though they have mutated. Normally the mutation will take over a person's genes until their DNA is completely taken over. But for Peter-san and Gwen-san. They somehow miraculously found the balance which will not harm them but only benefit them."

"It is okay Izu. We are not geneticists after all. I was not hoping to find out the secret at all. Continue the research. If we could somehow learn from their genes to unlock a new power for a driver. That will be the best outcome"

"Very well, I'll let Zea research them."

"Thank you, Izu."

Peter arrived at his home and Aunt May and Uncle Ben greeted him.

"Hey kiddo, how was school today?"

"Great, Uncle Ben. You won't believe what happened today."

Peter narrated what happened at the basketball court. Uncle Ben and Aunt May were surprised Peter was interested in sports. They raised Peter for his whole life and they never have seen him get interested in sports. He always talks about science and will be like his father.

"I'm happy you're interested in sports dear. But what is this I hear about you destroying school property?" said Aunt May scrutinizing Peter

"Uh, sorry about that. But Ace offered to pay for it and he did."

"Peter! How could you let your friend pay for the damages you did? We did not raise you to ignore your responsibilities! Hah~ I need to talk to Ace for reimbursement." Aunt May was upset. They raised Peter to be a responsible and kind young man. But now he was not even remorseful about the damages he caused.

"I'm sorry, Aunt May."

"Go to your room Peter and get some sleep."

Peter silently walked to his room and did not say anything back.

"I wonder what happened to Peter Ben."

"Don't worry May. You remember how much we got into trouble when we were young. It is just teenage impulses. If he strays too far away. We will bring him back."

"Yeah, you're right."

In Peter's room, he was checking his body to see how much he had changed. From a scrawny kid and now he has muscles in all the right places.

"Yeah, I look awesome."

Peter jumped to the ceiling and hung himself upside down. He smiles happy that he is something much more now.

Gwen arrived home and her father George noticed she arrived late.

"Welcome back hon. It is already late where have you been?"

"Oh, uh, just hanging out with my friends. You know, chatting and hanging out in the mall." Gwen tried to come up with an excuse that she did not just go to her friend's mansion and check out her new spider powers.

"With boys?" said George. He was protective of his daughter. He knows Peter and Ned. He trusts them he won't lay a hand on his daughter. But now he hears from his wife that she made a new male friend. And that he was handsome and seemingly rich.

"Come on relax Dad, I was just with Peter and Ace."

"This Ace. I would like to meet him." George had a friendly smile on his face but behind it was malicious intent. He needs to check this Ace kid who is close to his daughter.

"And scare him off? No thanks, Dad. He is a really good friend and the coolest guy I've ever met. I'm going to my room!" Gwen ran to her room before George could stop her.

"Wait Gwe—"


Gwen slams her door shut not even hearing what her father has to say.

"Oh George, why don't you give Gwen some space. If you keep hovering over her like that. She is going to hate you at some point."

"But Helen, I'm just worried for her. You know how free-spirited Gwen is. Always running off doing her own thing. And now she has this new friend which I don't know about."

"What Ace? Don't worry George. I met him and he seems to be a kind young man. He won't hurt Gwen."

"I stop worrying when I meet this guy." George sat down and drank his coffee not wanting to continue this conversation.

"Hah~ you're such a worry wart."

Gwen was in her room hanging on the ceiling scrolling on her phone. She looked out of the window and had an idea. She puts on a jacket and face mask and jumps out of the window. She climbed the building and is now standing on a rooftop. Gwen looks toward another rooftop and psychs herself up.

"Come on Gwen you got this."

Gwen ran as fast as she could and jumped. Her heart was beating fast and adrenaline was coursing through her. He landed on the other rooftop and she felt amazing. The rush, the excitement. All of these things she has never experienced before.


Gwen continues to run from rooftop to rooftop while having the time of her life.


She stops on top of a billboard and overlooks the city under the night sky. She feels free and alive. Gwen felt nothing could stop her now. "Hello, New York!" She screamed to let out all of her emotions. This is a new beginning for Gwen and she could not wait for what the future has in store.




Gwen and Peter came to school the next day as usual but more excited than usual.

"Hey Peter, good morning." Gwen greeted Peter

"Morning Gwen."

"Yesterday was awesome huh."

"Yeah, finding out you suddenly have spider powers is awesome." Peter shrugged his shoulders

"Just think about the amazing things we could do. It's too bad we don't have webs. If we had them our spider powers would be a complete set." Gwen complained

"I have an idea about that. Yesterday I made a chemical composition that could act as webs. I call it web fluid. If I could use Ace's lab I could create devices to shoot out the webs." said Peter. Due to his excitement, Peter stayed up late to create the formula for the web fluid and the blueprints for the web shooters. Peter always has been smart and he created some small inventions in the past out of scraps.

"Really! Awesome! Let's ask Ace later."

"You two are certainly in a good mood." Gwen and Peter panicked and did not notice MJ standing behind them.

"What are you two talking about all secretly."

"MJ! Nothing we're just talking about homework," said Peter trying to change the topic.

"Do we have homework?" MJ was confused and didn't remember having any homework.

"Our teacher gave us homework because we got sick on the tour. So it is for us not to miss some grades. Right Peter" said Gwen giving a single at Peter to follow her lead.

"Ye-Yeah, what Gwen said."

"Oh, okay… then let's go to class."

Gwen and Peter sighed in relief internally. They were glad MJ believed them.

While they were heading to class. The three ran into Ace. "Morning guys."

The three greeted Ace and they were suddenly called out by the gym teacher.

"Ah, Ace and Peter. Just the two stars I need to see."

"What do you need coach?" asked Ace

"Well, I want to invite you two to the basketball team. I have seen your two's performance and with both of you on the team. We will definitely win the state championship!"

Ace expected to be recruited at some point but Peter was shocked. He's invited to be on the basketball team considering his poor performance in the years before.

"So, what do you two say?" asked the coach

"What do you want to do Peter?" Ace asked Peter

"I… I want to join." Peter always wanted an experience like this and since he has the opportunity he should take it.

"Okay, I won't be joining coach." Ace declined. He has already a lot on his plate doing patrols after school and at night. He doesn't have time for extracurricular activities.

"Are you sure Ace? With your skills, you could get a scholarship."

"I have other things to do after school and playing basketball isn't really my life calling."

"Well, that's a shame. Practice is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after school in the gym Peter. Don't be late." The coach walked away saying his piece

MJ got worried for Peter as she knew him well. "Peter, are you sure about this?"

"Don't worry MJ, you've seen how good I was yesterday. I'll be fine."

The day went on as usual and after school, Gwen and Peter asked Ace if they could use his lab to create web fluid and web shooters. Ace agreed and brought them to the lab. Peter did his magic and created web fluid and two sets of web shooters for him and Gwen.

"These are amazing Peter! How did you come up with these?" asked Gwen

"Actually my Dad was the one who made them. I read his formula when I was a kid and although the formula was incomplete I managed to finish it. And with Ace's equipment, I managed to make these web-shooters"

"You're a genius, you know that." Ace is impressed by Peter's genius. "Come on, let's test these out!" Gwen wanted to test out the web-shooters quickly. They all went to the training room and started testing their web-shooters. They both started practicing shooting at targets and a few moments later they started swinging and crawling on the webs.

"Woohoo! This is awesome!" said Gwen, swinging around the training room, and behind her was Peter not too far behind.

"Come on Gwen, wait for me!"

"Better keep up Peter!"

The two were having the time of their lives and Ace was on the side watching them in amusement.

"Okay, you two. It's getting late. Time to go home."

The two were reluctant but agreed it was getting late and they had to go home.

Gwen and Peter went home but Gwen was a bit mischievous. She put on a white and black jacket and made a white mask with two holes for eyes and she put on goggles. She is now standing on the rooftop of a 20-story building looking down the streets of New York.

"Oh god, this is so high. It is going to be okay Gwen. Just like in practice. Thwip and release. Thwip and release. Whooo~"

Gwen stands on the edge with her legs trembling thinking if this is gonna work or not or just plain stupidity.

"Well, here goes nothing."

Gwen lets herself fall off the building. She feels the gravity pulling her and her senses let her see everything around her.


Gwen continues to fall and as she is about to hit the ground she shoots a web at a nearby building and pulls her up. As she reaches the highest point in her swing she webs another building again. She continues to repeat this and now feels the rhythm. Feeling more confident she does tricks mid-swing and scaling and running on walls.


Gwen felt the rush as if you would get on a rollercoaster. She truly felt alive swinging through New York. Her spider-sense tingled and she saw a group of robbers running away from a bank. She decided to stop them. Her father instilled his ethics into her which makes her conflicted sometimes. But she does want to help people.

She sends webs to the feet of the robbers locking them in place.

"What! What the hell is this!" said one of the robbers.

"You know it is not nice to steal from people." Gwen landed in front of the robbers

"Great another masked freak!"

"Hey, I'll have you know I'm quite beautiful underneath this mask."

"Get her!"

The robbers shot at Gwen but she moved out of the way and webbed up their weapons and disarmed them.

"Ah, ah, ah. You don't point guns at a lady. And do you have a license for these?"

Gwen punches and kicks the men. They tried to attack her but her spider-sense just alerts her and they were unable to hit her. After a few minutes, the men were all together and webbed up.

"Well, that's a wrap."

A teen with his phone recording walked up to Gwen to ask her. "That was cool! Are you a new hero? Who are you?"

Gwen had a moment to think before coming up with her name. 

'Come on Gwen think! I can't tell my real name or else my Dad will kill me… I got it!'

"Spider-Woman, my name is Spider-Woman."

"Spider-Woman? Cool!"

A crowd surrounded Gwen and they started asking her questions. The police arrived and they saw the robbers covered in web. The officers saw Spider-Woman and questioned her.

"Were you the one who apprehended them miss?"


"Look, thank you for your help but being a vigilante is a crime."

"What! I just did your job."

"Still a crime is a crime." Gwen was going to argue back until Captain Stacy arrived.

"What's going on here?"

"Captain, we got a new vigilante here."

George looked at Spider-Woman and he felt something familiar from her.

"Look here Ms?"

"Spider-Woman" Gwen said in a lower tone. So he won't recognize her.

"Spider-Woman, you might have good intentions but being a vigilante puts yourself and others at risk. So consider this a warning and stop."

"Well, I'll keep that in mind. Got to go!"

Gwen swung out of there and Captain Stacy felt a massive headache. From the sky, a figure could be seen and saw the whole thing. It was Ace riding on the Hardturbuler. He felt a sneaking suspicion that Gwen would go out tonight and he was right. He saw everything from Gwen jumping off the building and stopping the robbers. He was ready to intervene if something went wrong.

"It's good Gwen is safe but… I feel her attitude to all of this is not right."

Ace decided to observe for now and returned back to the mansion.


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