A Rider Kick in Marvel

A young man who always wanted to be a Kamen Rider trains himself to become a suit actor. He creates a Kamen Rider collection but dies due to an earthquake. He, however, wakes up in the world of an AU of Marvel with all of his collection becoming real. He now wields the power of all of the Kamen Riders. Discover the birth of Kamen Riders in the world of Marvel. *** I don't own any rights to Marvel and Kamen Rider. I also post this in Scribble Hub and Royal Road. https://www.royalroad.com/profile/477305/fictions If you want to see advanced chapters support me on my P atreon. p@treon.com/Najicablitz *** None of the artwork is mine.

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Chapter 06

The news reported the incident in the docks. All of the criminals were arrested and Captain Stacy got an interview with the news outlet. He reported that Kamen Rider was the one who discovered and took down the operation. After a few hours, Ace released the video of the events in the docks. It has millions of views and shows the captured women, criminals loading illegal goods, and his fight against the henchmen and enforcers. People were excited to see another form of the Kamen Rider. The form's name was Gotchard and people loved the new form seeing it has many variations.

Midtown High School was also talking about the video. Ned wouldn't stop talking about it and Peter was also trying to figure out how it was made. Although he has not made much progress. Gotchard uses the power of Alchemy. Most people would not know it and would just pass it as nonsense.

"Congratulations to your dad Gwen. He busted a huge illegal operation," said Ace

"We both know my dad had nothing to do with it. It was all the Rider's accomplishment and Dad just arrested them at the end."

"At least he was doing his job. The Rider can take down criminals but he can't really arrest them."

"Yeah… I guess so."

"And wouldn't it be good for him to get promoted? You know, so he could just do paperwork and not be on the field."

"But my dad doesn't really like that. He wants to be out there helping people. It is the reason why I respect him."

"Yeah, your dad is a really good cop. Do you think I could get an interview from him, Gwen? I need more materials for my article." said MJ, her articles on the school papers are doing well and her blog has been getting more views.

"Sure, I'll ask. I'm sure he won't if I ask him."

"Thank you so much, Gwen!"

MJ hugged Gwen and the two giggled like best friends.

In a SHIELD base, A red-haired woman with an hourglass body which men would lust after is walking through the base. She is the Black Widow. Agent Natasha Romanoff, SHIELD agent, and an Avenger. A gifted spy and assassin. She has been working for SHIELD for years and she helped in the Chitaui invasion in New York making her one of the founding members of the Avengers. Nick Fury called her in and now she is heading to his office. She went inside his office and saw Nick Fury reading documents.

"Got anything new for me, boss," said Natasha

"Agent Romanoff, I got something new for you."

Fury passed Natasha a folder. She read through it and was a bit surprised or I guess not at all considering this is Nick Fury we are talking about.

"You want to get in contact with the Rider? I have heard about him from Tony. He has been studying his armors and has been trying to improve his own ever since." she asked

"Yes, we have been monitoring him for the past months and it is about time we get in contact."

"He has some interesting motifs for his armor. Do we know who he is?"

"No, that is what makes him tricky. I asked Stark to try and hack him but he failed greatly. He has his own AI that can erase his own presence in the network. The AI's name was Ark and easily confronted Jarvis. Although it seems our Rider spared him and let him go as a warning."

Natasha read through the files again and discerned this operation wouldn't be so simple.

"How do you want me to handle him?"

"I want you to get in contact with him and recruit him. I've seen his heroism and would make a great Avenger. If we could also get a piece of his tech would also be preferable."

"And if he refuses?"

"Bring him in. I would also like your evaluation when going up against him."

"Will do boss. I'll get it done soon enough."

It is late at night in Hell's Kitchen and criminals are roaming the streets. Each corner has thugs waiting to jump someone. Drug addicts sitting on the floor high on their minds. And gangs fighting each other for territory. The police don't touch this part of the city. Either because of bribes or through fear.

"Give me your money and we don't need to get rough with ya alright miss."

In one alley a group of thugs are cornering a lone woman trying to extort her for money.

"Pl-Please… *sob* I have a child, please don't hurt me… *sob* I don't have much…" the woman was pleading in tears. She barely supports herself and her child and now thugs are robbing her and will possibly harm her.

"Well… if you don't have any money. There are other ways to pay us." The man said with a maniacal grin and the other men laughed.

"No! Please! Let me go!"

"Not until you pay us, lady." all of the men laughed and they started grabbing the lady and taking off her clothes


"What a disgusting display. Humanity is really full of malice."

The men stopped and looked at who interrupted them. The woman looked hoping someone was there to rescue her. They saw a man in a black robe and a black headband. A katana was hanging from his waist. His face did not show any emotions and was unflinching. It was Horobi

"And who the fuck are you? If you know what's good for you then you better stay out of this."

"How unsightly… you all have so much malice it is overflowing. You all will be eliminated.

"The fuck did you just say! You're looking to die!" The man pulled out a gun and aimed it at Horobi. But before he even got to shoot, Horobi drew his katana and cut the man's arm off.

"Agh! My arm!"

"Be quiet." Horobi cut open his throat and the men fell to the ground drowning in his own blood.

The other men drew their weapons and attacked Horobi but they were too slow. Horobi cut them down with speed and precision. After a few seconds, the men's bodies lay down on the floor dead in their pool of blood.

Horobi sheaths his katana and looks at the woman. The woman flinched by Horobi's gaze thinking she was next but it did not come to pass.

"Be careful next time. The world is full of malice. If you don't have the strength you won't survive."

Horobi walks away disappearing into the darkness leaving the woman stunned as she sits there surrounded by dead bodies for a few minutes.

Horobi is now standing on the rooftop overlooking Hell's Kitchen.

"Hahaha, that was fun huh Horobi." Jin appeared behind Horobi smiling like a child. He saw everything and was amused by the spectacle.

"Playtime is over Jin. We have a mission to accomplish."

"Yes~ Dad." Jin regards Horobi as his father. Horobi has taken care of Jin back in their own world when they were part of MetsubouJinrai.net. Horobi also regards Jin as his son although Horobi does not show that side of him very often.

They have been investigating Hell's Kitchen for a few weeks. They have been looking into who the people operating in this area are. All of the gangs, vigilantes, and businesses have been investigated by them.

"So what should we do Dad?"

"Ace has tasked us to find information on who was running the dock. We are here to find that information. There are groups of gangs who run different parts of Hell's Kitchen. They are the Russians, the Triads, the Dogs of Hell, the Kitchen Irish, and the Mexican Cartel."

"Huh~ so we are going to extract information from them?" Jin asked

"Yes, they are the ones who most likely know who was behind the operation. There are other organizations but we are not ready to confront them yet."

"Okay, so who are we going to ask first?"

In a bar, many men were drinking and playing. They were wearing outfits you could find bikers wearing. They have many tattoos and beards. Some of the men were playing pool while talking about their day.

"How did it go with Carl? I heard you ran into some tourists."

"Hahaha, those tourists did not know who they were messing with. We were just talking to one of the girls and this one guy just had to butt in. We dragged him to the back and kept beating the shit out of him. By the end, he was crying for his mama with broken bones. Hilarious I tell ya."

"Man, I wish I could have seen it."

The two men laughed and continued drinking as if nothing was wrong. The door to the bar suddenly opened and two men walked in. All of the gang members looked at the two unknown guests.

"Is this the Dogs of Hell?" The two men were Horobi and Jin. Horobi asked the crowd and they did not like Horobi's tone.

"And who's asking?" said one of the Dogs of Hell who seems to be the leader.

"You don't need to know," Horobi responded

The leader named Jimmy "The Bear" walked toward Horobi with some of the Dogs of Hell. He did not like Horobi's attitude. He was acting as if he owned the place and could not be bothered.

"Listen here, I don't care who you but you don't walk into my turf and act all high and mighty unless you want your face to cave in," Jimmy said pissed at Horobi but he was unfazed at Jimmy's intimidation

"I only want information. If you can give it to me then we don't need to bother each other."

"And who do you think you can order me!" Jimmy grabbed Horobi's clothes and Horobi was not having it. Horobi grabbed his hands in a vice grip. Jimmy tried to break free but realized he couldn't move an inch.

'How the hell is this guy so strong!' Jimmy thought.

"Don't touch me… You're nothing to me. If I did not need to get some information from you. You would be dead where you stood." Horobi kicked Jimmy and he was sent flying across the room. The other members of Dogs of Hell scrambled to get weapons that were just hanging on the shelves.

"Yay! We are going to have a fight! Hahaha!" Jin was happy that the situation turned out to his expectations. He wanted to fight so badly that he was laughing like a child getting a present on his birthday.

The Dogs of Hell attacked Horobi and Jin. The bar went into chaos as the fight resulted in destroying the surroundings. Horobi easily dodges the attacks of the Dogs of Hell even when surrounded. He drew his katana and slashed at the members. Each slash created a large cut to the Dogs of Hell making them heavily bleed. Some member's limbs were dismembered and they all screamed in pain.

Jin was also faring well. He used the Dogs of Hell as meat shields and stole their weapons to use as his own. The Dogs of Hell were creeped out as Jin was smiling while fighting them.

"This is so fun! Come on, let's play some more!"

Jin kept attacking the Dogs of Hell and cracking some of their skulls with a bat he picked up. The Dogs of Hell were disturbed but ignored that feeling and attacked Jin. This was their turf and they were not going down without a fight. Especially when two maniacs suddenly just appeared and started insulting them.

The fight continued and steadily the Dogs of Hell numbers were dwindling. All of the members lay on the floor dead and only a lucky few were alive missing a limb or two and broken bones.

"Yay! We won. Hehehe." said Jin even though they were hardly a threat they still made things fun for Jin.

Horobi ignored Jin and walked to Jimmy who was lying on the floor with his head bleeding. He picked Jimmy up and slammed him on the pool table.

"Agh!" Jimmy grunted in pain. He had several broken bones and was bleeding in other areas.

"Are you ready to talk now?" said Horobi with his tone not changing

"We want to know who was behind the stolen goods at the docks. A few days ago."

"I-I don't know…" said Jimmy weakly

Horobi pierced Jimmy's left hand and Jimmy screamed in pain. "Let me ask you again… who was behind the stolen goods at the docks."

"I-I don't know!" Jimmy was wailing in pain. He did not really know who was behind the operation at the docks.

"I-If you want to kn-know who it was. Ask the Russians! They have more information than us!" Jimmy was praying this would end and be spared. He should not have messed with these guys. He doesn't know why. But dealing any further with them would be a death sentence.

Horobi pulled his katana out of Jimmy's hand and wiped off the blood. He sheaths his katana and walks away.

"Let's go Jin, we are done here."


Horobi and Jin walked out of the bar unbothered about the mess they created. Jimmy slumped to the floor leaning his back against the pool table. He saw his men dead on the floor or injured. He contemplated if there were other ways he could have dealt with the situation better. Alas, what's done is done.





It was the day of the field trip to Oscorp. We were all riding the bus and the class was having some mixed feelings. Some of the students who are interested in science were talking to each other excited about what they would be seeing in Oscorp. The normal students however were already thinking of how boring this trip would be. And having to write a report about the experience is also not helping their motivation. Peter and Ned were sitting next to each other excitedly talking about the tour in Oscorp.

"I can't wait to check out their lab. They have the latest equipment in genetics and pharmacy. I have also read Dr. Connor's research. I hope we can meet him." said Peter. He follows Connor's research and he finds it astonishing. Using the DNA of reptiles to regenerate lost limbs is simply amazing. If he succeeds the amount of people he could help will be numerous.

"I can't wait to see their computers. They are top-of-the-line and their computers are better than NASA," said Ned, ever the geek for computers.

MJ was sitting beside Liz and they were also chatting. Liz was thinking that this trip would be boring and MJ used this chance to get more materials for the school paper and her blog.

Ace was sitting beside Gwen. Although she is enthusiastic about the tour. She at least controls her enthusiasm.

"Jeez, they sure are acting like children going into a candy store huh, Ace," Gwen said amused by the sight of Peter and Ned chatting.

"Yeah, but hey at least they are having fun. So let them do their thing."

"Hahaha, yeah." Gwen pulled out her phone and hooked it to a wired earphone.

"You wanna listen to some tunes while we wait?" Gwen offered the other end of the earphone to Ace.

"Sure," Gwen played a rock song and that was mostly on her playlist. Ace does not have a favorite genre of music and mostly listens to music that came from a show he watched or Kamen Rider.

Gwen played more songs and they were mostly still rock.

"The song is pretty good," said Ace

"I know right! By the way, what's your favorite song." Gwen asked

"Well… I'm not really into music. So I don't really have favorites." Ace did have a favorite song but it existed in his old world and it did not exist here in Marvel.

"Really? Everyone has at least a favorite song."

"I guess I haven't found mine yet." Ace only shrugged

"Well, I'm finding you one. Here let's listen some more."

Gwen played more songs but Ace still did not think he could say it was his favorite.

"You really like rock huh, Gwen."

"Yeah, I do! Rock just really gets me into the beat."

"Have you ever thought of starting a band?" Ace remembers in some universes Gwen was part of a band. She didn't say of being part of one here but she has the potential.

"I have but… I haven't found any members yet. I'm good at the drums but I have not found other people who could play other instruments." Gwen slumped in her seat. She wanted to form a band but didn't find anyone else who wanted to.

"Hmm… how about I join then? I can play the guitar and I'm a decent singer." Ace learned to play the guitar as a pastime. He also sang some songs from the shows he watched. Maybe he could create them here and sing them. It is not like anyone is plagiarizing since they don't exist here.

Gwen's eyes shined seeing she had found someone to form a band with. "Really! Thank you Thank you Thank you so much!" Gwen hugged Ace tightly full of joy and lasted a few minutes. After her excitement relaxed he realized they were a bit too close and let him go.

"*cough* Sorry about that…" said Gwen with her cheeks turning a bit red.

"It's okay you were just happy. Besides, we're friends. We can have some intimate contact here and there."

"Ye-Yeah, I guess you're right…" Gwen's face became even redder and Ace was a bit confused as to why Gwen was like this.

"What are you guys talking about?" Peter looked at us and asked what the commotion was.

Gwen decided to change topics to forget what happened and replied to Peter. "Ace and I are making a band together."

"Oh, great I did remember you wanted to form one before, congrats."

"Thanks, Peter," said Gwen

The rest of the way was uneventful and we all just chatted with each other. The bus arrived at Oscorp and we all exited the bus. I looked up at the towering building known as Oscorp Tower. 

'Now then, let's see how many soon-to-be villains are here.'




We all entered Oscorp and when we entered we all heard an announcement.

{Welcome to Oscorp. Born from the mind of our Founder Norman Osborn. The Oscorp Tower houses 108 floors of innovation. Our scientific minds are pushing the boundaries of defense, biomedical, and chemical technologies. The future lies within.}

Inside the tower were many men and women in business suits. A lady approached our group and introduced herself as our tour guide.

"Hello everyone I'm Lucy. I'm part of the senior management here in Oscorp. I will be the one leading you all on this tour. Where I go, you go. That is the basic rule. If remember that all will be fine and if you forget that—"

"Listen! You're making a mistake!"

We all hear shouting and turn to see who it is. We saw a man being dragged out by two security guards. He was shouting he knew someone there but the guards did not listen to him.

"I guess I don't need to tell you what happens if you forget. Shall we?" said Lucy as she began to guide us through Oscorp.


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