The Stunning Girl From The Slums Book

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The Stunning Girl From The Slums


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# wifespoiling The story began with Cheng Xin hugging her knees despairingly as she watched lunatics pass her by one by one in the slums. Cheng Xin had been the Cheng family’s foster daughter for fifteen years, only to be thrown in the slums for three years after that. All this happened because a fortune teller said that the Cheng family’s real daughter, Cheng Wei, needed a scapegoat. Cheng Xin’s main mission in the slums was to substitute Cheng Wei and die in a foreign place as it was the latter’s fate. However, Cheng Xin’s fate seemed to be much stronger than that. Not only did she survive those three years, but she even became an uncrowned king of the slums. She saved the people on the island one by one and learned skills during her free time, so they could help her survive when she left the slums someday. Yet, fate wouldn’t have it, and before Cheng Xin thought of a way to escape, Li Qun took her away from the slums. Only… wasn’t she just a scapegoat for her older sister? And who was this man who not only had his head buried in her neck, but was also latched onto her like an octopus? After leaving the slums with nothing to call her own, Cheng Xin met the possessive Li Qun who had everything except love. Since then, Cinderella Cheng Xin became a princess living in a castle and was doted on by her prince. Someone said, “Are you talking about Cheng Xin? She’s just an abandoned child who smells like a beggar.” Having said that, this person ran into Cheng Xin dozing off as she signed dozens of property agreements. Someone said, “Cheng Xin? That girl doesn’t have any backers, so I don’t know how she can afford to be so arrogant.” Having said that, H Country’s richest financial magnate, Li Qun, announced that he would be marrying Cheng Xin soon. Someone said, “Cheng Xin? I already knew that she can’t have children. She’s like a hen that doesn’t lay eggs.” Having said that, this person was beaten up by the Li family’s young master. “If Mommy can’t have children, where did I come from? A rock?” PS: An insecure financial group CEO VS bigshot of the slums.


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