My Billionaire Husband is My Lecturer Book

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My Billionaire Husband is My Lecturer


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Follow Instagram @sere_nity_lee for new info novel of Serenity Lee [Mature content] [WSA 2022] || Vol 1-3 END "So, you are, my lecturer?" Audia asked as the two of them were on their way in Alvin's private car. Alvin cleared his throat once. "Yes, that is so." "No wonder I feel like I know your face," said Audia, matching her memory. "What do you teach, huh?" "Architecture." Audia nodded her head while her mouth formed an 'o' shape. 'Uh? .... Wait ... what?' Suddenly the nerves of her brain suppress the memory in the hippocampus. "Mr. Mandala?" Audia asked for sure. Which immediately got a nod from Alvin. "No way!" Audia screamed in disbelief. Her eyes narrowed at Alvin. "Why?" asked Alvin in surprise. A Mandala H, that's what Audia remembers when the new lecturer introduced himself when he first taught. Wearing a plaid shirt, smooth hair, neatly slicked back, glasses always perched on his sharp nose. Came with a bag containing his laptop and a textbook for teaching. Lecturer arrogant, pretentious cool, stingy smile, flat face, killer. Very different from Alvin who is now her husband. Unexpectedly 'that Mr. Mandala' and Alvin—her husband, turned out to be the same person. 'That annoying person turned out to be my husband?' she thought. 'Oh noooooo!' * * ******* ** The bride-to-be suddenly withdrew from the marriage due to an arranged marriage. Then run away and the news is not known. The groom-to-be was left speechless in front of the invited guests. Worry for a moment. Canceling the marriage contract or looking for an impromptu replacement bride. Until his eyes caught a woman in a white dress sitting among the invited guests. The other ones were students at his campus where he had just taught. As a substitute teacher. How will the story of their marriage continue? Will the seeds of love grow between these two strangers? With a myriad of question marks in the bride's heart, why was she chosen among the many other single women who were also present at the grand wedding of the son of one of Indonesia's well-known real estate entrepreneurs. cover: www.freepik.com === INCLUDE COLLECTION/TAP LOVE/ADD BEFORE READING. SO THAT THIS STORY IS IN YOUR READING LIST AND GETS NOTIFICATIONS WHEN NEW CHAPTER UPDATES ^^ CONTINUE SUPPORT THIS STORY, by throwing BLUE STONE'S POWER STONES FOR THIS STORY! — 1 POWER STONE WILL GET 1 FREE VOUCHER TO OPEN THE LOCKED BOOK. DON'T FORGET, A 5 STAR REVIEW YES! THANK YOU