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Afterlife Dream


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Daniel Weston died from pneumonia when he was 14 years old. He was then reincarnated into an MMORPG that he played before he died, "Afterlife Dream" as a mage named Antares. The MMORPG was very similar to the one he played on his phone, only that it had additional features that could be used to get better starting cards before being reborn on earth. Sick of spending fourteen years of his life in vain, Daniel decided to make it happen. He was going to be reborn with the best advantages in life. For that, he was willing to play in Afterlife Dream seriously. Luckily, Daniel was not the only child with this predicament. He encountered like-minded friends who wanted to achieve the same goal. Before that happened, Afterlife Dream started to destabilize. What would happen to Daniel and everyone else in Afterlife Dream who had yet to fulfill their wishes?


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