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Underestimated… That is what I have been almost all my life just because I am a female, a woman, a lady... but I understand… this world is filled with egotistic and chauvinistic men that need to be taught a lesson and I am more than happy to do so… My life has never been all fun and roses… I still had my mum and brothers but it will never be the same without my father. I may be of age. Far past the finding your mate age but that doesn’t mean I am in a hurry to get a mate not that I don’t want one. I do but I’m just not in a hurry. But the goddess ad fate as always did the exact opposite of what my heart desired… they brought my mate to my doorstep and I took it with a determined heart but I was in for a surprise. My mate wanted another yet he didn’t want to let me go. He wanted to eat his cake and have it. Forgetting that life doesn’t work that way. He welcomed me into his home and pack with a happy face yet I was being disrespected, ridiculed and pitied behind my back. I may act ignorant but I’m no fool. I like to plan my actions before I take it so that I would be well prepared for the consequences that may follow. And as usual my new pack comes first before my needs but that doesn’t stop me from showing my mate that he messed with the wrong bitch. Because I was named CHAOS for a reason. I am going to tear into his conscience and torment the living daylights out of him for I may be a bitch. But I am nobody’s bitch…

August_BlackHeart · Eastern
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

Diaries of a Hybrid and Her Mate

R18 ***MATURE CONTENT*** Beautiful Aubrianne Ivanov, The student, the Hybrid, the stripper, and the aspiring Accountant. Raised by her single mom, had a tough childhood. With low self-esteem, she became an outcast and was alone one too many times for her liking. Time spent at her part-time job, she eventually grew into a brave, confident, and determined young woman who walked right into an opportunity that would change her life forever. Will Aubrianne truly feel whole? Will she find what has been missing in her life? Will she allow herself happiness and joy? Will she find love, and most importantly, will she survive what's to come? Join Aubrianne on her journey as she discovers a whole new world and who/what she is. She also navigates all the heartbreak, betrayal, drama, and exciting and thrilling events that come her way... Excerpt: Aubrianne quickly jumped out of the vehicle and ran around to him. Then she heard her father's words, "Take him to the dungeons." Four men from her father's personal security stepped up to arrest Zayne to drag him off to the dungeons, and suddenly, the open atmosphere became charged and suffocating at the same time. Suddenly, the light and breezy atmosphere became still. When everyone under pressure struggled to look at the source, including the security guards, who suddenly looked pale, they saw a calm Aubrianne clutching her necklace in her hand, her eyes glowing that gorgeous blue, indicating Leia was out and very present and feral. "No one touches him." Aubrianne had stepped in front of her mate. The top of her head reached a little below Zayne's chest, and she spoke low and deadly. It was a fatal command that not one of them could refute. If they choose to fight her command, they die.

Sherryann Martinez · Fantasy
231 Chs