Diaries of a Hybrid and Her Mate Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Diaries of a Hybrid and Her Mate

Sherryann Martinez

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R18 ***MATURE CONTENT*** Beautiful Aubrianne Ivanov, The student, the Hybrid, the stripper, and the aspiring Accountant. Raised by her single mom, had a tough childhood. With low self-esteem, she became an outcast and was alone one too many times for her liking. Time spent at her part-time job, she eventually grew into a brave, confident, and determined young woman who walked right into an opportunity that would change her life forever. Will Aubrianne truly feel whole? Will she find what has been missing in her life? Will she allow herself happiness and joy? Will she find love, and most importantly, will she survive what's to come? Join Aubrianne on her journey as she discovers a whole new world and who/what she is. She also navigates all the heartbreak, betrayal, drama, and exciting and thrilling events that come her way... Excerpt: She lay before him in all her magnificent beauty draped across his king-size bed in the most compelling and provocative way known to man or beast. And for Alpha Zayne, it was the most captivating view he had ever had the pleasure of seeing with his own eyes. She stared at his every movement, lips slightly parted, her stunning brown eyes scanning every inch of his gorgeously toned and glorious body while heat radiated off of hers. He was HERS. Her body trembled in delight and anticipation; she was ready and wanted to be with him in every way. As innocent as she was, she wanted him to...no need him to take her in the worse ways, bringing her to heights of pleasures she had never experienced before. Fuck she is beautiful, one fine specimen, and she is all MINE, MY MATE. A wave of pure unbridled possessiveness vibrated through Alpha Zayne. He thanked the Divine Moon Goddess, for she has truly blessed him. He drank her in, eyes trailing up her toned sexy legs spread wide for him, and she gave him that come-and-get-it look...