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Idle Online

Everyone loves play games but, is there has been a time in any game where did you feel that you were truly wanted? Where no matter what did you choose to do, did you feel the protagonist? Even if the role you play is small, is there have been sometime when did you feel yourself? Allan was such a person and this game will help him to discover things that he never knew, about the world and about himself. The imagen is not mine, it is from: Foto de Tecnología creado por rawpixel.com - www.freepik.es

DaoistwgQxZL · Video Games
Not enough ratings

Heavenly Kingdom : The Kingdom among the clouds

a Story of Asagi, Mikumi being transported to another fantasy world with the floating Kingdom that she bought in her idle game she was transported due to a message from the system and when she agreed to it she was transported in another as her game avatar Asagi, now she is the owner of her own bought Heavenly Kingdom and at the same time the queen of the said kingdom follow Asagi on how will she fare in another world with her own floating Kingdom that she bought in her game store for her idle game and her as it's Queen. (Picture not mine. but the edit is mine. just saw it on Google. if the original artist saw this. pls tell me so that I can put the credit to you)

Moe_Cyan_Pile · Fantasy Romance

The Idle System

There's a single ambition no man can reject: Immortality. For John, death was merely the beginning. Transmigrating into a new world granted him an opportunity to change his view on life. With power and immortality as new goals, he is willing to pay any price. Unfortunately, there are those willing to take advantage of him and his unfamiliarity with a new world. Shadows behind the curtains, unwilling to reveal themselves, will trick him into doing their bidding. Now, John faces an entire kingdom on his own. Deceived? Conned? They don't care. His actions carry a sin none of them are willing to forgive. With the world as an enemy, John will fight to accomplish his goals. His path will be stopped by no one. Read this novel to enjoy a journey of self-discovery, ambition and revenge. Inspired by classical LitRPG, Xianxia and Fantasy, Idle System is a new take on these genres. If you've enjoyed novels like Ready Player One, Main Character Hides his Strength or Dodge Tank, then you're bound to love this book The Idle System is available as an ebook. (Professionally edited + new plot twist) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HNKPKZ3 I will be posting the same amount of chapters on RoyalRoad.com

Pegaz · Fantasy

Idle System

He is an only child and under the guidance of his parents, as their parents did before them he was sent to live by himself once he entered high school other than the weekly allowance to help him, he had to pretty much fend for himself, he didn't mind. He was never like other kids, so to speak, not that he was overly smart, or overly handsome, he was just... Wiser than them? Some people have all the knowledge in the world, but don't use it well. From a young age, he learned he had an active mind, which allowed him to see differently than others, to solve problems faster by using strange solutions, or at least a different approach. He wasn't a fast thinker exactly, but given enough time he could easily see another path He was a gamer, a reader, he even read a lot of novels, web, or otherwise. He did think about what he'd do with a ''System.'' He decided that he would definitely enjoy it, even mess with it and use it to do things he normally couldn't but he never really considered himself a... ''Rule the worlds'' type, would it be cool to be strong in multiple words, or universes? Sure, it'd be pretty neat. But who wants to have that much pressure on their shoulders? He sure didn't. Follow Jacob on his path of strange encounters, humorous deads, and amusing thought processes.

SyberisLevoca · Video Games

The Demon King's Sister?

After having her donors control her and her sibling's life, Ayla is ready to escape her parents for anything. After joining a VR game with the help of Carlo's friends she learns how to use the system. Things quickly change when both her brother and she are caught playing the game. In a fit of anger, Carlo makes a wish that has been on his mind his whole life. This wish is made at the same time as another boy, the power of two through the world off-balance, and the game Demon Rise merges with the real world. Ayla has no idea what happened, or why she looks like her avatar from the new game. She can, however, take advantage of this and gain what she always wanted, freedom. ___________________________________________________ Thanks for considering this book! Please let me know if I wrote something wrong, autocorrect and Grammarly are pains in my rear-end.

Raven_Flyer · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings