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Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chu Nan was just an ordinary student, but because of an accident, he obtained the data collection, analysis and processing ability equivalent to the most advanced optical brain. In his eyes, everything in the world could be analyzed with the most accurate data. Any attack by the enemy was only a combination of countless data points. Even the flow of Internal Breath in his meridians could be accurately quantified with data. With the help of such extremely accurate data, he could use his physical strength optimally and also create the most suitable internal cultivation method for himself. Following this, his strength naturally advanced by leaps and bounds. After such a sudden event, his life was completely changed.

Eight O'clock At Night · Sci-fi

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

In 2036, mankind steps foot on Mars for the first time. In 2052, Earth holds the first World Martial Arts Tournament, a global martial arts competition watched by the entire planet. Top professional gladiator, “Spear Demon” Xu Jingming, retires at the prime age of 26 with a body ridden with injuries. One day, the United Nations announces that mankind would be ushering in a new era for human evolution. Advanced technology had been found on Mars, a secret kept to this day. Research had been carried out to use science to augment human evolution. All of mankind can now evolve themselves by partaking in this VR experience using the freely distributed VR headset. How will Xu Jingming use this opportunity for all mankind to his advantage?

I Eat Tomatoes · Sci-fi

The Monsters I Raise Are All Beautiful Young Girls

In a parallel world of a future Earth, humanity obtained power and awakened to become martial artists. Animals, plants and other organisms awakened sentience and became monsters. Humans and monsters were at war for 1000 years. However, they discovered that the true enemy was actually the monsters of the dungeon, hidden behind a dimensional gate. Hence, the two parties reached an agreement and allied to fight this common enemy. The job class of Monster Tamer was thus born. Lin Bei transmigrated here and obtained the Strongest Monster Taming System. He began by contracting a harmless kitten. [You fed the cat. You obtained +999 EXP.] [You buried feces for the cat. You obtained +99 familiarity.] [You bathed the cat. You obtained bloodline baptism.] [You read stories to the cat. You obtained a skill upgrade.] [You slept together with the cat. You obtained a golden treasure chest.] Everything should have been normal. One day, Lin Bei woke up and discovered that a loli with a delicate body was lying in his embrace. He exclaimed, “How did my cat become a cat-eared girl?"" Soon after, there appeared a fox-eared girl, bear-eared girl, wolf-eared girl, lamia girl and flower monster girl etc. Lin Bei’s beautiful and young monster girls were invincible!

Jujutsu Kaisen · Magical Realism

I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

# highmartialartsworld Initially, Lin Mo intended to become stronger through cultivating diligently. However, he discovered that staying idle was more comfortable. Most importantly, he could level up by doing nothing! Since he could achieve his goals by lying idle, why would he trouble himself to stand and work? Lin Mo transmigrated to a martial arts world and realized that he had no talent in cultivating at all. Fortunately, he awakened the Idle Upgrade System. He could become stronger by staying away from the rat race and enjoying life. Lin Mo lamented, “It’s not that I don’t want to work hard, but truly, there is no opportunity for me to do so.” As such, the most bizarre Martial Arts Saint in human history was born.

Kings Don't Steal · Sci-fi

I Become Invincible By Signing In

Wang Yi had just transmigrated when he experienced being cheated on, going through a divorce, and being kicked out of his home. These were events faced by a useless male character. However, he soon discovered that this world seemed out of sorts. There were martial arts grandmasters and martial arts clans? Fortunately, he activated the Martial Arts Sign In System. [You have successfully signed in and obtained the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique. Please cultivate according to the instructions.] Thus, Wang Yi kept signing in until he leveled up and became a martial arts grandmaster. After that, he discovered the truth behind his wife’s affair.

Sweet Brand Chewtoy · Magical Realism

Contracted The Beautiful Triplets And I Gained The 10000x Rebate System

This was a world where martial arts thrived and everyone would at least dabble in it. Schools did not test the student's ability in mathematics or languages but in martial arts. Just before his graduation, Lin Bai had awakened the 10000x Rebate System. Whenever his contractee grew, he would be able to get the same growth bit at a multiplied amount. Lin Bai quickly contracted the beautiful genius triplets of his school. “Contractee Su Qing has consumed the Body Tempering Elixir and has raised her vitality by 10 points. 100x rebate activated. Your vitality has risen by 1000 points.” “Contractee Su Lan has successfully mastered the A-grade Mountain Splitting Palm. Her palm force has risen by 5 kg. 1000x rebate activated. You have received the Sky Splitting Palm and your palm force has risen by 5 tons.” “Contractee Su Zi has obtained the bones of a Fierce-grade beast. Her foundation bone has evolved into the Warrior Plane. 10000x rebate activated. You have received the bone of a Legendary-grade beast and your foundation bone has evolved to the Grandmaster Plane.” “Lin Bai has reached a height that I’ll never reach,” said Su Qing. “Sis, don’t tell me that you like Lin Bai? Su Zi, you too? But, I was here first…” Su Lan pouted. “Umm… So, should I call you brother-in-law or hubby?” Lin Bai looked at the three sisters arguing in the bed and grinned. “Only a child has to make choices. I’ll take all three of you.”

Powerpuff Girl · Martial Arts

Farming And Learning Martial Arts To Bring Peace

Chi Qiaosong was transmigrated to a world of martial arts. Unfortunately, he did not have any talent in martial arts and he was about to give up when he noticed that the farming mobile gaming he had played in his past life had transmigrated with him. He was given a piece of land from the start where he could plant the Tree of Martial Arts and these trees would be able to bear Fruits of Martial Arts. Grade 1 Normal Farm: 6000 square feet (able to plant 1 Spiritual Root) Fertilizer: 1 bag Origin Spiritual Root (1): Sweet Bay Tree (4% condensation of Raging Bull Heavy Punch) Outer Spiritual Root (0): None Spiritual Plant: None While others were busy with their training, Chi Qiaosong was busy with his farm work.

Bai Yuhan · Magical Realism

My Dog Says I'm Too Weak And Stole SSS-grade Skills For Me

# RELAXED Lu Huai was transmigrated to a martial art world where spiritual energy had appeared and beasts had started to invade. However, he did not awaken any talent and was void of any chances of learning martial arts. He had planned to live a nonchalant and normal life, but when he returned home one day, his husky barked for a few seconds before disappearing into thin air with a detest expression. “Ding! Your husky says that you’re too weak. It has gone to the future to steal an SSS-grade Body Strengthening Skill.” “Ding! Your husky says that you don’t know how to fight. It has gone to the future to rob three different martial art memories.” “Ding! Your husky says you’re still not strong enough. It has gone to the future to steal the Supreme-grade Secret Mind Technique for you.” Every time his husky went to the future, it would return with a “specialty” that would enhance his power. As time passed, Lu Huai realized that he was becoming stronger and stronger. When all the SSS-grade prodigies, young masters of the thousand races, and Children of the Universe got defeated by him, he realized that he had become invincible. “Hmm… So, how should I deal with the dog that has been committing all those crimes in the future?”

Thief God · Eastern Fantasy