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My Idle Gaming System


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What is My Idle Gaming System

Read My Idle Gaming System novel written by the author Adui on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, adventure, system, overpowered, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Dimensional Rifts permeate throughout the Chaotic Universe, bringing with them immense dangers...as well as innumerable treasures. In a small Realm, a destitute boy awakens the Idle Gaming System. Countless Dimensional Rifts later, he lazily raises his head to realize...he is invincible!


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Hi everyone ! The novel [My Idle Gaming System] is a story revolving around Noah Eckert, a naive transmigrator that gradually learns to be ruthless and cunning as he goes through ordeals in the world (Realm) he transmigrated in as he experiences the ruthlessness of the larger Universe he’s in. It will not be a harem like my other novel that is in the same Multiverse as this novel! You can expect a fun ride of fantastical worlds and realms, with powerful beings casting skills we can only think of in our wildest imaginations. Of course, the overpowered system behind it all- the Idle Gaming System, will be explored throughout. It’s fairly fast-paced as my other work, with the two stories actually colliding in the future as in my next few projects, we’ll be watching the main characters of this Multiverse come together for something beautiful! I wish everyone an amazing day, and even more amazing next few years as we build wonderful fantastical worlds ^.^ Happy binge reading!


Simply put if you like OP protagonists then our favorite author here is the perfect person. Love the work and can’t wait for another one of a kind OP mc.


Not really a review. Just been following Ur other novel for a long time so just giving it a 5⭐️ for supp.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


It's average at best. The characters and the world are bland and uninspiring. MC is boring and two dimensional. The plot seems like something that has been done a million times before. Read if you have read everything else on the site would not recommend.


No just No, when I read this it felt so bad to the point i would re-read the most boring book in the world than read this is he so dumb to the point where hes going to be a test subject or killed. I wouldnrsther trust a 5yr kid then him with a secret than thr MC,like who tells the family "oh im going to be really strong out of know where when I dont have no powers anx im really lazy , oh yes thats not wierd at all ok son thats good to know" like really in almost spit out my drink for reading that. *this is just an opinion also the total rating is 1/5


Extremely mediocre book. It's legible so it's better than a lot of stories on here, but everything else is kind of a mess. Every other sentence ends in an exclamation point to try and create fake excitement. Please stop saying "RUMBLE!" in completely random spots that make zero sense.


The author's other book wasn't half bad so i wonder how did he suddenly manage to write this one out of thin air. I would like to use many adjectives to describe it but just know that its a waste of time.


Yours Truly is the first reviewer of this story. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Seems to be a good novel. But not my taste. I found nothing original in the plot. Mc's incessant screaming and reactions and those capitalized words kinda put me off. I don't know why but something just feels off about this novel. I just felt like skimming through chapters without actual reading in details.


In early Chapters He transmigate and become lazy and had no motivation to become strong and his mother die because of stupidity they kneel to enemies because they can't handle and what did her trying to stop an enemy because of child she did not know?? how can he prioritize other safety over her family hahhhh tooo fooorcedd just for an called character development! !!


Reveal spoiler


OP system which probably would allow MC to grow whole realm up to platinum. Story is pretty boring as well as a bit stupid. Characters aren't very special. I don't really understand high rating of this novel.


I think this is a good story, it just isn't hitting a spot for me personally. I think from what I have read so far the story is an enjoyable read and is going to build up to some really good things but at the moment this story isn't really hooking me in enough to read everyday. I think that the writing quality is good the characters are good and premise is good I just think that you should wait until chapter 50-80 to come to a definitive conclusion if you like the book or not. reading the Author's other's work I have a strong feeling this story is going to be really good.


I thought it would be good, but the plot is too forced. The characters do unrealistically and uncharacteristically stupid things just so "coincidences" can happen and plot can move forward.


simply op, any other novel with op mc feels nerfed TOO slow paced and weak against this mighty author's op mc ,man they should really learn what op is, from the author here .i cant even seem to continue reading other novels with op mc tags they don't feel like op at all ,i have tried many ,CAN ANY OF U GUYS RECOMMEND ME SOME NOVELS WITH SATISFYING OP MC IF ITS EVEN 50% AS GOOD AS THIS OP AUTHOR'S I WILL PRAY U LIVE TO READ MORE STORIES AS SUCH(just a random soul who wants to read some good op mc stories)


love it so far the storyline is amazing and has alot of potential with they way it is looking so far keep up the good work. .


The economy/cultivation in this novel is terrible. Terrible to the point that I can't keep going. The characters are decent, though not great. The plot is edge lord but provides motivation so I can accept it. The world is simple in presentation but seems like it could have some underlying complexity that makes it better than most. The sticking point for me is just how simple/broken the economy and the power system is. To go up a level of power, you need power cores. Power cores drop in dungeons at a rate of 10+ for the lowest level and seeming to halve in drop rate for each increase in level. It isn't clear how many power cores are needed to go up a level exactly but lets say it is 100 plus 5 of the next power level. A high level person should be able to EASILY make all of their kids the same level as themselves because of this. Yet, somehow they don't? The 'beloved' daughter of the strongest man on the planet is only in stage 3 of power when the father is stage 6. Would take less than 6 months of work for him to make her stage 5 but he doesn't because? All nobles seem to be the same as stage 4 is a huge deal that can rule a major city solo but somehow they never bother helping their kids get to the same level because? The economy is based on these power cores which means they have to be common (or there would be no way for an economy to function) yet somehow they are so rare that no one can use them to level up? It is a nitpick but it just pulls me out of any immersion every time this comes up which is often because it is kinda central to the story.


I stop at 40+ chapter . Not worth Ur free time ..soo babossh. to his annoying ( sister ) Heheheheheehehehehehehheheehehehehehhehehehehehehehehejehejeehheehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehheheheheh


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