Fantasy: I Can Become Stronger By Lying Down Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Fantasy: I Can Become Stronger By Lying Down

No. 1 Anti-rat Race

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Ye Feng was born in a prestigious clan, and he was surrounded by powerful cultivators from birth. He had good relationships with his siblings, and his parents treated him well. He had an endless supply of rare resources. Miraculous elixirs were akin to snacks to him. What excuse did he have to not work hard in such a conducive environment? His decision was…to become a couch potato. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, even though his clan appeared peaceful on the surface, they were in a perilous situation now. Another clan, whose influences and resources were on par with theirs, was targeting them. Ye Feng’s clan members were very concerned, but they didn’t want him to worry about them. Therefore, they hid the truth from him, allowing him to be a carefree young master who didn’t even cultivate. However, unbeknownst to the clan members, Ye Feng was actually not useless. After he awakened the Couch Potato System, he only needed to lie down in order to improve himself. After lazing around for several years, he had already become one of the most powerful members of the clan in terms of ability. One day, after a small skirmish, war suddenly broke out between the two families. The elders of Ye Feng’s clan frantically pushed back the enemy and protected Ye Feng and the rest of the clan as they retreated. Even the patriarch was prepared to fight to the death. All their valuables had been packed, and the juniors only needed to take the items with them. However, the patriarch was still an old man and was no match for their enemy. He was severely injured due to oversight. The battlefield was filled with crying. Right then, Ye Feng sighed. He slowly came forward and said, “In the end, I still need to act. I will most likely never have leisurely days in the future.” There was the sound of a sword being drawn. That night, the blood of their enemies was splattered all across the Ye clan residence.


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