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Limits of the Flesh in DXD

A true flesh crafter has been dropped into the titty land of DXD. But he cares little for the softcore hentai logic of the world and will take power however he will can, while still enjoying the easy waifus of the world with no shame.

Azazyel · Anime & Comics
79 Chs

Hollywood King

Warning: Mature Content - When an actor transmigrates into a world where any of the entertainment masterpieces of his previous world hasn’t been revealed, how will he change Hollywood? Ian Renner who always dreamed of being on the top of Hollywood finally had a chance to make his dream come true with his cheat, Memory Library. On the other hand, the love life that he could only dream about started to show signs of fruition. From starting from home alone to making batman begins shortly after that, from Lucifer to Games of Thrones, Ian will make everything. Find out by joining him in his life filled with adventures, drama, and romance. - Hollywood King is inspired by the fanfiction, My Hollywood System which is on webnovel and is written by DreamThree. This ff is being published on Webnovel, Scri*bleH*b, and R*yalR*ad by me. - Former Editors: April, Leo, Cyeven, and Extra26 Editor: OrangePanther (A Huge thanks to these people!) - Daily Updates - Discord server: https://discord.gg/DGPX5QzRqv - Read chapters ahead: www.Patreon.com/TC_L

TC_Liyanage1 · Movies
380 Chs

Gol D. Ace In Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon fanfiction – What if, after his death, Portgas D. Ace was reincarnated into the universe of Coiling Dragon? Will Ace be able to rise to the peak of this new world? Find out here! --- Chapter Release Schedule: Webnovel - Thursdays & Sundays Patreon: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday - Patreon.com/AceInCoilingDragon --- WARNING – This IS a FanFiction, so certain elements of the story WILL deviate from the original, like: 1 – There are slight changes to the profound mysteries and weapon comprehension. 2 – The personalities of certain characters. 3 – The actual GOD of this series isn't Hongmeng... --- Average chapter length: Book 1 - 1000-1500 words Book 2 onwards - 1500-2000 words

DreamTales · Anime & Comics
159 Chs

Harry Potter's Chaotic Twin

What if Harry had a twin sister? What if she took a blow to the head from the Dursley's and ended up not quite right? What if the girl just wants to have fun? What if all of her magic was controlled only by her power, and her imagination? And what if she knew the glory, the magnificence, and holiness of... EXPLOSIONS!!! Honestly not sure where the story is gonna go, but for now I'll simply follow canon as I twist it around with little Misha. It's a slow burn story instead of a conflagration. (While it's tagged villain, Misha is a chaotic-neutral entity. Sometimes she's good, others she's evil.) I update once a week at the start of the week. If I decide to drop or go on hiatus, I'll make sure to mention it beforehand. I do not own Harry Potter. All original works are owned by J.K Rowling. I do own the image. If you like it, send some support over to my p atreon.com/Nartleb2

Nartleb · Book&Literature
83 Chs

Konoha's Strongest Saiyan

A man reincarnated in Naruto with a system. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is a Fan Translation. Author: Rebirth the Infinite Dragon If You Like My Work Consider Supporting!! Read upto 30 Chapters ahead. https://www.patreon.com/AbyssFC Cover Image - https://www.deviantart.com/jmbfanart/art/Goruto-Sage-Kurama-Link-Mode-SS3-Revamp-828335988 English is not my first language. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original - https://www.uukanshu.com/b/127268

AbyssFC · Anime & Comics
136 Chs

Reincarnated as a Futanari in Highschool DXD!

A girl named Aiko was killed by a truck after she pushed a child out of the way. It turns out that her death was an accidental and wasn’t meant to die for another 70 years. Thanks to the afterlife not having the right accommodations at the moment she gains the option to reincarnated with 3 wishes of her choosing. She thinks long and hard on these wishes and uses these wishes to their upmost potential. She won’t hold back just because of plot, she doesn’t care about morality, she will be at the top of this world not matter who she has to kill, torture, or even r@or if it ever comes down to it. Aiko is a one in a 1 billion type genius. She was smart enough to complete high school at the mere age of 12 and continues to graduate from her university at 16. She was extremely beautiful yet handsome at the same time. She seduced many of her teachers which was all female because she was lesbian and never viewed men in a romantic light. When she turned 18 she became a womanizer and would rail multiple women from teachers and students to the principal and staff. Aiko is a top in every sense of the word, also, she’s a sadistic and takes pleasure in breaking girls in order to make them her pets. Tags: Incest(Kinda, it’s a bit weird), Yuri, Futanari(Only Aiko), R18, potential r@pe(Still wondering if to do it or not), Harem, overpowered, Gacha System, Mind control(To a certain extent Aiko will be mind controlling people)

Omega_TC · Anime & Comics
10 Chs

Winter Spirit with a Chat Group

Join Aster Frost in his journey across the multiverse, the Spirit of Winter is reborn in the world of magic and the plot grows to follow the world and the Chat Group quests. This MC will be a kind man but not an angel, and as the northerners say... "WINTER IS COMING !!"

PuRplE · Anime & Comics
70 Chs

I'AM~Ate Blue Silver Grass Herb In Front Tang Hao Doulo

In the world doulou Dalu : 'YAM~YAM~YAM! The Blue Silver Emperor is so fragrant''Tang-San, I'm really sorry!''I ate the Blue Silver Emperor''Tang-San, that's how Blue Silver Grass is used! 'Wait There are no twin spirits, and there is no need for a master to teach'. Hunting for spirit rings does not depend on the age, let alone the accompanying spirit skills, but only what kind of evolution the absorbed spirit rings can bring to the spirit itself! Mo Bai, who had also awakened the blue silver grass spirit, told Tang San with the facts, you didn't use the blue silver grass spirit like that! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good story i dont want to steal work other i just Translate From "Real Name:People are in Douluo, I ate the Blue Silver Emperor", For link Search yourself, so you can save this fanfic dont forget comment and power stone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

TH3_W0RLD_5 · Anime & Comics
245 Chs