Marvel: My Talent Can Be Infinitely Enhanced

Author: RanobeMen
Anime & Comics
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What is Marvel: My Talent Can Be Infinitely Enhanced

Read ‘Marvel: My Talent Can Be Infinitely Enhanced’ Online for Free, written by the author RanobeMen, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ADVENTURE Fanfiction, SYSTEM Fan Fiction, COMEDY Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: A wonderful genius grows all the time of the plot and overcomes the limits in the Marvel universe. And we are watching t...


A wonderful genius grows all the time of the plot and overcomes the limits in the Marvel universe. And we are watching this. https://tl.rulate.ru/book/73965

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Not the worst fixed up mtl that i've read but there are various expressions that aren't seen in english, there's also the fact that the fic has the chinese obsession with holy magic, light magic and dark magic (and calling kamar-taj sorcery white magic for some reason) calls everyone that uses magic wizards (instead of sorcerers and masters of the mystic arts), everyone calls everyone brother and big brother (this is a cultural norm from china) and the author has an obsession with pointing out that the mc is oriental 5 times (at least) per chapter...


mc learns something difficult in a moment and everyone is shocked, everyone calls themselves brothers (bizzaro), reading only 6 ch you can see chinese cycle where mc is common > gets a golden finger > everyone doesn't care about him > he learns things in an instant > everyone is shocked > everyone is jealous > says how humble mc is > is shocked again when mc learns something that should take 1 month to learn, also not a translation if it was... the translator would fix it the names and would take that brother that they say before the names, that and an mtl a translation done (extension of google translator) or another application, extension, website.


Man, it would've been more awesome if the translator fixed the little details that the OG author gives on the Raw Novel... Writing Quality Grammar Lot of Errors Out of Context Proverbs The Layout of each paragraph and sentences are all fine. Story Development These can be fixed with a little bit detailing of the scenarios and the thoughts of characters should be tone down or better yet removed then replaced with narration from the perspective of the translator (ie you the one who have the idea of posting it here) Character Design Lack of Detailing on particular manner On the bright side it was patched on later chaps. Updating Stability Considering its and MTL Translation so naturally the updating of this ff are quick World Background Once again the lack of details considering the thoughts of MC is the one building the foundation of the story


I remember reading this before. But I guess you do the translation, it's pretty refined. Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


yes take marvel witchcraft, sprinkle some china on it. put some xuallian on it. Now, while writing this novel, you must constantly add information about China. 2-3-4-5 a day, you can write this novel no matter how many random keys you press on the keyboard. Enjoy your meal.


Chinese marvel always hurts to read but MTL marvel is just taking it to far for me. The amount of wrong terminology that’s used in just the first 5 chapters was enough for me to drop this immediately.


Even if, at the beginning, it's a little bit confusing, partialy beacause of translations, and partialy beacause of author seemingly not knowing the mcu, but after that, since like 20th chapter it got much better. I hope that the author keeps updating, because it's very good and has a lot of potential (I also hope to see some romance).


As the Chinese say, this fanfic is "full of water". Couldn't have made it more boring, but then again, what was I expecting....


Horrible writing quality. Horrible knowledge of MCU lore. Horrible knowledge of MCU powers and their uses. This is like a 11 year old heard someone tell him about the Dr. Strange movie, and then he wrote this.




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