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Gol D. Ace In Coiling Dragon


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Coiling Dragon fanfiction – What if, after his death, Portgas D. Ace was reincarnated into the universe of Coiling Dragon? Will Ace be able to rise to the peak of this new world? Find out here! --- Chapter Release Schedule: Webnovel - Thursdays & Sundays Patreon: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday - Patreon.com/AceInCoilingDragon --- WARNING – This IS a FanFiction, so certain elements of the story WILL deviate from the original, like: 1 – There are slight changes to the profound mysteries and weapon comprehension. 2 – The personalities of certain characters. 3 – The actual GOD of this series isn't Hongmeng... --- Average chapter length: Book 1 - 1000-1500 words Book 2 onwards - 1500-2000 words


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