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Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband

[COMPLETED NOVEL] Living together with my ex-husband? Sarah never thought she would one day meet Michael, her ex-husband, again in the operating room with his body full of wounds and needing treatment from her. They were already divorced for three years, and Sarah didn’t have a good memory of the man. If she could… she would have let him die. However, she was a doctor, and a doctor's job was to save patients. Sarah immediately regretted her decision to save the man because it turned out that Michael had amnesia and remembered that they just got married! To make matters worse, she stupidly accepted her ex-in-law's request to pretend to remain Michael's wife while taking care of him. Why did she do that? However… during the time she spent with her ex-husband, Michael's attitude was very different from what Sarah had last remembered. He was very gentle… and loving. It made the feelings she thought were gone, come up to the surface. Would Sarah be able to deal with her feelings? What would happen when Michael's memory suddenly returned? Would his attitude stay the same? ============= EXCERPT: "Wifey," Michael called, looking at Sarah who was lying beside him. “Hm,” Sarah answered curtly, not looking at Michael. "I think I'm healthy." Sarah's body stiffened when she heard that. Was Michael healthy? Did that mean he had remembered everything? Would he scold her for tricking him? "Wifey? Why are you silent? I think I'm healthy and I can do it," Michael said quietly. "What do you mean?" Sarah finally looked at Michael with raised eyebrows. “Do what?” "Making babies." ============= Ps: The cover does not belong to me, credit goes to the owner. You can tell me If you want it to be taken down. Pss: Check my other stories in English 1. Superstar Husband & Genius Wife 2. The Lady Vampire and Her Lover 3. Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband 4. My Beautiful Queen is Vampire

FallenAngel4869 · Urban
387 Chs

Flash Marriage: I Accidentally Married A Mafia Princess

What would you do if your ex, who left you five years ago without bothering to say a goodbye, is now standing in front of you at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau? Surely, you wouldn't marry her. But did I mention I'm in dire need of a wife? ___ Song Jingren, self-made Billionaire has one rule– Pity any Tom, Dick or Harry but never offer it to his one and only materialistic and vain ex! Long Reine aka Zuni, proud Mafia princess, has two problems– Uncontrollable Nasty Temper and her Un-seducable Ice block hubby! ___ Excerpt:  "Get out!" Song Jingren told his flash married wife.  "Hubby, you are kicking out your one and only beautiful wife?" Zuni gaped at him. "Mom was right, I shouldn't fall at male beauty but at their intelligence. What can I say I'm a sucker for beauty!" As she realised that she spoke too much nonsense, she put hands on her mouth and shook her head as if she didn't mean it . "Hubby, I was wrong. Forgive, wifey.  I am not a sucker for male beauty but for you. Your chiselled face is still on the top of the list. Add your bank balance, you are unbeatable."  "Didn't I tell you to stop calling me by that disgusting nickname that makes my skin crawl?" Song Jingren coldly said. He hated her for making his resolve of throwing his ex out of his life weaker with each passing moment.  Zuni pouted adorably.   "I'm not calling you Baobei. Our status has been upgraded," Zuni shot back. She then flashed him a blinding smile as she hugged his arm. "Baobei, you are now upgraded to hubby." "Scram, "Song Jingren coldly said.  Hubby: 1, Wifey: 0 ___ Excerpt Two:  "Happy Birthday, Hubby, " Zuni smiled brightly at her husband as the clock struck twelve. "Now quickly open your birthday gift!" Song Jingren looked all around the room but didn't find any supposedly birthday gift. "Where is my birthday gift?" "I'm your birthday gift, dummy, "His wife replied as a matter of fact.  Wifey: 1, Hubby: 0 ___  

tanu_sam · Urban
223 Chs


[ COMPLETE ] As a rogue werewolf on the run, Esme tries to live her life in the present, wondering if she will have a future and hiding from her past. She moves from place to place, never staying for more than four months at a time, leaving before any attachments are formed, and she is nothing but a ghost, a girl they used to know. After surviving on her own for two years, keeping to the shadows and blending in for so long, she is suddenly thrust into the spotlight when the city she stumbled across is controlled by none other than the Vampire King, Gabriel, the ruthless. He is intrigued by the she-wolf who chooses to live among vampires and decides to keep his natural enemy close to his side. But the more Esme tries to hide her true self, the more Gabriel is drawn to her. For someone accustomed to being alone and not leaning on anyone for help, will Esme open up to the one person who can see through her attitude for what it really is.. a painful past covered in scars? ** DISCLAIMER ** Mature Content (R18+): Abuse, Graphic violence, References to suicide, Domestic violence, Sexual content, Strong language. This is part of HUNTED. Cover is mine and created by @if._art My instagram: @kelly_starrz New discord server: https://discord.gg/MHMdRRqUYa

Kelly_Starrz · Fantasy
246 Chs

Unexpected Love: Mr CEO wild baby

Luna was forced to quit modeling after accidentally entering Ethan's room and becoming pregnant as a result of their lovemaking. Despite not loving each other, they got married and Luna eventually gave birth to their child. However, Luna is unhappy in the marriage and asks for a divorce. To make matters worse, Luna's ex-boyfriend Edward, who is also Ethan's half-brother and married to Viona, starts to pursue her. Despite Luna's rejection and her love for Ethan, Edward continues to act up and try to win her over. "Edward, i will never come back to you! my love is only for Ethan!" Luna said firmly. "And no one can stop me... you are mine, Luna..." Edward shook his head, his gaze on Luna was always affectionate. Will Ethan and Luna's love survive Edward's interference, and will Viona still love Edward despite his interest in Luna? Only time will tell in this dramatic tale! please,support my other books. 99 Days Trapped in the body of the Royal Prince's Wife revenge Marriage: Love slave for the devil husband Unexpected Fate: Pregnant with my Enemy's baby Saga of Luna: Betrayal and love Second marriage: my strongest bodyguard Unexpected marriage: the possessive Mr CEO My beloved Pregnant maid The Billionaire's Love: A heart devide

Nonik_Farellidzy · Urban
410 Chs

The Deity's curse

(ABO, Fantasy BL) At the apex of his rule, Kaito dies cursing his once best friend. He believed that Noah was the reason for his wife and child's death. Only after his death did he know the truth - he was never betrayed and had jumped to conclusions too early. Now born centuries later, the Alpha king, the very founder of the Seni family finds himself in a circle of regret and redemption as he come to know that Noah has been delt with a fate worse then death as a guardian deity. The new life should give them a new start. Keito vowed to be better this time around and leave the past behind. But both the fate and his wolf do not want him to and he had to face it one way or another. 'If he won't man up and realsie just whom he loved then I'll do it myself for both if us" Ryu the wolf My twitter: https://twitter.com/ojasvisharma6 Support me on Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/daygonyuu [ #Gold Winner WPC 189]

daygon_yuuki · LGBT+
166 Chs

Living with Mr Cocky

[ MATURE CONTENT] status: complete April Jackson a 24 years old painter's life took the worst turn, in just a day she lost everything, her job, her home, and went totally bankrupt. In the darkest moment of her life, there was a flicker of hope. She got a generous offer from a stranger she couldn't resist. That one leap of faith changed her life drastically. As she ends up living with the most sort out bachelor in the city, Brad Sebastian Smith, a grumpy handsome billionaire who has an hidden malicious agenda. April wasn't the ordinary girl she thought she was, there were secrets about her life she is totally clueless about. She has something the vicious Brad Sebastian Smith wants, and he will stop at nothing to obtain it from her. Grumpy meets sunshine as their world collides. Broody Brad couldn't resist the bubbly jolly April innocent charms as he was caught up in a personal conflict of choosing April over his ambitions. Can Brad carry on his ulterior motive when April has completely hold his heart captive? Excerpt# Brad I can't believe this is the same quirky April Jackson I saw at my study days ago. Gone are the ridiculous Jeans and T-shirts. She was wearing a sexy black dress that caresses her body like a second skin, bringing out beautiful curves I didn't notice before. I nearly stumbled when my gaze fell on her sexy long legs, and her wild curly hair added a fierce appeal. She looks like sin. I had to support my weight by pressing my palm to the wall, lest I trip and fall. "Mr. Smith you are back," she said snapping me out of my daze. "Mr. Smith, are you ok? you look pale" she asked. I clenched my fist, my eyes darkens as I took a step towards her, I cornered her to the wall. Ever since I met her I feel like I am losing control, from her pushing my buttons, getting under my skin, and now to this. She is going to be trouble! I gaze at her with lust. Her eyes flickered open. For the first time, I noticed she has beautiful grey eyes. My gaze fell on her plump lips, painted with red seductive lipstick. She bit her lips stirring up a strong urge to brush my lips on hers, devouring her lips with the craving desire surging up in me.

Debbie_Asan · Urban
132 Chs

Secret Doors

Billionaire Levi Everett is a well known businessman who kissed Portia Zira on a masquerade party. That one sinful passionate kiss turns into a blooming affair, An affair behind close doors where no one should know but the two of them. How will Levi Everett sacrifice everything for the woman he adores and how will Portia Zira do everything to meet the standards of Levi's world.

Scarlet_Chrome · Urban
205 Chs

Office Romance with a Werewolf

During her junior high school years, Nida Mildea dated her first love, who was in a higher grade. Because of this, they were called "beauty and the beast." But she never thought that this title would actually become reality. While celebrating her boyfriend's graduation, he turned into a wolf and was about to harm her. After that incident, her boyfriend disappeared into thin air. Years had passed and Nida had finally moved on from the traumatic nightmare she experienced in her teenage years. However, after getting hired by her new company, she discovers that her ex-boyfriend is one of her coworkers, and no one is aware of his beastly identity. Does she need to reveal the identity of her ex? Will her life be in danger if she stays at the company? Will her ex-boyfriend remember her? ------ proofreader: Aserehtam

MaryahLu · Fantasy
185 Chs