I Returned Home to Inherit Billions of Fortunes after Losing My Job Book

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I Returned Home to Inherit Billions of Fortunes after Losing My Job

One Little White Rice

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"Luo Qiao was framed by some scandalous news saying that she entered the room of the Best Actor. When she was scolded by an audience who didn't know the truth, she decided to leave the entertainment industry and return to inherit the family fortune. However, when she returned to her villa, she realized that her father had actually sold the villa to her childhood sweetheart and ex-boyfriend?! She questioned him angrily and wanted to buy the villa back, but this gorgeous and charming man said, ""I don't lack money. I only need a girlfriend."" Luo Qiao had no choice but to start cohabiting with her ex-boyfriend. All the slander and ridicule online disappeared overnight. Luo Qiao thought that her father had helped with the PR, but it was actually President Ming, her ex-boyfriend, who had done it. They didn't like each other because of the unhappy breakup that year. They had been in a relationship for seven years, from middle school to university graduation. President Ming had never given up on Luo Qiao, but what could he do to make his ex-girlfriend fall in love with him again? Haters, ""Family property? What family property does she have!"" The CEO of the Luo Corporation, who had hundreds of billions of assets, posted on Weibo, ""She's my daughter, my biological daughter."" Haters, ""What???"" Luo Qiao decided to give back to her fans with a lucky draw. Haters, ""Hehe, I don't care! Who doesn't have money?"" Luo Qiao, ""Comment on this Weibo post and I will choose someone to send them this piece of property."" Haters, ""???"" Luo Qiao and the top male celebrity went on variety shows. Haters, ""Hur hur, Luo Qiao is throwing herself at our idol again! Shameless!"" The next day, the media revealed that the President of the Ming Corporation, who had been trending on trending topics because of his freakish looks, was Luo Qiao's ex-boyfriend whom she had kicked out long ago… Haters, ""???"" Ex-boyfriend, ""??? I'm not going to be an ex-boyfriend for much longer.”"


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