Total War System: Stuck between DC and Marvel Book

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Total War System: Stuck between DC and Marvel


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How would a third generation rich kid which was the black sheep of his family react when he discovers that he has been chosen as host of a system but the price is that he is bound to a place where he has limited freedom and could only leave on certain conditions? Freak out of course!!!! “Why!? I was comfortable in my house leeching of my family! Why must I be subjected to this confinement!!” [Host was chosen randomly out of trillions of many possible candidates, so in the words of your fellow humans it is better for you to ‘enjoy’ it if you can’t fight it.] So Mark Johnson was stuck within a weird three story building with a late Victorian design. [Host has discovered ‘The Shop’] [Mission Issued: Where are you?] [-Host must discover where you are and what or which worlds you can access.] Mark then fumbled around and realized that there are two doors that led to two different worlds. Namely DC and Marvel Universes. [Mission completed!] Mark could only say two words when realization dawned upon him. “I’m Fucked!” [Note: Any character in this novel is not mine except for the main protagonist. Also I would change some things about some characters as I am not quite knowledgeable in every canon facts about many of them Also I only write in my free time to release some stress so don't expect consistent uploads of chapters.]


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