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When My Time Comes

-- In one fluid motion, Bakugou put a hand over her mouth, backed her against the wall and used his other hand to hold her right wrist against her thigh. His body was basically pushing against hers. Isla panicked and attempted to scold him; her voice obviously muffled from being restrained. “Shut. Up,” he cautioned, voice low and gruff. She felt lips graze her ear. Isla froze. All of a sudden, her senses were on fire; she could see the tiny beads of sweet on his temples, see the steady rise and fall of his chest. And she caught the aroma of burning wood; like a bonfire.-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Qurikless 17-year-old American; Isla Evans, has to move to Japan and attend the prestigious UA High because her Hero parents are going to be teaching there. She will be sitting with Class 1A. She might have a thing for Katsuki Bakugou. She might have a crush on Shoto Todoroki. Isla might totally mess things up. Insert major teenage drama, angst, fluff and teen-rated smut.

Ashley_Bulmer · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Famous Singer Kagami Rei

This is inspired by Hannah Montana a classic childhood show and I hope you all enjoy same concept way different plot and Hannah will not be a thing in this universe while also adding a fantasy twist on it as well! I know what y’all want

DaoistYuuishi · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings