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Trying to Tame an Evil Overlord (BL)

Yuan Xuelan was a plague upon all three Realms. In the end, he burned his own palace to the ground and never stepped out of those scarlet flames that turned everything black. If this insane, terrible and pitiful Yuan Xuelan was asked in his final moments if he would have done things differently given the chance then, of course, he would shout a resounding yes! But the one that would be given a second chance would not be Yuan Xuelan, but instead Liu Sumeng, the stoic general who stood at this mad emperor’s side. After being reborn in the year he first met Yuan Xuelan, Liu Sumeng vowed to save not only the world but Yuan Xuelan himself from that twisted fate. However…he slowly uncovers truths that really put a wedge in his original plans! Wasn’t Yuan Xuelan in love with his Shijie!? What do you mean it’s someone else!? --------- Cover art drawn by yours truly~ please don't steal! --------- Join the discord! https://discord.gg/DU9S2Y4 --------- Buy me ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/valiantxvillainous

valiantxvillainous · LGBT+

Lady in Red (21+)

Novel ini sarat akan ADEGAN DEWASA. Tolong bijaksana dan bijaksini dalam memilih bacaan. Novel ini hanya utk para pendosa, bukan utk orang2 suci tanpa dosa, apalagi utk anak2. Krn novel ini justru menceritakan bagaimana cara membuat anak... /PLAK!/ "Cinta itu buta dan tuli. Memang. Karena, jika cinta tidak buta dan tuli, maka itu bukan cinta, tapi LOGIKA." Vince Hong sudah merasakan berbagai jenis cinta, sekaligus berbagai jenis ranjang dan desahan, namun akhirnya dia tersudut pada sebuah cinta buta dan tuli yang menjungkir balikkan kewarasan dia, meski itu artinya... TABU, karena seseorang yang dia cintai, adalah sesorang yang tidak seharusnya dia kejar.

Gauche_Diablo · Romansa Kontemporer

Becoming the Luna (bl)

Life is all roses and strawberries with your asexual mother till Alpha wolves fall in love with you. And now you have to choose... But who do you pick? Hayden Lebaron is an average teenage boy, well if average means being about the size of a midget and being babied by everyone, at least that's what he thinks. A new student moves to their school and Hayden finds out that he's deeper in the Werewolf world that he ever thought possible and the worst part was that he had no idea that Werewolves even existed. EXCERPT : "What the fuck did you do?" Virgil demands his eyes dark, the only reason Dale doesn't have a black eye yet is because he's still carrying me.  I intervene quickly before Virgil changes his mind and decides to land the punch. "V-Vi-Virgil." I stutter out desperately, reaching for him. "I-It wasn't D-Dale, h-he d-didn't d-do any-anything." "What sort of boyfriend are you, letting your girlfriend get beat up by dudes in the boys bathroom?" Dale accuses, snatching me back and ending my efforts to reach for Virgil, his leaf green eyes nearly glowing.  Shana is momentarily stunned, "Girlfriend?"  She mouths to me, I close my eyes in embarrassment, this was one of those days I wanted to start over.  Virgil isn't even fazed by the obvious confusion. "Thanks." He bites out coldly, the appreciation has the same energy as 'go jump off a cliff. "Now give me back my girlfriend." "No. Now get away from me, you're in my way." Dale deadpans, making a move to continue his journey.  "I won't ask you again." Virgil says in a deadly voice, stepping in front of us, electric blue eyes nearly jumping from his face with how hard he is glaring.  "Hayden sounds terrified of you so no, I'm not giving her back. Now get the fuck out of my way." He says, his quiet voice ringing volumes, the entire hallway is silent now, the entire school watching the school's heartthrob go against the hot new kid... and over me! - I wail mentally, wishing I was a bird, a pebble, anything but Hayden LeBaron right now. VOLUME 2 •~• Come talk to me on discord at Aryna Stan#5852 I'd love to hear your thoughts... Link to the Discord server... https://discord.gg/qYk2ka7fc7 •~•

Aryna_Stan · LGBT+

[BL] Revenge System: Take the ML and Fix the World

Transmigration never crosses his mind until he met his death by a sudden turn of events. Traveling with an orange fox kit that told him his new reality, and 'using' his soul to fix the corrupted mission worlds. He Ming apathetically followed the fox kit to face-slap and kick the scam characters off their so-called throne and raise the rightful characters to heaven. Just when he thought he was already done, those characters started to chase after him instead! Will He Ming be able to finish his tasks smoothly, or will the troublesome Male leads be a hindrance to his efficiency? Find out more and read the book! It's worthwhile I promise *wink wink*

rosella0214 · LGBT+

The Duke's Substitute Bride is a Maid

As a maid of the royal family, Irene was sent to learn etiquette by Princess Marla to take her place in marriage. Her partner in a marriage was the brave and fierce General Ronald, who had just been granted the title of a duke! Rumor has it that Ronald was cruel, bloodthirsty, and did not care about women. To even seduce or betray him was to court death. Irene shivered in her wedding gown. She did not know how many days she would survive being around him. Ronald asked, "Wifey, why are you shivering?" Irene responded fearfully, "I… am a little cold..." The tall man smiled and pulled her into his embrace, and their body temperatures rose. One day, the substitute marriage came to light, and thus her marriage with the duke was void. Everyone thought that whatever she had to face next was terrible. However, the duke held her face and said, “Regardless of whether you’re a princess or maid, if you were to marry, it can only be me!”

HP · Fantasy Romance

BOND : The Story' of Triplets and Love

Volume 2 : "Kelahiran dan kematian adalah satu kesatuan. Waktu akan terulang kembali sebagaimana takdir berkata. " Volume 1 : Gina Adhitama seorang gadis yang memiliki trauma masa lalu mendapatkan kembali badai yang mengguncang hidupnya setelah tujuh tahun berlalu dengan Gian dan Gino yang selalu membantunya untuk bangkit. Menjadikan mereka berdua sebagai pegangan hidup seorang Gina. Kali ini, bukan kedua kakak kembarnya yang menjadi pahlawan bagi dirinya, akan tetapi sebaliknya. Ketika Gian dan Gino mendapatkan cinta pertama mereka masing-masing, di situlah Gina mendapatkan firasat buruk. Gina bersumpah ia tidak pernah berniat menghancurkan kehidupan percintaan kedua kakak kembarnya. Apalagi cemburu dan merusak hubungan Gian dan Gino bersama kekasih mereka. Tapi, bagaimana jika ternyata cinta Gian dan Gino membawa kehancuran bagi mereka bertiga? Maka di situlah Gina akan berjuang semaksimal mungkin untuk melindungi kedua kakak kembarnya. Peringatan! Bukan cerita incest (cinta sedarah).

Nisriina_Rahayu · Romansa Anak Muda

Grandmaster's Facade of Dispassion: The Odyssey of Atonement

[BOYS LOVE] If there was a scale for magnanimity and naivety, Prince Calibri would be positioned first every time. As the crowned prince of his mysterious and secretive sect, he believed it was his duty to become the next Grandmaster of all the Cultivation clans to protect his people. Needless to say, every other young Cultivator of the Living Realm were after the same position of power even if it wasn't for the same reason, including Zhang Haochen; a quiet, handsome, unproblematic and extremely skilled young man with an unfortunate desire for his father's validation. Upon their arrival at the Cultivation school, it became apparent that not only did Calibri far outweigh them all(both men and women) in the department of looks, but also in his level of Cultivation! But how? How did he use all those lost Cultivation techniques? Why did he disappear all the time? Why in the world was Zhang Haochen (the man everyone wanted the attention of) so attached and fond of that 'PRINCESS' from day one? In fact, why did Zhang Haochen use his vocal chords in such abundance when it came to him? In a flurry of events, the time comes for the next Grandmaster to be chosen, but before Calibri has the chance to seize the title, he is betrayed by his closest companion, accused of a crime he did not commit and banished to the dark dormain of the Underworld... Years later, Calibri finds himself unwillingly forced to return to the Living Realm by the very person who betrayed him in the first place! He can't escape, so there's no choice to remain with that handsome traitor who's on a mission of his own: 1) Get Calibri's soul back 2) Make everyone who hurt Calibri suffer 3) Get Calibri to fall in love with him once again. The mission wouldn't have been that hard if Calibri, Heaven, the Living Realm and the Underworld were against it. But alas, these conditions existed, and he had no choice but to overcome them if he wanted to ever see Calibri smile at him again, and not scream bloody murder every time he held him close. Yes, Zhang Haochen had a lot of atoning to do. Can he do it? Will Calibri forgive him? Why did he betray him? Read on to uncover the mysteries, and find out if their love can really conquer the odds!

Zara_Descartes · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Blackened Male God, Bye Again [To Be Deleted]

This author has something to say: You can’t actually delete novels in WN, but I will start deleting all the chapters. I’m sorry for all the readers that has supported this novel, but I’m going to do a major revision soon and will be also deleting my account here. Thank you for everything.

00110111 · Historical Romance