A Touch of Irony (BL) Book

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A Touch of Irony (BL)


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The King of Spirits is a spirit that stands above all others, reigning over the Spirit Realm. However, similar to his subjects, he retains no corporeal body. Growing tired of his immortal role, he ascends to Earth, and begins to possess human bodies to satiate his everlasting boredom. With the interest of making a name for himself in the cultivation world by vanquishing the King, Xu Jiyu, a weak yet determined cultivator, sets off on an adventure to defeat the King despite his lack of powerful spiritual roots. ...But the King was not what everyone had expected at all! King: "Xu Jiyu, why do females and males hold hands?" Xu Jiyu: "Well, it's to show their love and affection for each other!" King: *seriously clasps Xu Jiyu's hands in his own* Xu Jiyu: "........?!" --- OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/KttCxEE Join to see art of our beloved characters, read the deleted extra stories, and discuss with others! :) Like what I do? Buy me a Ko-fi! I write for free, and won't be making this novel a pay-to-read. But any kind of donation would be super appreciated: ko-fi.com/xyerose Warning: This is a BL novel, meaning it will contain male x male. There will also be explicit scenes in the future. If you are not comfortable with it, please do not read. Updates: Bi-Daily (3 chapters a week) --- Cover Art: Ibuki Satsuki


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