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  • Novel

    A novel by a novelist.

    CubeNovelist · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • My Family in the Novel?

    Not only did I end up transmigrating into the world of a novel I never finished reading, I ended up possessing the annoying 3rd rate villain who's going to die in a few months thanks to the munchkin protagonist of this goddamn novel. How troublesome But hey at least my Family is with me? Discord Link Join me" https://discord.gg/EHbVTpxr2R

    MCPG · Fantasy
  • Inside my favorite novel

    Everyone wants to be reborn like the main character The main character who gets all the cheating, all the benefits, saving beautiful women and kicking the young master's ass Well my dream came true but not as the main character and not the evil character, but just a secondary character [Ding Dong The conditions for awakening the system have then been met] . . . "Who is the real owner of this previous body?" . . . "What's wrong with these women?" (The picture is not mine) (If the owner of the photo has a problem with the use of his photo, I can change it)

    CAESAR20 · Fantasy
  • Conquering The Novel

    Ares wakes up in a body that's not his own, in a world he thought was only fictional! But when he realizes that he's actually inside a novel that he read before his death, everything changes. Follow Ares as he sets out to uncover the truth about his death and the mysteries of this new reality. With action, suspense, and a touch of romance, this captivating novel will keep you hooked until the very end. ------------‐------------------------ ADDITIONAL TAGS: •#Yandere •#Overpowered mc •#Smart mc •#Ruthless mc •#Cunning mc

    Enigma0 · Fantasy
  • Destroying My Own Novel

    Everyone must have a few regrets in their lives, and for Mykel regret was publishing this novel on the internet. Because of this failed novel he wrote, made his career down the hill as an author. Thanks to this novel, he lost his passion and he lost everything that he had. "I wish I can destroy this novel so that nobody will be able to see it or remember it anymore," Mykel said. That was what he wished for, and for some reason, he went inside that novel of his and as himself in the story that didn't suppose to exist? Mykel smirked and grinned as he looked at the system. [You are the creator of this world, you will have the access to the command system. You are free to do anything as long as it is listed in the command system] [Please enjoy and have fun] "Heh, then I will turn this world upside down," Mykel said as he glared at the notification in front of him. Here is my discord server if you want to join https://discord.gg/2cChJMQztC

    Iqfauli · Fantasy
  • Reincarnated in a Novel World

    [Series: A road to Villain I] A young boy recovered his memories of his previous life, but the world got destroyed in just one year. "Will he be able to survive?" The most intriguing part is that the world is under the control of a child. Can the world be regulated properly? Note: Novel completed on chapter 164 so please don't buy later chapters.

    IamFallenAngel · Fantasy
  • The villain's side of the novel

    [ Discord: name : Merciless Clan lien: https://discord.com/invite/2m7XzWyEDQ] In this unique twist on the typical hero-villain dynamic, our protagonist, the villain, finds himself compelled to save humanity from powerful races threatening its existence. Meanwhile, the hero is preoccupied with gathering a harem. The story unfolds as the villain must not only confront external threats but also challenge so-called heroes, proving his perspective and ultimately taking on their responsibilities to ensure humanity's survival. As alliances shift and moral complexities emerge, the narrative explores the unexpected journey of redemption and sacrifice.

    Fri123 · Fantasy
  • Transmigrated Into A Ruined Novel As An Extra

    Ren is a young university student living a lonely life on earth as a normal human, of course, until one random night where he goes to sleep and miraculously wakes up to a pool of blood, but wait... this isn't his house, and this body, it doesn't belong to him. Unexpectedly, Ren finds out that this new world he is in is the same as the one from a novel he used to read, and he wasn't transmigrated as the hero who would 'save the world', get all the girls, and level up through the power of friendship and plot armor, no, he had become a character that was only mentioned in two chapters of the entire novel... It seemed like a sure loss at first, since this novel had a tragic ending all because of the main character's decisions, but Ren really didn't want to die along with the world, so he would have to make efforts to make sure the story doesn't go down the original path. "Since I'm not a weakling, I can affect the cause of the world actively and not just from the shadows... Heh, my dare MC, you might have to give your life for the cause."

    Killix_Kreed · Fantasy
  • Stuck in a Chinese novel

    In a world of cultivation. A majestic world where miracles happen. There is a warrior who defies destiny and forge his own path facing innumerable difficulties ahead. Come and join the life of the person who will go against the set destiny of the cruel world and become something extraordinary. ===== Extraordinary my foot. What is this illogical cr*p? Does it even make sense? If you are doctor, then work in a hospital. What the hell are you doing going after girls? If you are a commander in the army, then bring your army to get revenge on those who wronged you. Why go through the trouble of pretending to be a weakling. You are a useless son in law? Your wife's family thinks you are good for nothing? Then how the hell did you score her in the first place?!!! If they like money so much and you are a hidden millionaire, then why in the name of sanity would you hide this fact and be berated every day?!!! The hell is all this?!!! The more I read it, the more illogical it becomes. Like this all came straight out of someone's as-- [Host, why don't you calm down?] 'You shut up!!! You're the reason I'm stuck here in the first place!!!!' [Host, you need anger management] 'THE FU*K DID YOU SAY?!!!!!' ===== Hello everyone! This is my second novel and so far, nothing is decided. This is just an idea that has been plaguing my mind for quite a long time and I decided to let it out and let you guys decide whether or not I should work on it. Give it a proper read and let me know. You guys will decide the fate of this novel. Also, I would like you guys to come up with proper genres for this story. ===== The cover is A.I generated and is mine. The update schedule hasn't been properly decided yet so for now there is only one chapter per day. That's it. Enjoy!

    Bad_Wolf_7811 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • The Nameless Boy Reincarnated into a Novel

    There was a Nameless boy who didn't have parents and lived his life on the streets, he never had anyone to share his grief or problems with. To survive he had to steal the food and be beaten by the people if he caught it. This was the life of this Nameless boy, then one day a book fell on the boy, the boy was somehow able to read the book and he read the book. The book was about a young boy and how he became a hero and save the world from many threats. The nameless boy finds joy for the first time in his life, learn the emotions, companionship, love, care, hate, liar, evil, betrayed, and many things he might not had felt if he wasn't able to read the book. Then he reincarnated into this book as a minor character. ---- Important: The MC is not evil; he is a good person who forgives others because mistakes happen. Yes, people make mistakes, and it's okay to forgive them. Mistakes happen once, but the next time it's a choice or laziness in correcting their mistakes. The MC will forgive a mistake once but not a second time. Another thing, aside from some characters, the MC loves all the characters in the novel because they gave him hope to live. He will try to save these characters and make them happy because they made him happy. However, in saving or making these characters happy, he won't do anything that sacrifices his own happiness. 1. No NTR. 2. No Yuri in MC's Harem, but outside of MC's Harem has Yuri. 3. MC will get his first girlfriend after his first year academy. 4. There is a very low amount of smut chapters since this novel focus is more on MC and his friends journey. 5. This novel is at a slow pace since I'm writing many characters's journey together. 6. I didn't decide an exact number of harem members MC will have but all harem members love MC because of valid reason. These harem members have their own ambition and to fulfill their ambition they don't mind getting separated from MC for a long time to go on their own journey to fulfill their ambitions. However, they never ever will cheat on MC, nor will they think about it.

    _Er · Urban
  • Villain of my own novel

    Eshwar is the name of the author who transmigrated into his own novel after his death. Eshwar’s death was caused by his own magic which he had yet to control. Why? because I didn't think I would seriously die!!!! Anyway.... my novel's protagonist is a selfish person. why you ask? because I wrote him and I wanted him to be like me. Muhahahaha, ha. I reincarnated into my novel! and that to as a villain who dies in the first half, will I stand still and die? Of course not, I may have reincarnated as a villain but its not like I will live like he did. I'll live my life as I want! and kill all the other villains. Why? because I love the world I created, hahaha, ha.... (real reason: I love to fight.), who else will get the chance to look at the world they have created? System I created is messed up for some reason and is doing everything on its own!!??? we'll see how it turns out with everything messed up, well(sigh...) Oh, but because i have reincarnated as a villain, I got a new problem and that is, I'm handsome (sparkles), I have to say, handsome people have their own problems. ==== SLOW START. [VOL 1 INTRODUCTION: MAYBE CONFUSING, BUT EVERYTHING WILL COME TOGETHER IN THE LATER CHAPTERS.] ==== I don't know who the artist of the cover is, but if you want me to remove it, you can ask me to do so(T-T)! Credits for the artist. And, Thank you for reading!!!!

    _Eshwar_ · Fantasy
  • Enter The World of NoveL

    ( Completed ) I just fell asleep. But when I woke up, I had entered into a world I didn't recognize. Become a beautiful main antagonist, was named 'Cattarina Bourston'. How can I avoid the crushing death that has been outlined in the story?

    lenzluph · Fantasy
  • Surviving The Novel

    Get ready to be hooked into a captivating journey with Mark, a young man in his mid-twenties who has a life-changing encounter. During a fight in the evening, Mark's world is violently shattered when a truck collides with him, setting the stage for an extraordinary tale. But that's just the beginning. As he slips into unconsciousness, a profound realization dawns upon him—he has not deleted his browsing history (just kidding). In all seriousness, he reflects on the feeling of wasting his life. However, as he awakens, he discovers that he has been reborn as a baby, retaining every memory from his past existence. As Mark grows up in this new realm, he gradually unravels the astonishing truth: he has transmigrated into the world of a novel called "Portal of Destiny," one that he had previously read and commented on. Brace yourself for a dark and treacherous world, teeming with enigmatic creatures, potent magic, and treacherous political landscapes. Gifted with a second chance, Mark resolves to utilize his knowledge of the novel's plot and his memories of his past life to navigate the perils that lie ahead and alter his own destiny. . . . Prepare for immersive chapters, each comprising more than 1500 words, as this captivating tale unfolds. While updates will aim for daily releases, the author humbly requests your understanding, considering their commitments as an 18-year-old university student. But fear not, as a minimum of three chapters per week is guaranteed. A quick disclaimer: The cover image is not the author's original creation; it has been upscaled. If you are the talented artist behind it, please kindly reach out, and the appropriate action will be taken. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure where destiny awaits. Welcome to Mark's extraordinary new reality! P.S - Everything sucks... just bear with it. [Shiroi]

    Shiroi_kage · Fantasy
  • Surviving In My Novel

    (Extended Hiatus) Being a socially inept terminally ill person for most of his life, Simon dies after completing his novel. What is waiting for him? A cliche mess that he had written himself. Watch as he becomes OP through his knowledge and random coincidence. “Why did I make my MC an edgelord?” “Why does this system make me too OP?” “Why am I bored?” “Why did I put harem in my novel?” Read before the MC drops this novel himself!

    Oscillating_Sine · Urban
  • Masuk Dalam Dunia Novel

    ( TAMAT ) Berharap cerita ini bisa menjadi ‘ cerita dongeng pengantar tidur yang indah ’. Dimana seorang wanita yang bekerja pada sebuah perusahaan biasa. Hingga menjalani kehidupan yang biasa. Tidak pernah membayangkan bahwa hidupnya akan berubah sangat drastis sampai 90 derajat karena sebuah novel unik yang dibaca tengah malam. Tidur seperti putri Aurora yang damai. Lalu berkeliling ke dunia ajaib seperti Alice. Monna Ratuliu tidak pernah membayangkan bahwa dirinya akan menjadi : - Cattarina Bourston - Putri dari sebuah kerajaan yang entah berada di belahan dunia mana, yang sebenarnya hanya ada di dalam sebuah cerita di novel. Dan juga merupakan putri seorang bangsawan kaya Count Bourston yang sangat dicintai. Hingga dia juga harus menerima kenyatan bahwa dirinya bukan menjadi seorang pemeran protagonis atau figuran dalam novel tersebut. Namun menjadi seorang pemeran ‘antagonis’ yang paling dibenci oleh seluruh tokoh utama yang ada. Monna harus menerima kenyataan bahwa dia tidak bisa bangun atau keluar dari negeri imajinasi tersebut. Monna juga harus berjuang untuk menyelamatkannya dari kematian yang telah digariskan oleh penulis Sehingga jalan mana yang pada akhirnya akan ia tempuh? Meninggal akibat dibunuh oleh pria yang paling dicintai, yaitu putra mahkota. Berserta dengan seluruh keluarganya yang pada akhirnya harus mati karena menangung dosa yang dia lakukan? Atau, hidup damai menjadi seorang yang bebas setelah gagal membatalkan pernikahannya dengan putra mahkota. Namun berhasil menceraikannya? Atau justru menjadi pemersatu antara dua tokoh protagonis utama ‘Putra Mahkota Belhart Dominic & Alliesia Rustchel’? Dan hidup berdamai dengan dirinya sendiri. Atau menemukan cinta sejatinya di dunia asing dan hidup bahagia? Ada 4 pilihan jalan hidup. Lalu jalan manakah yang akan menuntun Monna / Catty pada akhirnya? Penasaran? Simak saja ^^ ig : lenzluph_story

    lenzluph · Fantasy
  • Inside an Incomplete Novel

    ATTENTION ALL READERS ! The most handsome author in the world is currently editing this novel. I must warn you, dear reader, that during this process, the story may seem to be lacking in coherence and may leave you feeling a bit disconnected. However, I promise that by the end of this editing process, the story will be so good that you'll forget that it was ever subpar to begin with! Read at your own risk!

    Jinzi · Fantasy
  • Breathe (African novel) [GL]

    Nikola was born with the might of Africa in her veins. She was designed with one purpose - protect. She has a mission and failure is not an option. ...but how will Nikola justify risking her life for the girl that cost her everything.

    Lexsitra · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
  • My Web Novel System

    When he woke up one day, Fang Yuan had travelled into a parallel universe and became an exchange student majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Iowa. In this world, the Vernacular Language Movement had not yet occur, and there was no market for web novels. The entire world still equated Eastern literature to the Tang and Song Dynasty Poems and Songs. At that moment, the “Author System” was awakened, and the original classic novels appeared in Fang Yuan’s mind! Thus, when he re-wrote those works, the entire world was shaken. “Coiling Dragon” had greater sales than all other titles on Amazon. When drug addicts read it, they successfully detoxified themselves. “Ghost Blows Out the Light” was a pioneering literature work using grave robbery themes. Stephen King went silent when he read it, and Neil Gaiman cried when he heard the story. “A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality” popularized deities throughout the world. Influencers livestreamed their attempts at alchemy, and the title grabbed the attention of social news websites. “Wu Kong” presented the classic “Journey to the West” once more to the world, and drew much surprise and praise from critics. Chinese literature had made a name for itself! The Times Newspapers reported, “Congratulations to Mr Fang Yuan for receiving this year’s Nobel Prize for literature!” The New York Times reported, “The sales of Fang Yuan’s works have overtaken that of the Bible!” The Paris Review reported, “We lust for his appearance, and are loyal to his talent!” The Times Magazine reported, “This man had single-handedly started a craze over Eastern literature!” Bill Gates highly recommended them in his end-of-year list, and Obama couldn’t help but keep reading them. Trump ordered all Americans to read it, claiming that all who did not were not Americans! Fang Yuan was surprised, “Just this is enough? There are still “The Three-Body Problem”, “To Live”, and all the titles by Mo Yan and Lu Xun that I have not yet copied!

    Fifty for a Thousand Words · Urban